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Thursday, November 15, 2012


My Alma Mater
I meant to post this on Nov. 14th but did not get it done. 
Please forgive me for not posting in such a long time.  We are still remodeling and many days I have gone without touching the computer.  All I could do was paint, saw, or empty boxes.  Things are winding down and life is returning to some stage of normal.  My family is arriving from all over the southeast for Thanksgiving Holidays.  Thus, my need to get this remodel finished!
Springhill Cemetary Graveside Memorial for the 6 unidentified bodies
killed in the Nov. 14th, 1970 Plane crashed that killed the Marshall University Football Team, Coaches,
Booster Club members, and plane crew...  Total of 75 people lost their lives on that cold rainy night when a Southern Airways plane few into the side of a mountain, missing the runway by 100 ft. due to a broken Altimeter.
My husband was recruited after the crash to play football and his team, The Young Thundering Herd, is the focus of the movie, WE ARE...MARSHALL starring Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, etc...  We were consultants on the movie and even got to be in some of the crowd scenes.  I encourage you to rent the movie.  It's a great story and ALL TRUE.  FYI:  the church scene is where we were married!  Let me know if you saw the movie.

Read the story HERE

In the middle of Huntington, West Virginia there's a river

. Next to this river there is a steel mill. And next to the steel 

mill there is a school. In the middle of the school, there is a 

fountain. Each year on the exact same day, at the exact same 

hour, the water to this fountain is turned off. And in this 

moment once every year, through out the town, through out 

the school, time stands still."

Opening lines in the 2006 Movie, WE ARE...MARSHALL


  • Abbott, Capt. Frank, pilot
  • Adams, Jim, team member
  • Andrews, Mark, team member
  • Arnold, Charles “Red”, insurance executive
  • Arnold, Rachel, wife of insurance executive
  • Blake, Mike, team member
  • Blevins, Dennis, team member
  • Bluford, Willie, team member
  • Booth, Donald, game film
  • Brackett, Deke, assistant coach
  • Brown, Larry, team member
  • Brown, Tom, team member

  • Carelli Jr., Al, assistant coach
  • Chambers, Dr. Joseph, team physician
  • Chambers, Peggy, wife of team physician
  • Childers, Roger, team member
  • Cottrell, Stuart, team member
  • Dardinger, Rick, team member
  • DeBord, David, team member
  • Deese, Danny, charter coordinator
  • George, Gary, sports information student assistant
  • Gilmore, Kevin, team member
  • Griffith, Dave, team member

  • Hagley, Dr. Ray, team physician
  • Hagley, Shirley, wife of team physician
  • Harris, Art, team member
  • Harris Sr., Arthur, father of player Art
  • Harris
  • Harris, Bob, team member
  • Heath, E.O., business executive
  • Heath, Elaine, wife of business executive
  • Hill, Bobby Joe, team member
  • Hood, Joe, team member
  • Howard, Tom, team member

  • Jarrell, James, supporter
  • Jarrell, Cynthia, supporter
  • Jones, Ken, WHTN-TV 13 sports director
  • Kautz, Charlie, athletic director
  • Lajterman, Marcello, team member
  • Lech, Rick, team member
  • Loria, Frank, assistant coach
  • Morehouse, Gene, sports information director and radio announcer
  • Moss, Jim "Shorty", assistant coach

  • Nathan, Jeff, The Parthenon student newspaper reporter
  • Nash, Barry, team member
  • Norrell, Pat, team member
  • O'Connor, Dr. Brian, director of admissions
  • Patterson, Bob, team member
  • Poat, Charlene, stewardess
  • Prestera, Michael, former Big Green president and delegate-elect to the W.Va. legislature
  • Preston, Dr. Glenn, team dentist
  • Preston, Phyllis, wife of team dentist
  • Proctor, Dr. H.D., team physician
  • Proctor, Courtney, wife of team physician

  • Ralsten, Murrill, Huntington City Councilman
  • Ralsten, Helen, wife of Huntington City Councilman
  • Reese, Scottie, team member
  • Repasy, Jack, team member
  • Sanders, Larry, team member
  • Saylor, Al, team member
  • Schroer, Jim, head athletic trainer
  • Shannon, Art, team member
  • Shoebridge, Ted, team member
  • Skeens, Allen, team member
  • Smith, Jerry, first officer
  • Stainback, Jerry, team member

  • Tackett, Donald, student trainer
  • Tolley, Rick, head coach
  • VanHorn, Robert, team member
  • Vanover, Roger, team member
  • Vaught, Patricia, stewardess
  • Ward Sr., Parker, automobile dealer
  • Weichmann, Norman, game film
  • Wilson, Freddy, team member
  • Young, John, team member
  • Zborill, Tom, team member


  1. Wow. I've never heard that story before but then again I was pretty young then. I love that the town remembers each year. It should be that way forever.

  2. I remember when it happened but haven't seen the movie yet. I'll put it in my Netflix queue today.

  3. RIP, I have seen the movie. I also remember when it happened. One of the married couples on the plane had children. My parents were getting ready to go on a trip and my mother (after reading/hearing the news accounts about it) insisted that they travel on separate planes.

  4. Yes, I have seen the movie - very moving story, well done.

  5. Great post, Jane. Glad things are winding down on the remodeling facet...I know it's been keeping you hopping! Especially with all the family coming in next week!! Perhaps we can get in a stitching day in December?! LOL! Hugs, my dear friend, to you!! :)

  6. Good morning, welcome back, and Happy Thanksgiving. I read your post two hours ago and was so very moved by your words. I had heard about the movie, but hadn't seen it. I just couldn't comment until I saw the movie...so I went online to an internet movie site,rented the movie,and went to my quilting chair to work on a stitchery pattern. I just watched the final credits. Have you ever had to make perfect stitches with the tears running down your cheeks? I am so grateful that you brought this to my attention. The movie, the story, even the era is so important to me. From 1970-1974 I attended St. Francis Xavier University in a little town called Antigonish. Nova Scotia, and of course every Saturday we would all head to the football stadium. And after four years of going to the games, I still don't know the rules! This story is so much more than the story of football that I originally thought it was. Thank you, Gmama Jane...

  7. I thought it was a great movie when I watched it years ago. We have a guy here who lived there at the time. The impact of such an event ripples so far. Thanks for some of the "Rest of the story"...

  8. I wondered if you were here for the memorial! I have seen the movie and own it. It effects the area surrounding Huntington every year at this time celebrating those lives lost. Your post is so touching! They explained at my grandsons elem school why they turn the fountain off at the college (2nd grade). When he saw it on the news he sat down and explained it to us like he was a reporter at the end he told us "It was a great loss to our community and we have to always remember". Thank you for remembering and sharing.


Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to leave your thoughtful comments. I read each one and hope you will come back often!

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