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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today was one of those Girlfriend days...the kind where you DO lunch, go somewhere interesting and eat good food.  This little eclectic group we call Sassy Sewers had absolutely NOTHING in common  9 months ago except for the fact that I knew most of them yet most didn't know each other.  Various ladies have come and gone these past 10 months, some have stayed, some have left, some have family obligations or health issues keeping them from coming on a regular basis.  But we now have a core group of approximately 6-10 ladies that come on a pretty regular schedule.  How is it possible for a group of strangers to come together and "CLICK" like this little group of Sassy Sewers?    Love of sewing?  You would think that would be the obvious answer except for the fact that most of my Sassy friends had not sewn since High School Home Ec.  

Sassy Stephanie had a sewing machine given to her from a family member that hadn't been out of the box for 38 years!!!  Having very few sewing skills, Sassy Steph began our group by dipping her toes but before long she was waist deep in learning to sew.  No one but me had ever made a quilt and a majority STILL don't quilt!  Some prefer to make small little projects such as cutesy pincushions, tissue covers, aprons, etc...  Others are branching into larger more complicated sewing projects.
One Sassy gal, Nancy, does all her hemming during our meeting time.  Sassy Nancy claims she has enough quilts from her mother to last a lifetime and sees no need to make more.  However, I'm slowly bringing her over to the "dark-side" of quilting!  Anyone who is 79, a 3 time Cancer Survivor, and just had open heart surgery this past Monday, can darn well sew or make what ever tickles her fancy in my opinion!

Another Sassy Sewer, Shirley, is trying to finish up all her UFO's from sewing projects long past due.  Sassy Shirley calls herself the Queen of Unfinished projects!  We call her Queen of Keeping us all laughing!  Sassy Shirley is also the Queen of Baking, Cooking, Collecting Buttons, Gardening...you name it and Sassy Shirley either cooks it, collects it , cuts it, or corrals it (she raises mules and various other critters).

Then there's Sassy Tamara who recently retired from teaching and travels with her Gov. Contract working husband to Hawaii approximately 3-4 times a year and brings back gorgeous Batik fabrics from an Hawaiin Fabric Shop.  She hasn't made the first item with any of the fabrics but we all love to "pet" the fabric!  Sassy Tamara is approximately 1/3 of the way into a lap size quilt so she is one of the Star students.  

Sassy Jan's expertise is in the drapery making business.  Jan can make gorgeous drapes but to hear her tell it you would think she couldn't sew a stitch.  She loves to brag on everyone else all the time, a very encouraging character trait don't you think?  Last time I checked, Sassy Jan was working on a Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt.

  Sassy Janice is one who keeps her blinders on until a project is completed. She likes to completely finish project before starting project #2.   Her skill is "chicken-scratch" stitching....very unique (look it up)  I'veknown Sassy Janice since she was my oldest 2 children's Choir Director at church.  She's Family.

Next, we have Sassy Dannah.... quiet, hard working, everything has to be perfect Dannah.  She is the only person I know who can spend 4 hours on making sure all her sewn lines are straight and if not,  rips the offending stitches out & starts over until it's perfect.  I'm SEW proud of Sassy Dannah for her determination and perseverance in learning to sew.  She even bought a sewing machine!!

Sassy Ellen is our break-out sewing star in that she came in not having sewn since HS and now has at least 4 quilts under her belt and working on 2 more.  Little Miss Show-Off, takes an idea and runs with it!  Proudly sporting a Shiny new Sewing/Embroidery Machine last meeting, Sassy Ellen has taught a class on making a cute Owl Pincushion as well as working on a sure to be heirloom quilt for her grandson Chris.  Quilting has proven to be Great therapy for Sassy Ellen who is raising her autistic teen-age grandson along with Mr. Sassy Sewer Mike.

These are just the core group of Sassy Sewers but we have our newest Sassy Sewer, Denise, who is a Southern Baptist Missionary along with her husband in the area of growing churches.  Then there's Sassy Dana, the Baby of the group.  I'm helping her make a quilt for her young daughter using infant clothes. 

Thursday, June 13th, the Sassy Sewers went to view a Quilt Exhibit at the Huntsville Museum of Art.  Lovely display of different techniques, use of color, and a feeling of "WE can do this".  A quick visit to Sassy Sewer Nancy who surprised herself and all of us by having Open Heart Surgery last Monday...Geez Nancy if you didn't want to go on the filed trip to the museum all you had to do was say so....no need for such drastic measures as OPEN HEART SURGERY!!!  Just kidding of course...we love Sassy Nancy and left by praying for her to recover quickly!  Then it was on to lunch and then home.  A great day together building strong relationships! 

Huntsville Museum of Art
Huntsville Museum of Art

I love each one of these Sassy Ladies and hope to spend many more hours together.  Oh BTW, I never really answered the question as to what we have most in common...the THING that draws us back every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.  If it's NOT the Sewing then what is it?  Any guesses?  At lunch today we were all laughing as we nodded our heads in agreement when telling our visitors what keeps us together...


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  1. What a delightful post to read first thing in the morning with my coffee. I'm glad you have connected with all these sassy ladies and are having such a good time!! I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures together. Do keep us in the loop!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful group of ladies. Wish there was a group like this near me...or better yet...I lived closer to you :D

  3. Love your post today. I miss reading about you, your family(especially the grands). Sounds like your Summer will be busy, Have a fun one.

  4. Sassy Sewers...gotta love everyone in a group with that name! Nice to meet them all!


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