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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall and "nesting"


No, I'm not pregnant...that would mean another Star in the East had been sighted. No, what I mean is it's Fall and all my NESTING genes are kicked into high gear! A friend noted on Facebook that it was wonderful to cook when the temps were below 90! It has been such a brutal summer, temperature wise, here in Sweet Home Alabama that the subtle nudge of fall is enough to send me into full fledged Autumn Gazing Domestic Bliss!

Fall is just over the hill, meandering over my way, painting the sumac leaves red and heaving the occasional acorn onto my roof. I sometimes stop and remind myself that it's not hunting season YET... just the POP of an acorn landing on the shed roof is enough to send my Border Collie, Hank, into an all out panic attack!

Fall announces itself with the honking of geese flying south (further south than Sweet Home Alabama) and color that creeps up on you over night. I"m certain that my sugar maple didn't have the hint of red/orange this time yesterday that is peeping at me today when I drove up in the driveway.

I live on a small farm in the country and my driveway is melodramatic...in that you can be returning from whatever and the minute you pull into the first 10 ft of asphalt it's like I'm entering a different world...one that is quieter, cooler, slower, further away,...one that locks the "world" outside and s l o w l y wraps me in a cocoon called "You're Home".

At the very end of the driveway, on the edge of the backyard, grows a Sugar Maple, the offspring of a much bigger Maple that had to be put to sleep 20 yrs. ago. I've watched this one little seedling grow slowly before my eyes on a daily basis. Right after Big Mama went to tree heaven we didn't notice the little one and when after a few years we did take note, everyone agreed she had to go too. I'm not sure why nothing was ever done but year after year "tree baby" continued to grow. Now, in 2010, she is a mature young lady, much like her Mama, who has earned her right to grow old on the farm.

My sweet Sugar Maple announces each season in her own unique way; however, fall is her most triumphant time of year! The flaming red-gold leaves actually make her look like she's on fire. The color begins at the top and works itself slowly down my showy little lady....often over night...until her entire ensemble is one mass of flaming Fire!

In Fall,not only do I begin leaf peeping more,baking more, cooking more, and decorating more, I sit on the porch more... reading from 2-3 books or 3-5 magazines as the mood leads me. I've finished "Three Cups of Tea" and begun the sequel, "Stones for Schools". The covers of fall magazines have this magical lure for me...I can't see a pumpkin, fall table scape, or apple creation on their cover without plopping open my wallet. I HAVE to Have it...I save each edition from year to year so now I have quite a collection after approx. 7 yrs of collecting Southern Living, Family Circle, Woman's Day, etc...If the cover looks like fall I will buy it. I actually do read them but they seem brand new every year.

Cool fall afternoons while the Grandpeep sleeps is a lovely time to read a fall recipe, how to make a fall door wreath from items in my yard, how to decorate my table in the newest autumn tablescape, or ideas for Halloween.

Halloween...ahhhh!!!...now that's another post for another day. Oh how I do love Halloween!! Maybe it comes from my childhood or taking my own children "trick or -treating" before it became politically incorrect. I just Love me some Halloween!!

For now, I have apples sliced and baking utensils cluttering my kitchen counters. The window is up and a most wonderful breeze is blowing. I wish for the smell of leaves burning but unfortunately due to the summer drought we are under a burn ban so... no burning leaves for now. The smell of cinnamon will have to do for now. Time to suspend the journey down memory lane and time to get my autumn "behind" out of this chair and GET BUSY!!!

What are your Fall Memories???


  1. Hi Gmama. I dropped by to say hi and thank you for checking out my blog from Stash Manicure. I love fall too, but sure don't look forward to what comes after! I am sorry that I do not recall where I got the teapot pattern. Computer time vs. sewing time is a struggle for me as well!

  2. Hello my dear Jane...love to have you as a guest blogger over at Stash..love to see some photos...that is something they love over there...always interested to hear what tools you could not live without, how to you decide on what quilt to do next...
    blessing madame samm


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