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Friday, October 28, 2011

T.G.I.G.F...Thank Goodness It's Ghastlie Friday Day 4/Surgery Saga

Mr. Ghastlie 
Wing Clipping!!
Boo Hoo

Well, My Ghastlie Sistah's, nothing is simple when it comes to Gmama and #1 Husband.  Yesterday's wing clipping was no different.  Would you believe that we SLEPT THROUGH TWO ALARMS!!!!  WE're supposed to be at the hospital at 6:00 and we wake up at 6:00!
Oh Yes, indeedy we did!  The mister wanted to Blame me but didn't have a *wing* to fly on so all he could do was mumble ugly words under his breath while we both got dressed.
Do any of you remember the cartoon, HillBilly Bear?  The Father HillBilly Bear grumbled under his breath ALL the time and although you had no idea what the words actually were, you knew exactly what he was saying!!!
HillBilly Bear Meet #1 Husband!
I frantically call 3rd Floor Orthopedic Surgery
and FINALLY get hold of an actual person only to find out THEY have the old bat scheduled for 10:00 wing clipping!  
What happened to 8:00 actual surgery 6:00 Pre-Surgery??? 
Does ANYONE know what the other one is doing???  

Boo Mobile 2009
 AS we FLY through the air in our Boo Mobile, lights flashing, lane changing, hearts pounding, we arrive safely...I think!
WE get to 3rd floor and no one but the two of us seem concerned that we're past Late!!
Pre-Surgery team sets into motion, #1 puts on his fashionable new attire that doesn't close in the back...Know what I'm talking about?  Yes, you do!!

Things go well with the tiny exception the Dr. found much more damage than first thought which meant Plan A of Laproscopic surgery was changed to Plan B with Incision  needed to complete the shoulder repair.

FAST FORWARD.................
Recuperation and Recovery is going to be much longer than anticipated.
and so the Saga continues.....

I'd like to sic Mathilda Ghastlie on two little 17 yr. old thugs that thought it would be a good idea to continue their gang squabble (he disrespected my girl) onto school grounds...
No...actually I think Precious Little Prudence would Have just the right 
don't you think???
#1 Mr. Ghastlie has been given strict orders NOT to Break up anymore fights

I'm so tired I didn't get the Ghastlies Schdeule printed up for you today but you can go to Sew I Quilt and get it.  Please forgive me sweet friends.  I did well to get this written.  I have everyone fed, watered, and asleep.  I'm retreating to my Sewing Cave and will not come out till next medication time.

I really am taking very good care of #1 Husband!!  I tease, but he's the Love of my Life

Enjoy the Ghastlie Blog Hop today.  I'm anxious to view them before I retreat to my sewing cave.  I've looked forward to this each day and in fact, I couldn't wait to get home to go Blog Hopping.  I don't own and electronic device that allows me to surf the web away from home. Perhaps Santa will be good to me!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghastlie Day 4

They Left ME, Sebastian, in Charge Today!
I can't promise what shape things will be in when the Gmama returns from #1 Husband's *Wing Clipping*
Here's Today's Schedule....
Will you PLEASE let me go back to my nap

Thursday, Oct. 27th

Now you know you want to check out all the Ghastlie Projects the Ghastlie Sistahs have conjured up
Hop to it
Leave a Comment at each blog if you want to WIN
Check back with Madame Samm for Daily Winners
and Do let Gmama Know you've been to visit!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghastlies Day 3 and Nurse Mathilda Ghastlie

NURSE Mathilda Ghastlie

I've come to *HELP* Gmama Jane today!
Her Peeps and Grandpeeps are feeling a bit under the weather.
An extra HAND was much needed
so...I Volunteered my services...Hee Hee Hee
I brought along 
My Precious Little Daughter
with her
Cute Little *HAMMER*...
just in case those Grandpeeps get out of line..Hee...Hee...Hee
Gmama has gone to play Nurse Ratchet for her own
Precious Oldest Daughter
who has some nasty little bug... (wonder where it came from?????) hee, hee, hee
with me...so please go see what all those Ghastlie Sistahs have created for you today
Gmama will be back tomorrow........I think???...OH wait...
Tomorrow is Surgery Day for Mr. Ghastlie!
She may have to leave me in charge again......Oh Goodie!!!

Wed. Oct. 26th

Go to Sew WE Quilt to see the name of Mon. & Tues. WINNERS
Make sure you leave a comment and it would be most polite to become a follower
or so Gmama Jane says.

Mathilda Ghastlie
standing in for 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 2/Surgery Update

Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 2
#1 Husband's Surgery Update...Oh NO!!!!
Hmmm???... Do I see a strange resemblance to #1 husband aka...  Mr. Ghastlie??
This Thursday, #1 Mr. Ghastlie is having his "wing" repaired
Mrs. Gmama Ghastlie is bemoaning the future agony and suffering
of the next 4 weeks.  I'll be polishing up my broomstick in order to fly Mr. Ghastlie to and fro between Physical Therapy at the Bat Cave and Check-ups at the Doctor's Office.
To keep my sanity in between playing nursemaid and toddler sitting, Sidekick Scott and I will retreat to the Great Outdoors or The Sewing Cave 
Ghastlie Blog Hopping
Did you enjoy DAY 1?
You GHASTLIE SISTAHS Outdid yourselves!

I will Announce the DAY 1 Grand Prize Winner ASAMadame Samm picks the winning name.
Here is today's Schedule:
Tuesday, Oct. 24th
Mrs. Judy C Ghastlie

Leave a comment and each Ghastlie Sistah will pick one mane from her comments to send to Madame Samm who will in turn choose a Daily Grand Prize Winner...
Easy Peasy 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop Begins!



Matilda Ghastlie
WARNS those who Don't Play Along!!!
Surely, she's NOT pointing her finger at YOU??!!

You know that "Ghastlie" Madame Samm has more irons in the fire and
has come up with this FUN Blog Hop for all of us to enjoy for the next TWO WEEKS.

Here are a Few Rules:
Each Sistah Ghastlie (all 54 of us)will pick a winner from her blog and send the name to Madame Samm
at Sew I Quilt

She will choose a grand Prize winner for that day and post a Picture of Prize on HER blog and I will post the Winner on MY BLOG
Of course, you will become a follower of Sew I Quilt and Grandmama's Stories...it's Good Manners when someone gives you nice things!

I will pick a winner of MY Give-Away on Nov. 4th and post winner on Sat. Nov. 5th

                              Behind the scenes we ( 54 ) Ghastlie obsessed

Stitchers have been rather busy, you could say.

I will be as surprised as all of YOU.

I cannot wait to see what my Sistahs

have created.

If you have this thing for Ghastlies

and they have tied you in a knot

and you wish you could get them out of your mind

than this may be a thought.

                                            We heard her plea for a cure

Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure

that we could stitch the nights away

in hopes that we MAY----???

( all 54 of us)


The side effects are Ghastlie

there is no mistaking too.

if you don't run this very minute

YOU too will catch the FLU...

Get your favorite "ghastlie drink" and "hop" along with us

                                                  We suspected all along

this was her master plan

she did not want to be alone,

with all YOU Ghastlie FANS...

                             (I suspect there will be a CURE somewhere

in one of these blogs...)

HERE is OUR Schedule.....

ON Monday, October 24th

                                             ON Tuesday October 25th

Mrs. Annie Ghastlie

Mrs Doris Ghastlie

Mrs Brandie Ghastlie

Ms. Alidiza Ghastlie

Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

ON Wednesday October 26th

Mrs. Barb Ghastlie

Miss Karen Ghastlie

Ms. Loralynn Ghastlie

Ms. Jen Ghastlie.

Ms Penny Ghastlie

Mrs Rhonda Ghastlie

                                           ON Thursday October 27th

Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie

Ms Sharon Ghastlie

Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie

Ms. Selina Ghastlie

Mrs. Melinda Ghastlie

ON Friday October 28th

Miss Trudi Ghastlie

Ms. Deonn Ghastlie

Mrs. Marlene Ghastlie

Mrs Kim Ghastlie

Mrs Tammy Ghastlie

                                            ON Monday October 31st

Mrs. Toyna Ghastlie

Mrs Tiramisue Ghastlie

Mrs. Angela Ghastlie

Mrs Pauline Ghastlie

Mrs. Karin Ghastlie

Mrs Barb Ghastlie

                                            ON Tuesday November 1st

Miss Daisy Ghastlie

Mrs. Dana Ghastlie

Mrs. Elaine Ghastlie

Mrs. Gramma Sheri Ghastlie

Ms. Suz Ghastlie

ON Wednesday November 2nd

                                                     Mrs. Jane Ghastlie

Mrs. Laura Ghastlie

Mrs. Mary Ghastlie

Mrs. Michelle Ghastlie

Mrs. Dawn Ghastlie

Mrs Mary Ghastlie

ON Thursday November 3rd

Mrs. Sharon Ghastlie

Mrs Corrie Ghastlie

Mrs Cheryl Ghastlie

Mrs. Linda Ghastlie

Mrs. Pickles Ghastlie

ON Friday November 4th

Mrs Nan Ghastlie

*Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie*

Mrs Joan Ghastlie

Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie

Ms Susan Ghastlie

Madame Ghastlie
(the instigator of all this mischief and mayhem)

                                     Each day we will have a giveaway...

Some of my Ghastlie Sisters have made some special

projects to giveaway and we will have daily BIG PRIZES

from these sponsors....to sweeten the CAULDRON....

Some of our Sponsors

                  Alexander Henry Fabrics- lot's and lot's of Ghastlie Fabric

Colonial Needle -sewing basket

Janes Fabrics -Kona fabrics in PINK -fat quarter bundle

Reliable Iron - orange Velocity 50

IHAN ( kelly )- aurifil threads

Coeurdalenegifts- 2 sets of Halloween lights

Forth Worth Fabric Studio - gorgeous gift set of Ghasltie fabric

Creative Grid -3 Rulers their top 3

Blue FIG- wheeled bag in PINK

and of course some sweet surprises from our

Guest Ghasltie Sissssssssssssters..!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soldier Boy Star Blocks Needed

STAR BLOCKS for a Fallen Soldier
UPDATE JAN. 2015,  If you like this post, please know that this request is no longer open as of Jan. 2015, HOWEVER, Please contact your local Quilts of Valor or other patriotic organization for a place to send quilt blocks and/or quilts for our military men and women, veterans (current and retired), etc...
 Two Star Blocks I made for a Blogging Friend, 
John'aLee's daughter, Tory was to be married a few weeks ago to her Soldier Boy, Chris.
One week before Chris was to leave Afghanistan and return home, Chris was killed.  Another Hero's Life sacrificed for FREEDOM.
We Give Honor to you Chris.  
Our hearts are heavy for Tory, Tory's family, your mother, your entire family, and all your many friends.

Soft Reds & Blues are colors requested

John'aLee has humbly asked her friends to send Star Blocks so that she can make quilts as a way of dealing with their grief.  Here is the link with all the info you need if you decide to give of your time to donate a Star Block to this family.
 Lemoyne Star
One of our Friends is in Need and and has asked for our help.  I for one made the two blocks above but since she's extended the deadline to Nov. 31st  I'll be making more.  I enjoyed making these blocks while I prayed over each stitch in hopes it would bring comfort to this grieving family.  Can you even imagine the tragedy of losing a son, fiance', and future son-in-law in the matter of days??

Blocks received so far!!  Amazing!!

Here is a great Link for making a Ohio Star Block
Easy Peasy Block to make

Send 8" or 12" blocks to:
The Scrappy Appleyard
3218 Knobview Drive
Nashville, TN  37214

Please pass this request on to your Blogs and Facebook pages if you feel moved to do so.  Also, go to John'aLees's blog and leave her a note if you plan to make a Star and tell her I sent you!  She will be so grateful as will I.  I have some of the most caring and considerate  followers so I know many of you will answer this call.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple Butter Marathon


Yes, I said 24 hrs+. 
 I've been reading blogs with all these warm and fuzzy posts about Apple Butter recipes, apple butter making, how wonderful it makes their home smell, how EASY it is to make, blah, blah, blah...
I wanted to write about MY own warm and fuzzy Apple Butter making experience...
 Most recipes say to cook for 7-8 hrs. in Crock Pot.  Well, my Crock Pot must be on "Granny putting on her support stockings" cooking degrees because after I peeled 10 lbs. of apples (which took me TWO HOURS), mixed up the sugar and spices, put it all in the crock pot around 1:30 p.m. Wed. afternoon, it STILL looked like brownish Applesauce by 10:00 P.M.  

I turned it down to "Granny walks 10 miles to town on her walker" and when I got up this morning it still wasn't THICK like in all the pictures OR in my jar of Cracker Barrel Apple Butter.

I turned up the heat to "Granny got Her Groove Thing On" and waited till 6:00 tonight, Thursday.
 Google Apple Butter and you'll get TONS of recipes.  That's what I did!
A couple of suggestions:
1.  Adjust spices to suit your Family's Taste...translated, I'm going to nix the Allspice and go with just cinnamon next go round.
2.  The owner of our local Apple Orchard told me today she makes her applesauce first, Then places it in a roasting pan and places it in the oven on low.  I don't know what Low meant but I would suggest 170 which is as low as my oven will go.    She says it doesn't splatter or cook too fast.  She adds cinnamon during the last hour of cooking.

The Moral of This Story
If I can't buy my Apple Butter made in a large Copper Kettle from the Methodist Women in the WalMart Parking lot back home in West Virginia????
I'm sticking to buying Cracker Barrel Apple Butter

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream vs. Reality

courtesy of 
Better Homes and Gardens

Drool....Tongue hanging out...eyes popping...chill bumps
Oh my word
Can you even imagine sewing in a room like this???
Look at the storage, the soft color scheme, that gorgeous pink chair, the cutting table, sitting area,
FIREPLACE!, books, TV, soft quilts/Pillows for curling up and stitching...Oh and I'm sure there are hidden jewels we can't see such a surround sound, perfect lighting, ergonomically correct chair for sewing, cushioned rug for long periods of standing, etc....



Bestill My Heart....I know you're asking yourself who is my Designer.  Sorry but I can't divulge such secrets. The Organizational Expert who came in to put all this together has gone big time after showcasing my sewing room as his last project!
Yep, you guys and gals, are going to be keeping my comment button HOT for my advice and creative swagger.  I don't want to seem pretentious by showcasing My CAVE but the truth needed to be told.  This is where the Creativity Begins and Ends...
Gmama's Sewing CAVE

Excuse Me Friends...HGTV is calling!!  

"Why, Hello, yes, is this Candice Olsen??  Oh thank you so much....why yes, I would love to collaborate with you on your next project!.  
MY sewing room?  Did I do it myself???  Well, I was the mastermind behind the magic even though I did have some help.  #1 husband with his 'eye for design" did give me a few pointers but I like to think the room
speaks for itself, don't you, Candice?
I am so thrilled you called and look forward to the two of us designing together.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alabama Snow, Grandsons, Fall Bucket List, and MRI Results at LAST


You are looking at a Fall cotton field ready for harvest!  Before I moved to Alabama 34 yrs. ago the only way I had seen cotton was on the end of a Q-Tip, stuffed in a medicine bottle, or that little white ball Dr. Pace's nurse rubbed on me when she gave me a shot.  
My move to Alabama changed all that and I became quite the connoisseur of the Cotton plant.  In fact, some of mine and #1 Husband's best friends are Major Cotton farmers.  I'm talking 1,000 acres of cotton, 10 Cotton Picking Machines, own their own Cotton Gin kind of farmers,. Watching the huge Cotton pickers crawl through the long rows of cotton is a sight that I never get tired of seeing.  Along the side of most every rural road are little piles of cotton that have blown off a Cotton wagon hauling a HUGE Cotton Bale the size of a Tractor trailer.  Southern signs of Fall...cotton debris around my mailbox.

In fact, I took Sidekick for a Fall Walk last week and we walked into a cotton field.  I showed him  the cotton plants and tried to explain as much about cotton as a 3 yr. old mind can comprehend.  As most kids will do, Sidekick , wanted to know 
#1  How do the farmers get the seeds?
#2 Where do the seeds come from?
#3 How do they grow?
and then...
From that point on regardless of what I said, all he said was
So much for the fall walk....let's go get lunch!

Here are current pictures of two Handsome Little boys who are the apple of their Grandmommie's

Sweet Baby James
Born 0ct. 7, 2007
Born premature...diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy
The most courageous, determined, and funny little 4 yr. old I know!
#1 Daughter is his mother and she is pretty amazing in the way she has dedicated her life to making sure SBJ has a normal and successful life.  My heart melts when SBJ says "I Wub You, Grandmommie"

Sidekick Scott
June, 20, 2009
I retired early and began keeping him at age 7 months.
I call him my sidekick because we keep the roads hot, the playgrounds busy, and I'm always engaged in stimulating conversation about various topics from "Bubble Guppies" to "Come look at my Poop, Grandmama!"  Aah, Sidekick is a proud little man of his "poop".  I hope you're not offended by that word because it is a most important word in my daily conversations.  Once Sidekick got the hang of the whole process, he has taken great pride in his "creations"...size, shape, smell, etc... I hear it all...everyday....and so goes my day!

I found this next chart on Pinterest and had to share.  BTW, if you haven't gotten hooked/addicted to Pinterest, just let me WARN you...it is soooooooo cool but it can suck you in if you don't put a time limit on yourself.  I've never seen as much cool stuff of every genre, topic, etc... I Love Lists and here is a New Favorite for Fall.
Disclaimer:  #1: Cook a gumbo...I leave this one to my #1 Son-in-law, the Chef.  His Seafood Gumbo is a thing of beauty!

Do you like Apple Butter? 

I'll be making Crock Pot Apple Butter this week so stop back by for the recipe and some more great apple recipes. 

I bought some new thread for my Scripture Quilt ( I know, I broke down and went over my budget)
Your advice was spot on and sooo appreciated!


DRUMROLL PLEASE.............

#1 Husband is scheduled for Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Repair SURGERY, OCT. 27th
Yep, MRI results indicate major tear, 4 weeks, no driving, 3-4 months Rehab!!  
Yikes, 3-4 MONTHS???
I just bet I may have a few stories to share with you...What do you think???

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jeremiah 29:11 Quilt

The Sewing Fairy 
Her Fairy Dust

Sewing is good for the soul, don't you agree??  With everything that's been going on in my family I needed a visit from the Sewing Fairy!  I feel SEW much better!!  I appreciate all your words of encouragement during the past two weeks.
Let the Quilting/Embroidery Begin!
My Jeremiah 29:11 Quilt
Tonight I traced the Scripture verse on the 7 white lines.

Here is my Dilemma...I haven't embroidered since 8th Grade!
I need some advice!  How many strands of thread/floss should I use? Six??
Should I use Black or match to the colors in the 'coins" say like a dark rust colored thread?

I only have DMC floss so gotta use what I have right now.   I want some Prescencia thread but...I'm over my sewing budget for this month.  I treated myself to some Ghastlies Fabric from Quilt Taffy 
for the Ghastlies Blog Hop.

For I know the Plans
I have for you
declares the Lord
Plans to Prosper you
and Not to Harm you
Plans to give you a Hope
and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

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