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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can You Guess What This Little Container Was Originally?

Thread Holder
Some Very Nice Thread thanks to Madame Samm's Give Away
after the Wannabe Quilter's Campaign.
Oooh, remember that?  I Know SHE does?  Almost Killed her but she did it!
but I Digress....
Look See....

 A Gum/Mint Dispenser!!!!
My Grandson used one of these to hold odds and ends from that mystery toy box  behind my couch.  You know which one I'm talking about.  We ALL have one or HAVE had one at some point if children ever cohabitated (MY spelling)with you...THAT toy box with the infinite number of legos, lego people, puzzle pieces, doll parts, cars, car wheels, lips from Mrs. Potato Head, Barbie shoes so tiny I need a magnifying glass to see them, random sizes of blocks, game pieces, plastic dinosaurs the dog chewed last fall, one magic marker with cap off (of course), a Nerf Gun Bullet, an M&M or two, a stash of REAL Bubble Gum *hidden* from Grandmama's DeSugar Bug Radar, and the elusive train track part that allows Thomas The Train to switch rails...THAT TOY BOX!!!
I thought, "What a Great Thread Holder!"
I tried it and have been asking anyone I know to PLEASE save their gum/mint containersand give them to Me Me Me!  Look how perfect the thread comes out of the little spout.  Great for portable stitching projects like to the Dr.'s office! The plastic cover peels right off and 'Voila!"
Now my next hint isn't very glamorous but probably THE most used item in my sewing room.  I'm a messy sewer.  If a trash can is beside me, by the time those tee-tiny little threads or fabric bits *float* down to the floor they usually don't hit the actual trashcan.  Now I know some of you have those beautiful weighted thread catchers all quilted and ready to sit nicely beside you as you stitch.  I plan to either make one or Buy one...whichever comes first or when I have the extra cash.  Until then, My empty Tissue boxes work extremely well.
Check out my cute little Fabric Arrow!  I made that for my tutorial on Sew We Quilt next week!  Come see me March 5th or 6th...can't remember which day for certain.
 Here I've TAPED the box to my cutting table.  Not very pretty but extremely FUNCTIONAL! I may have missed the lesson on *cutting a square EVENLY out of a cardboard tissue box*
This thread catcher tissue box 
is taped 
to another work table in my sewing cave.  Don't you love the Duct Tape?  I could rule the world with Duct Tape...I keep a roll in most every room of the house especially the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and sewing room. When full I simply empty into large bag for my weekly Trash Can removal Every Monday.  
My New and Improved House Cleaning Schedule is working quite nicely!
Many thanks to DawnMarie in Georgia for sending me her Chore Chart on Excel Spreadsheet.
I tweaked it to fit me and I'm "cookin' with gas"
Hope you enjoyed my sewing room tips! 
Do you have some tips to share?
Let's Hear from you!
Leave your Sewing Tips in your Comment
TWO WINNERS will be chosen from MY FOLLOWERS
I GREATLY Love and Appreciate all my Followers 
I'm destashing and have doubles of some NEW Fabric so You are the winner
I like to put a few tuck-ins to make a nice gift! I haven't had a Give-Away since last Fall so I think it's time. 
*** Psst...Gene B., You're getting some new fabric because those Ghastlie coasters didn't turn out as well as I would have liked and I would NOT pass those on to anyone. 

Ok, send me your Sewing Tips and I'll Pick a winner Saturday, March 3rd in honor of my sweet Mama's Birthday who passed away in 2003.  Ms. Mary would have been 96 yrs. old.
 I will Post the Two Winners on my Prayer Request Sunday post.


Sunday, February 26, 2012



For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper You and not to Harm You
Plans to Give you a Hope and a Future.  NIV 
Jeremiah 29:11

I don't know if you've ever noticed but in the New International Version of this scripture, there is ONE two letter word that does not appear in any other translation.  I've wondered about that word and thought about how or IF it changes the meaning in any way.
Do you see it?
It's right in front of HOPE...the word "a"
Most translations read "Plans to give you Hope"  but in this version it reads "Plans to give you A Hope".

When pondering it's significance it occurred to me that the difference between "having Hope" and "Having A Hope" is monumental.  It's like the difference between someone saying "I'll pray for you" and someone saying "How can I pray for you?"  In the latter, you are made to feel the person saying it is tuned into you personally.  Thus it is with the seemingly insignificant two letter word "a".  The Lord has plans to give ME a SPECIFIC HOPE.  A Hope tailor made for ME that only my Sweet Lord could know.
What specific HOPE do you need today?  Do I Need today?
I already know my answer.

As you Rest and Pray Today, may the Lord of Heaven reveal to you "A HOPE"

Prayer Requests and Praise
Baby Max turned 3 months this week and Patricia reports he is doing so well he was taken out of the NICU to a regular room!!!!  He has come a long way from death's door to "in a regular room" and breathing on his own after SUCCESSFUL Open Heart Surgery.  

Josie:  Aunt Rita and husband Bob are going through very troubled times with both having serious life threatening health issues, one Granddaughter, Jennifer (mother of 2) diagnosed with brain tumor.
Praise: Another Granddaughter is 8 weeks pregnant after 5 miscarriages in 3 yrs.  A Miracle!

A very good friend and her daughter had to deal with the heartbreak of the 1 yr. anniversary of the death of Everett, stillborn and no apparent medical reason.  The daughter just had a baby daughter Ellie.

I have an UNSPOKEN request that is heavy on my heart.  God knows and that's all that needs to know but you can intercede in prayer for me.  Thank You!

Please share your needs if you feel led to do so.


Friday, February 24, 2012



I could REALLY use your input!
I've been retired for almost 3 1/2 yrs. and I can't seem to find a cleaning schedule that works efficiently.  I have to admit, I was spoiled because when I was working, I had a housekeeper that began with monthly cleaning, then every 2 weeks, and toward the end she was coming weekly.  Therefore, I only did the laundry, cooking, and straightening up.  The more labor intensive chores were thankfully done by two of the sweetest friends on the planet.  They became friends over the years and I never had to feel afraid to give them a key to my house.
Now that I'm retired, I can't really justify paying someone to clean my house since I'm home every day and the biggest reason of all ... my retirement pay is significantly less than what I was paid on my teaching salary.
I need to put my Big Grandmama Panties on and Relearn how to "keep house" as my mother used to say.

I want a weekly chore schedule that will work for me as well as blend in with my babysitting responsibilities.
I like to do all my wash plus change sheets on Monday.  I clean my downstairs bathroom on Mon. as well but am flexible on everything but Mon. wash.  From there, it gets all "Wonky"...my new favorite word!
I have 3 bathrooms, upstairs has 4 bedrooms, downstairs has a half bath with large kitchen, den, and dining room.  I need to work in sweeping porches since I'm a little OCD about my front porch looking good.
I want to do most of my chores in the morning to leave time for sewing while Sidekick naps from 1-3:30.

 I don't set aside time to iron...my method is to iron as needed.

Help, me PLEASE

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I"m not kidding!  I found this on PINTEREST, my newest addiction of choice.  With only TWO ingredients, I HAD to try it.  Lo and behold, it's the best thing since "sliced bread"...a little play on words.
  Here is a picture of my FIRST loaf of Vanilla Ice Cream bread.  Recipe calls for ANY flavor ice cream.  I only had Vanilla so that's what I used.  2 cups of softened ice cream, 1 1/2 c. self-rising flour, Mix together, batter will be very thick, pour into a prepared pan (I used generic brand spray oil and flour ), place into pre-heated 350 degree oven and bake for approx. 40-45 min. 

 Start checking at 35 min because oven temps vary.  One batch was ready in 40 min while 2 other batches were ready in 45 min.  I tried Butter Pecan Ice Cream but wasn't as thrilled with the flavor and neither were the grandpeeps.  I also added about 1/8 t. extra vanilla to my vanilla ice cream bread batch.
A little butter on warm ice cream bread...YUM!
You HAVE to give this a try!
(the plate is a $1 thrift store find.  I only have 2 and think they are so pretty)


2 C. ICE CREAM (any flavor) softened

Pre-Heat Oven to 350 degrees.  Mix ice cream and flour together till forms a stiff batter.  Scoop into 8x4 greased/floured loaf pan.  Bake for approx. 40-45 min till golden brown on top and toothpick comes out dry or with few crumbs.  Remove from oven, release bread from pan, allow to cool 10 min, before slicing (IF you can wait, I could NOT).

Mailed all 12 Blocks plus 12 signature blocks Tuesday

Sunday, February 19, 2012



Today is the Day that the Lord Has Made!

It is a cold, rainy, blustery day here in North Alabama. My House is very quiet on this early Sunday morning.
I'm thinking of those of you who have prayed for Baby Max this past week.  Good News, Patricia sends us the following PRAISE!

1)Baby Max Update:
"48 hours after Max' open heart surgery and he is doing well.   He still has a long road ahead so if it is not too much to still request prayers, I would like to do so.
Is James and your daughter coming home this week?  I have been keeping them in my daily (sometimes several times daily) prayers, too."
patricia  (We are STILL Praying, Patricia)

2) Jannette reports an exhausting week with her ailing mother and asks that we pray for strength. We love you Jannette

James and his mother have ONE MORE WEEK of Therapy Boot Camp!  Whoo Hoo!  James has made astounding progress and here is a picture of him pushing a grocery cart.  This is a HUGE accomplishment so let me hear CLAPPING!!
 James pushing a Grocery Cart

4) How many of you have faced a storm this week?  Or perhaps are anticipating a storm to pass your way? 

My God is an Awesome God and can meet your every need.

Also, I noticed something yesterday that may or may not have anything to do with Prayer Request Sunday but over the past 2 weeks, I've lost 5 followers.  Just like that...and it made me wonder if somehow Prayer Request Sunday had offended someone?  I don't plan to stop Prayer Request Sunday because I don't blog for popularity.  I do, however, want to be sensitive to those who have chosen to take the time to read my blog. I am human after all so when I look at that "number" it makes me sit up and take notice.  It also makes
 me painfully aware of a need most of us have and that is the need to be liked.  I admit it...I want you to like me.  I don't however, want to be someone I'm not just to make people "like" me.  After all, we are a bit past High School, aren't we?

 The people who count the most are my family.  Am I doing everything I need to be doing to meet the needs of my family.  My role has changed over the years as have the needs of my growing family.  Grandchildren are now my primary focus although my adult children still seem to "need" their Mama.  I've retired the "yellow hairbrush" that meted out correction from time to time.  No more "grounding" or taking away the car keys.  Now, I spend much more time in PRAYER for my family because prayer is my main source of guidance these days.  Prayer SHOULD have been my main source all the time but time, age, and wisdom have taught me that sage advice.

So...I will continue Prayer Request Sundays until I feel led to do otherwise.  If you have any comments on my thoughts I'd love to hear them.  Continue to send me your prayer needs and I will covenant with you to pray.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Max Surgery Success!! NEW UPDATE

Below is the joyous message that Max's Mom, Gina, jut sent to us regarding Max's successful surgery...

Thinking Outside the Box

Posted 9 minutes ago
Max has made it through open heart surgery!! The doctor had to think outside of the box for this one. He literally had to take his heart out of his chest then reconstruct everything. He fixed the four veins and the hole. Max is doing great and we will get to see him soon. It was a lot more complicated than he thought. But Dr. Baird is a genius and just saved my baby's life. I am completely overwhelmed with joy. Still a long road ahead but there is a road. Thank you all for your prayers. Keep them going!!



Those of you who follow my Sunday Prayer Request Posts will know that Patricia, a loyal follower here at GS,  has asked YOU, followers of Grandmama's Stories, to pray for her best friend's infant son.  Baby Max has been in a life and death struggle and has made enough improvement to have Open Heart Surgery.

I ask those of you who BELIEVE in the power of collective intercessory prayer to lift up Baby Max through out the day on Thursday.  I do not know this little boy but rest assured God does!

Blessings and Hugs to you!
Thank you for your Prayers

P.S. If you have other prayer requests, please let me know so I can post them on Sunday, Feb. 19th

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love...Wonky Style


Here is my latest Wonky House for the Wonky House Swap
over at Jane's Fabrics.
I have my 12 blocks cut out and ironed down but as you can see I have not "zigged or zagged"
ZigZagging is on the Tuesday Agenda.

I'm planning a nice dinner at home with Cornish Game Hens (little baby chickens as the commercial says! LOL  I know not everyone gets this reference but a very popular commercial uses this line in the dialogue and it's very funny...trust me! Tell me if you "got" this reference)

I'll share some more unfinished Wonky Houses and then give you a James update for those of you keeping up with my Grandson.  James is currently in a 3 week Physical Therapy Camp to strengthen his leg muscles after his surgery to lengthen the ham strings.
 Wonky Red House
Wonky Pink House
Wonky Polka Dot House
Wonky Blue-Green House\
?  Unfinished  Name??
Wonky Man

I had NEVER made anything Wonky..On PURPOSE..HOwever, I discovered I LIKE WONKY!!
MY Granddaughter has made her own Wonky Blocks that I'll show later.
 Here is a picture of James STANDING on his own in 
an Adeli Suit/Spider Suit....
This suit properly aligns every muscle in a person's body and can be VERY uncomfortable.  In fact, the therapist stated that when she put the suit on during her course training, she Passed Out!
It allows so much sensory perception into the body that it can be overwhelming.  It's amazing and so are the Therapists trained in using the Adeli suit with CP children.  Children come to Birmingham from all over the world to receive this cutting edge therapy.  I'm so grateful that it is only 2 hrs. from our home.

Adeli/Spider Suit   Back View

James and Cliff
Cliff and James are only 2 weeks apart in age.
Cliff's Mama is Natalie from Johnny In A Dress
James and Cliff warming up before therapy
Aren't these two just the cutest little boys ever?!!
Their Mommies met over each others blog sites!!
This is the first time each one has met the other. Natalie and Cliff flew from SC to UAB for the "Spider Camp"

Happy Valentine's Day
to ALL my Sweet Friends/Followers
You have enriched my life with each comment, word of encouragement, and prayer.
When I began blogging in 2010, I never expected the rewards of blogging would be so tangible and encouraging.  Many of you have grown to be good friends and perhaps one day we may even meet in person.  Until that day, let's continue to give love and support to one another. May God Bless each of you on this special day where we proclaim our love to those individuals we deem important in our lives.
You is Kind
You is Smart
You is Important

My Valentine

Sunday, February 12, 2012


(I got my post up so late I decided to add Monday)

Prayer Requests for the Week of Feb. 12-18th

Patricia's Friend's Infant Baby Max:
Max was not doing well as of mid week.  I have emailed Patricia and hope to get a current status ASAP.  I will update the blog as soon as I get an email back from Patricia.  Max's mother was overwhelmed with the knowledge that people all over the world was praying for her little baby boy.  Thank you my sweet friends.
***Monday update:
Good news on Max – he moves to Boston today. Doc there do some type of vein repair and then chemo to break down scar tissue to help heart work correctly. They have done this on six babies (I think someone told me that) and all six are still alive a couple years later. So much better news than a double lung and heart transplant, which is what they heard last week.

Please keep those prayers coming!
With love,

 Baby Max and Gina (his Mom) are in Boston now.  Max is going for another cath to check everything out and most likely will have the vein repair surgery tomorrow.  Thank you for your continued care and prayers for Baby Max.

Jannette's Mother:  
Loyal Follower, Jannette, asked me to request prayer for her 83 yr. old mother who has been diagnosed with cancer in multiple areas of the body.  Prognosis is not good, HOWEVER, Jannette says her mother has made clear to everyone her "ROOM" is reserved and she's ready!  What courage and Strength!

 another loyal follower is saddened over news that the mother of her granddaughter's best friend has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Gmama Jane:
Grandson James has two more weeks of intensive Physical Therapy for post surgery lengthening of his ham string muscles.  He's missing his Daddy very much!  Josh has to stay and work during the week but gets to see his family on the week-ends.  My daughter told me the saddest little story:  Thursday, James was convinced his Daddy was going to be in their room when they came upstairs after dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.  James walked in the room, giggling, undeterred by the fact that he didn't see his Daddy.  Josh and James always play a game of Hide-n-Seek so little James on his walker assumed his Daddy was hiding.  All the while, Mama kept telling him that Daddy wasn't coming till Friday night.  After searching in every nook and cranny of the small room, and realizing Daddy really wasn't there, James slumped to the floor, lowered his head, and said, 'I guess Daddy just forgot where I was."  At this point of the story, I burst into tears.  Of course, my daughter immediately arranged for James to video chat with his Daddy to reassure the little fella that Daddy was indeed coming Friday after work.  Isn't that the most pitiful little story?  I could just see him with his head hung down wondering where his Daddy was.  In his little mind, Daddy didn't know how to find the Ronald McDonald House.  

I'm pleased to report that James had a great week-end with his Daddy and all is well.   Two more weeks to go!

Additional Prayer Requests:
Josie's friend: Connie over at "A Day at aTime"  http://www.adayaatime2.blogspot.com/  has Strep Pneumonia and hospitilized.  She's a real spunky gal and needs our prayers.

Lisa: Her 22 yr. old friendship with Selina and she is broken over her friend's grief at losing her 24 yr. old son.  Can any of us imagine that grief?  Perhaps someone out there knows that pain and could offer a special word of encouragement.

Kaaren :  The Painted Quilt.  Many of you may know her and already know of her struggle with cancer & Chemo treatments aways from home.  Kaaren lives in Nova Scotia and designs a monthly free embroidery design.  She is a lovely person and needs our support.

That's my story for this post.  Another week begins tomorrow and I always look forward to Monday mornings now that I'm retired.  A whole week with my Sidekick Scott and 6 days of doing primarily anything I want to do! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hodge Podge Week

What have I Been Up To?
A Little Bit of Everything!
This is my latest Wonky House #8...4 more to GO! Have to be in the mail to Jane of Jane's Fabrics by March 1st!!

Today's Post 
is a 
Hodge Podge 
of all 
the little "puddles" 
I've dipped my toes in since Sunday
Babysitting Grandson Scott
Poor Baby!  Scott has Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), sinus infection, fluid behind the ear-drum, 
PLUS...He decided to play BARBER this week when he found sharp scissors at HIS house (not mine!) and proceeded to cut the front of his hair..to the scalp!  His Daddy tried to buzz his head in an effort to "blend in" the cut portion but now Scott just looks like a little sore-eyed bullfrog!

However, I did learn how to what I THINK is called "serging"?  Almost like zig-zag but covers a raw edge? I'm learning so much and teaching myself via You-Tube and Blogging tutorials.

Baking TWO Cream Cheese Pound Cakes
One for us..One for Friend's who lost their 26 yr. old son to Cancer
 Handwritten and Time Worn Recipe
Fresh Eggs! 
My chickens think it's Spring and started laying!
Pecan Cracker...
#1 cracks fresh Pecans for my Baking
I'm attempting to organize some areas in my sewing cave.  If it doesn't move, I'm putting a Label on it!
or how about some storage drawers
I am replacing handwritten labels with nice label maker labels.
Embroidery Remnant
I'm brushing up on my Embroidery skills so when I found this remnant at a local fabric shop I bought it with the idea that I could practice my embroidery stitches and ultimately use the remnant as a Quilt Center.  I keep it in my purse to work on when I find myself waiting somewhere.
I was even able to work on it last night in my class

Class??  Yep, Remember that little MATTER CONCERNING a speeding ticket last month?  My sentence was a hefty little fine and a FOUR HOUR DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASS FROM 5:30-9:30.
I Am an Official Defensive Driver 

I'm close to finishing the hand quilting of this lap size quilt. The top was sent to me for "Quilts for Hugs" by one of my loyal followers and I've forgotten which kind person that was.  Please tell me if you recognize this quilt top as being one of your creations.

So there you have it.........the Highlights of my week.
Oh, I almost Forgot!
As if I needed ANOTHER reason to Waste Time
I have discovered...along with PINTEREST 
Retirement is Wonderful!

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