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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas in Dixie

Like a scene from the movie, A Christmas Story, when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas morning from the bright white glare of the overnight snowfall, Grandmama & PaPaw awoke to find 3 inches of snow had fallen and more was falling...BIG...WET...SNOWFLAKES!!

It was one of those Christmas days to be savored and remembered.  I couldn't believe my eyes when my husband told me to look outside...jumped up to look out the window and all I could see was a Winter Wonderland.  I've lived in Alabama for 33 yr.s and this is a First!  I felt like we were wrapped in a Christmas cocoon...cold & snowy outside but warm & cozy inside with presents to be unwrapped, hot coffee, and lots of love.  Later in the morning, we braved the streets to make the 20 min.trek over to my daughter's house where we enjoyed a fabulous brunch.  Baby Girl stayed with us and her BFF drove over an hour on bad roads to spend Christmas with us.  BFF was sick with a sinus infection so I got to nurse another one back to *sorta, kinda* better health.
The back yard swing in the snow, 2010

What is it about a snow that makes the world seem a little quieter, a little slower, a little kinder?  Inside, things seem warmer and cozier when looking out at a snowy scene on a Christmas morning.  I almost had to pinch myself to see  if it were real.  After brunch, the girls bundled up in preparation for snowman building.  In the middle of the snowman building process, we were unsuspectingly pelted with sno-balls from behind...courtesy of #1 SIL who had been making an arsenal of sno-balls while we had been discussing the merits of a 3 Ball vs. 4 Ball Snowman.

Frosty the Snowman
Christmas Day 2010

Grandson James standing with Frosty

You are looking at one of our 2010 miracles, the fact that James can stand at all even if it is with a little "hip" action!  A year ago, James could not sit up unassisted until having his miracle surgery in June at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  For those who may not already know, James was born premature in 2007 and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  My daughter has devoted her life to making sure James gets state of the art, up to date, medical/physical/occupational/speech therapies. Isn't he just the cutest little sno-boy in the whole world?? 
The Horses grazing on their Christmas Breakfast

Clay, Scott, Emma Grace, & Ryan

View from the Kitchen sink

I need to go finish up taking down and storing Christmas decorations for 2010.  I always wonder what the next year will bring before I see my Christmas decorations again.  I'm always surprised at what a new Year can bring.

What will 2011 bring?
Stay Tuned
Blessings to you for 2011
Gmama jane

Saturday, December 18, 2010


10 yrs of Christmas Santa Pictures

Final preparations are in full swing here on the Hillis farm...presents are piling up waiting to be wrapped by a secret elf..oops, I forgot I don't have one of those...it would be ME who needs to start wrapping all those gifts piling up in the guest bedroom. 

I completed and mailed off 10 MUG RUGS for my Teacher niece to give as gifts to her teaching colleagues. Now I have at LEAST 15 more to make for #1 Husband to take as gifts to school (remember #1 is a High School Guidance Counselor)AND Photographer daughter to give as friend gifts.

WHO started this MUG RUG Craziness?????  
Would that be Madame Samm???  
Can we send her the therapy bill???  Just kidding Madame...I'm loving me some little Mug Rugs Here are some samples coming out of my sewing cave...
I'm NOT a photographer like many of you and especially my highly talented daughter but this is the best I can do...so just go with the flow.  (Above)This Mug Rug was a left over block from a quilt so I put it to good use.

Here,I used some vintage fabric I found in a little shop years ago.  I love the 50's  kitchen theme and only wish I could find a cup to match.

Although this Black Mug Rug was Christmas fabric, it almost has an oriental feel to it, don't you think??
My candy cane Mug Rug in the design process.  I loved the Peppermint candy
fabric.  I made several from this fabric.  I added a little ruffle just cuz....
My First Mug Rug so I think I'll keep this one.  I got fancier as I went along so these are a few of my first attempts.  I was in a hurry and didn't get pictures of the "rugs" I sent to the niece so I'll try to slow down and take some pictures of the new ones sitting on the design block.  I want to make a table runner and an apron just to change up the creative process....You know us crafty folks...we have to have 5 different projects going at once to keep us from getting bored.

I wanted something to put on the gift tag so I came up with this Mug Rug Poem.  You're welcome to use it but I'd like for you to credit me if you do.  

Mug Rugs

Some things go together
As natural as can be
Like Santa and his Reindeer
And our friendship, don't you see?

So here's a little gift and Hug
coming straight to you from Me
It's a MUG filled with sweets for now 
And a Rug that's as cute as can be!

Mugs are sturdy kinds of cups 
filled with coffee, milk, or tea
And the Rug provides a resting place
for your goodies, made by me!
 Jane Hillis

LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE ..............................

Fat Quarter Shop Goodies came in the mail yesterday!!!  Some Halloween fabric that was on sale, Maison de Grance Jelly Roll and Fat Quarters, Apron pattern, 2 quilt patterns, pea green& royal blue fabric!
Also, on the table are a couple of other treats from a local quilt shop PATCHES & STITCHES (here is where I would put a link to the store if I knew how but you can Google the name and put Huntsville, AL).  I like Black & White patterned fabric so I bought a whole pack of  fat quarters in Black & white.  Check out the cute little bag!  It's perfect for holding your quilt tools for a project or a class.  These were being sold to a group taking a class and I lucked up and asked if I could buy from the few that were left over.  I have a thing for bags that help you organize and especially if they are made from  funky little fabrics or have what I call the "cute" factor going on.

That's all for now!  I need to head upstairs to my Sewing Cave and get busy.  #1 Husband is going to watch a movie while I sew.  I'm anxious to go through my new stuff from Fat Quarter PLUS the sewing notions I bought from Wal Mart today.  It's like having Christmas early.
Tomorrow is church and watching the Grnadpeeps sing in the Christmas musical.  I'll only have eyes for Three Amigos as will every other Grandparent sitting in the audience.

Merry Christmas  
to all
my Friends, Family and New Blog Friends


Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day Southern Style


A snowy day is relative here in the Deep South, however, we will take our snow any way we can get it, especially for some of us Northern transplants who have navigated south.  I love the South and consider myself a true southerner in accent, dialect, customs, and way of thinking...but when it comes to SNOW, I'm not "one of those" people who hate snow. 

I LOVE LOVE SNOW and consider a Snow Day one of the great pleasures in life. I have a fond memory of lying in bed as a child listening to the"school closings" on the radio. My parents sat at the breakfast table, drank coffee, read the morning paper and listened to the radio.  No one watched TV because there was no local morning program.  So, on snowy days, everyone listened carefully as the local radio DJ read off the list of schools being closed.  There was no better feeling than hearing the words,"Mercer Co. Schools will be closed today" then snuggling back down under the covers for a few more hours of sleep.

I've never outgrown the love of a good snow day and think everyone needs to learn how to relax, slow down, and enjoy the perks afforded by a DAY OFF.  I realize not everyone gets to take a Snow Day but there are just as many who can, but won't OR complain the whole day about what a "waste of time" it is to have to take a day off from school or work.  

To those people, I say, you are not promised tomorrow so enjoy the day...throw a snowball, make some snow cream, sit by a fire, drink some hot cocoa, read a book, take a nap, make something, sew something, call up an elderly neighbor or relative and just chat, bake something and take it to work the next day, write an old fashioned letter, color in a coloring book with real crayons, watch old movies snuggled up on the couch, feed the birds & take time to actually watch/identify them, work a jigsaw puzzle, or for us QUILTERS...free time to quilt to our hearts desire.

Sunday, Dec. 12th, 
Fundraiser for Community Built Playground

Here is a picture of Santa & Mrs. Clause arriving in style for Santa in the Park!  I'm involved in getting a TOP RATE Playground Built in our part of County where I live.  This playground will cost $150,000 so as you can see, we have LOTS of money to raise by May 10th (Build Week).  I like to tell people it's sort of like Extreme Home Make Over on TV except we are building a Playground in one week through a playground company called Leather's Associates.  Google it and look at the playgrounds they have built all over the world.  You will be able to see the kind of playground we are raising money for!

The weather was very suitable for Santa Claus but not for southerners not used to this kind of cold.  The pictures don't show the heavy snow showers and due to the high wind, nothing stuck to the ground until later when we started leaving to go home. Hey, like I said...we'll take our snow in any amount!
Our crowd was down but we still had a wonderful time.  Good things will happen in spite of the turn-out.  Everything was so festive and the children were SOOO excited to see Santa.  They still BELIEVE and seeing Santa through their little eyes made me Believe once again.

My Two wonderful Daughters  Mary Ellen & Anna Laura
Mary Ellen is the Photographer...check out her fabulous pictures at 

 Santa & Nathan
 #1 Husband, Anna Laura & Best Friend Tammy
Defrosting by the Fire
 Wind chill was in single digits with wind gusts of 30mph or more.
We all came home and ate/drank something warm.  #1 Husband had my Hot Tea ready when I got out of the warm shower and put my flannel PJ's on!!  A NICE way to end a Snow Day in the South. Hopefully we raised enough money to break even and we'll make it up on the next Fund Raiser.

Below is a picture of my Christmas Tree with all the Homemade ornaments and special ornaments marking a milestone or event in the life of our family.  The children wanted me to keep most of the ornaments...they said they would divide them up when I went to heaven! ha!My tree will never be showcased on a decorating site or in Southern Living Magazine but in the hearts and eyes of my family each ornament is another tie that binds this Big Ol Family of 12 together!!!

  Mary Ellen made this ornament in 3rd grade!  It's seen better days!

  The Grandchildren wrapped the presents under the tree from their
shopping trip with PaPaw.  PaPaw checked them out of school last week and took all three Christmas Shopping!  Each one got to pick out a gift for their parents & ate ice cream on the way home.  The wrapping party was almost as much fun as the shopping if the laughter and squeals coming from the dining room was any indication.

 I'll leave you with some Holiday pictures of the Grandchildren.  Today's post indicates what was on my mind and in my heart.  I'll share some of my quilting projects in tomorrow's post but for now, the loves of my life are front & center.  I feel so Blessed & Grateful for what I have.  Silver & Gold  have I little; but wealthy am I in love from /for My family





Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grandmama's Doc -IN-A-Box

Not that this graphic expresses my usual Holiday cheer but after this past week with a head cold and general state of "yuck" , I have for the time being...Lost my HO..HO..HO! 

I haven't  blogged since Nov. 27th.  The Grandchildren kindly shared their little "cold germs" during a recent visit to Grandmama's Doc-In-A-Box last week!

My current attitude about Washington and most of our Government

I have fed, watered, given medicine, took temps, given baths, dispensed enough juice to hydrate a third world country, wiped booties, blew/wiped noses, filled vaporizers,and ran a short order restaurant so I suppose it was my turn to host the Germs for a few days.  With my Blood Pressure issues, I can't take a decongestant which rules out mega doses of Nyquil so I can sleep medicine.  Vicks vapor rub, Mucinex, and Advil are about as strong as I can take.

A Hot Shower followed with some Hot tea/lemon works wonders!  I think I'm on the last leg of the journey to Feeling a little less than Crummy.  I don't feel like quilting which is putting me behind on my Christmas gifts.  Maybe in a few days I will get my MoJo back and get back in the saddle. 

I have over 15 Mug Rugs cut out and waiting to be sewn together & quilted.  I have a little girls' apron ready to be cut out as well as some table runners in the design phase.  I had pictures but GUESS WHAT????................The Camera Battery is DEAD!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................on that note, I'll sign off for now and come back when I've found my HO Ho HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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