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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This post is mainly for those of us old and lucky enough to have Grandchildren.  You think you love your children...wait til you have Grandchildren!
If you ever get down on yourself, just listen to what your grandchildren think or say about you.

Clay  7 yrs.
Clay to Grandmama while eating supper:  "Grandmama, I think you should have a show on the Cooking Channel.  I believe you would win!"
Grandmama:  "Sweetheart, Grandmama just cooks plain food, not fancy food like on TV."
Clay:  "Oh no Grandmama, those shows don't have YOUR food.  It's the best.!"
***Sound of my Heart melting***

Ryan  10 yr.
Ryan has sleep issues and often has trouble falling asleep.  Last Sat. morning after a sleepover at my house Ryan stands beside me and eyes me eyeball to eyeball with a big grin because he loves being almost as tall as his short little Grandmama.  
Ryan to Grandmama:  "I don't know why, but I get the best sleep I've ever had when I sleep here."
Grandmama:  "I think you just feel safe."
Ryan:  "I wish I could sleep here every night!"
***I HEART that boy!***

Emma Grace  7yr.
Emma Grace is my only Granddaughter!  She LOVES to sew and we often sew together on Saturday afternoons.  She BEGS to stay with me 24/7 and wants to copy everything I do in my sewing room.  Santa brought her a small sewing machine (Santa Grandmama) with sewing carry-all and fabric.  You can see how I have it set up with her machine back to back with mine.  I'm teaching her to thread her machine (which just happens to be on the kaputs right now) and sew a straight line.  She can chain stitch blocks usinf leaders and enders!!  Emma Grace and I made her American Doll two dresses last Saturday.  We both got so tickled when I got my thread all tangled up and cut out the pattern wrong TWICE!! 

EMMA GRACE to Grandmama:  "Grandmama, you are such a silly Grandmama!  You showed me it's OK to make mistakes."
Grandmama thinking to herself:  "Sure, that's what I was doing!  I MEANT to make those mistakes to teach you a lesson." LOL

SCOTT's Sweet 3 yr. old picture
Scott after having his hair buzzed because he decided to "cut" his own hair.  He butchered his hair to the point buzzing it off was the only option.  I'm asking him to make a funny face for the camera!
Scott beats to his own drum, has a very dry deadpan wit, has no filter from what he thinks to what comes out his mouth, doesn't warm up to strangers, yet very loving to small circle of adult family members and a few outsiders.  He will come up to me at some point every day and say, "I need some Pettin' "  At that point, I stop whatever I'm doing, put him in my lap, rock, sing, kiss and pat his back!  Well, wouldn't you???
SCOTT to a Substitute Sunday School Teacher he has never met:  "I like my Mama and my Grandmama, but I don't like you." 
Scott to Grandmama:  "You're the bestest Grandmama in the whole world!"  BIG HUG
Tell us what you really think, Scott!

James  4 1/2 yr.
James is the only Grandchild to call me Grandmommy
During the 3 week intensive Physical Therapy Camp at UAB Children's Hospital in February, He refused to eat any of the cakes provided by the volunteers who brought meals each day to the Ronald McDonald House.  Cake is one of his FAVORITE desserts! One day someone offered James a piece of cake and James replied,
"My Grandmommy makes MY cakes!"

Thank you for indulging me my blogging friends
 but these 5 human beings are who rock my world, give me my mojo, make me want to get up each morning, give me my purpose, and make me feel loved unconditionally.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness

March 2012
The Face of Cerebral Palsy
My Grandson James
age 4 1/2
Born 8 weeks premature due to inutero stroke
Doctors prognosis in the beginning was that James would "most likely" use a wheelchair most of his life!
But then....
They left out God in that equation
and look at him now!!
James Standing!
James and cousins at church!
James standing in Adeli Suit during Therapy
Baby James BEFORE SDR surgery in St. Louis
Isn't he a cutie patootie?!
James doing laundry!!  Notice, he's STANDING!!!

Yes, THIS IS the FACE of Cerebral Palsy!
A Happy Normal Little Boy
who is loved beyond measure
and a BLESSING to our Family!


Saturday, March 24, 2012


MARCH 25TH, 2012
Apple Blossoms on our Farm

I attended a funeral today.  The 16 yr. old son of a friend and former student of mine, lost his life Wednesday afternoon on his way home from Golf Practice.  Jeremy was so thrilled to have made his first "Eagle" that he called Grandmama on his cell phone to brag.  Minutes later, J.R. ran off the berm of the road, jerked the wheel to over-correct, and hit an embankment, ejecting his body from the truck because J.R. wasn't wearing a seat belt.  A family is left to grieve.  Remember this picture from the tornadoes?  My Granddaughter's best friend??  It was her brother who was killed on Wed.  Sad how one death, one life, touches so many people.

In their grief, the strength of the Pinder Family's Faith was demonstrated in today's Memorial.  J.R.'s life was Celebrated all the while giving testimony to the One who Gives Life!  My DIL put it this way, "We Had Church!"  That's southern for The preachin' and the singin' was awesome and lives were saved!  People left the funeral feeling uplifted and Hopeful!!  That's the kind of funeral I want when my time here on earth is over!

Let's pray together for each other this week!  Pray for each of us to be encouraged and to be an encourager.  I'm resolving to distance myself from toxic people and toxic situations.  Life is way too short for negativity.  This year on my birthday, I was having a pity party so I decided to write 59 Blessings in my life...one for each year of my life.  I started off gang busters but I'm embarrassed to say I had to think hard beginning around 35 or so.  It was then that I thought of you Marlene and your 1,000 Blessings project.  I went back and read a few of Marlene's posts (StitchinBytheLake)and realized blessings are found in the smaller details of life rather than the BIG or the SHOWY.
Prayer Requests for Week of March 25th, 2012

Happy Saturday morning!  Max had his 6 week post op cath yesterday and everything looked great.  They put a tiny stint in one of his other veins to keep it open but there does not seem to be any narrowing of the veins that were reconstructed.  Max is doing well on his new formula and gaining weight.  The doctor told Gina that she and Max could fly home this upcoming Friday if everything goes well this week.  How is that for a testimony for the Prayer Warriors group and of course, God?

Requests prayer for her sister Judy, 11 yrs. older who helped raise her while their mother was sick for a time.  Rondell asked me to pray for Judy's procedure on Thursday.  Everything went fine with Judy's procedure and Rondell feels a huge relief from the worry and anxiety.  Does anyone have a sibling they are particularly close with?  Then you can understand Rondell's anxiety for Judy!  Rondell feels like God directed her to our prayer group!  I most definitely do!!  God does not deal in coincidences, He is the author of divine appointments.

It's one of those "coincidences" that I even found Cathy's blog.  She was lamenting losing her blog AND her followers and having to make this quickie temporary blog until she could figure out what happened.  Can you imagine going to your blog like you've done hundreds of time and find it GONE!!!  Yep, GONE, NADA, VANISHED, ZILCHO and along with her blog went all her followers.  Cathy didn't say how many followers but it wasn't important.  She was so distraught because all she had following currently was 8 people.  She's trying to email former followers and get the word out about what happened.  I would be SO SAD to Lose even one of you!  Anyhoo...
I clicked the follow button, wrote her an encouraging note, and in return got the most grateful thank-you.  I told her we would pray for her because her blog is all about sharing the Savior.  Now who do we all know that HATES having the Love of Christ shared with a lost and dying world???  Sounds like a little spiritual warfare going on to me...if you believe in that sort of thing...and I DO!!  So...if you feel led, go visit, Follow and give Cathy some encouragement!

4.  PRAISE:  Marlene says we can remove her BIL from our prayer list due to his successful adapting to the low vision.  Prayers have been answered!

5.  JOSIE M.:  Has an upcoming Dr. appt. hoping to get some answers for symptoms she's having as well as unexplained weight loss.  
Josie's friend Jennifer who has cancer and 2 small children, will begin Chemo soon.  Ok Prayer Warriors, this one needs some TNT!

6.  PINDER family:  Loss of their son, J.R.
We will celebrate EASTER in 2 weeks!!  How does your family celebrate Easter?  Share with us your family's Easter traditions.  Invite your followers to join us each Sunday with their prayer requests.



Here on the farm, the circle of Life is Alive and Well!  Is there anything cuter than baby chicks?  Sidekick Scott doesn't think so. He gets so excited when I catch one and let him pet her little head.   Every day their little chick fuzz recedes making way for real feathers.  In 4-6 months, these little girls will be producing enough eggs to feed my big family.  But for now, they're babies needing food, water and warmth.  

My oldest two grandsons caught me a little off guard this evening when they asked if people came from eggs??  I took a moment to collect my thoughts but fortunately, PaPaw was near by, heard the question and gave a perfect answer.  I was so relieved and I honestly can't tell you what he said.  All I know is we escaped...barely...an in depth session on the *Birds and the Bees*.  Whew!  The girls prefer the red feeder over the silver one.. little fashionistas.
I'm actually surprised these trees are blooming after the SEVERE pruning #1 husband gave them in the fall.  I guess he knew what he was doing after all...shhh don't tell him I said that.  I'll never hear the end of that one!

Here is my 8 yr. old grandson playing with our Beagle Copper.  Doesn't Copper look like you feel when getting a massage...like Oh this feels so good...keep it up...don't ever leave me...Over to the right...now, down the back....ooooooohhhhh!
Playing with the dog in a clover patch outside the Barn on a warm sunny Spring afternoon at Grandmama's and PaPaw's house.  Does life get any better than this???
Clay and Copper

Dogwood Tree in my front yard.  I sit on my front porch swing or in the rocking chair and enjoy the 3 dogwood trees in the very front of the house.  Regardless of when Easter arrives, late March or late April, these dogwood trees ALWAYS bloom before Easter Sunday!

My Gazebo Bird Feeder
I filled this feeder up TWO days ago and look how much has been eaten?!  I have hundreds of birds feeding from my birdfeeders.  One of my favorite Spring spots to sew or quilt is on the front porch while watching my birds and solving all the world's problems.

Two Year Old White Grape Vines
 My Oak Leaf Hydrangea budding out.  I'm not happy with the placement of these 2 Hydrangea bushes due to their size and unruliness right at my back bay window.  I want a more groomed look here but the bushes are too heavily rooted to move them safely.  I've just got to go with it.
Do you see him?  Choco?  That's our new horse peeping around the tree to see what I'm doing AND to find out if I'm going to feed him. Ha!!  Choco, my man, I don't do horses.  You'll have to wait on Mr. Gmama if you want food.  
Meet BUCK..37 yrs. old..I had no idea horses lived so long!
Buck is an ideal saddle horse for the Grandpeeps.  Buck is so gentle and sweet. 
 My daughter used to get on him bareback.

Meet BILL...as in Feed Bill...
that name came from the Mister during one of his,"I'm tired of buying feed for these horses I'm going to sell every last one." phase!
This is what he does EVERY evening beginning around 4:30 until someone comes to feed him.

Sweet Babies playing outside on a Friday after school at Gmama's
Right after I took this shot, Scott gets stuck in the seat because the seat-belt wouldn't unlatch.  I almost had to cut it but we convinced Scott to somehow back up and crawl out of the seat while we held the swing very still.  Trama Trama Trama!  and you thought it was all calm around here! Ha!
BTW, I do know how to spell Trauma correctly, but back when #1 daughter was in college, she would call home with a seemingly earth shattering problem or situation and I would make fun of her by saying Trama Trama Trama (short /a/ sound)  I'm so sympathetic to Drama Queen
and...Last but not least
The most hysterical picture of them all
EG sliding *gracefully* down the slide.  That girl is one in a million!

This is how the evening ended.....
Tummies full, baths taken, nests made for movie night, "The Adventures of Tin Tin", 
and Popcorn!
I am a very Blessed Grandmama

Sad Note:  In the circle of life, death is inevitable but when it happens too soon and so tragically your heart grieves so deeply for those left behind.  Wed. night, a friend, former student of mine, and mother to my granddaughter's best friend, lost her 16 yr. old son in a tragic truck accident.  He was coming home after golf practice and had just called to tell his grandmother about his first "eagle" during practice, when he hung up the phone, took a curve at too high a speed, hit an embankment and died instantly.  Please pray for the Pinder family!

May I remind you about Prayer Request Sunday Tomorrow.  If you have a need , praise, or update, please get it to me by this evening.  I will write my post late Sat. night.  Please tell any of your blogging friends that you think may enjoy our prayer group to be sure to stop by anytime Sunday.  MY email is jehillis@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sewing Day Chicken Salad

(I just now noticed that lone little chunk of celery on the cutting block.  Funny how you notice things in pictures After, but not Before you take them)
Have you ever made something that just hit the spot, made your lips smack, tongue curl, and found yourself wanting more?  That's how I felt when I made my fresh homemade chicken salad.  Oh yum, it tasted sooooo good.  But the best part, I didn't have to stop sewing to heat up the kitchen to cook supper!!  #1 husband was more than content with chicken salad on toasted sourdough bread with leaf lettuce and slices of tomatoes (pssst can't wait to have fresh garden tomatoes!) I threw in some homefries for my son who just happened to stop by to put data into my new computer from my old computer he so valiantly retrieved off the crashed hard drive.

As usual, food seems to have it's own silent alarm because around 6:30, the DIL flew in the front door in between picking up children on the Wed. night church van and then delivering the same kiddos home again.  She was past starved and all I had was the chicken salad.  DIL has said millions of times, "I don't like Mayo...it's just jar lard" and we all know that MAYO is the 2nd most important ingredient in chicken salad.
 Well, let me tell you, that little Missy sure did eat her up some major jar lard while scarfing down at least a pint of chicken salad ...not to mention the Plastic container FULL she took home with her..FOR THE CHILDREN!!??  Sure...Next day I asked the Grandpeeps if they liked Grandmama's chicken salad and their answer?.....  WHAT CHICKEN SALAD???
How's that jar lard working for ya now, my sweet little DIL?  Gotta Love Her!
Now there's TWO little celery chunks?  My chicken salad had babies!

Why not whip up some Homemade Chicken Salad so You can get in YOUR Sewing Cave?
Here is my recipe for A Lot of the stuff.  Cut it down if you want less but I'm telling you, you'll be glad you made more!


1-2 lbs. grapes (I like both red and green and lots of them)-cut in half
1 C. Chopped Pecans (more if you like)
1 bunch celery hearts (more or less depending on your taste but I like lots of crunch)
3-4 bunch green onions (chopped fine use just enough to flavor)
3-4 boiled eggs chopped fine
Sweet pickles plus juice (chopped fine and I used almost all of a small jar for this amount)
Mayonnaise (Hellmans or Dukes are my preference)

Boil whole chicken, cool, debone, deskin, 
Boil chicken breasts
I add onion, celery, and garlic salt, Crazy Jane's salt to the water for flavor and I save/freeze the stock for later recipes.
Chop up chicken fine or bigger chunks if you prefer. I do NOT like big chunks of chicken in mine!
Chop rest of ingredients and add to chicken (ALL EXCEPT GRAPES, Fold those in at the very last) and feel free to alter amounts or omit.  I taste as I go to make sure I have the flavor just right.  I'm a Hands On Cook!

Dressing:  This is where the magic happens.  The amount and ratio of mayo to pickle juice is going to be your personal preference.  I start with a cup of Mayo and pour some pickle juice in, stir and taste.  Pour this over your salad mixture, stir, TASTE, add more as needed.

 Chill at least 2 hours or Best Overnight for flavors to blend.

I'm making some TODAY, Wednesday!!  I plan to stitch on my front porch while Sidekick plays outside!  Let me know how your chicken salad turns out or if you have questions.  I'm not a recipe kinda cook.  I just add, taste, and usually never measure except for when I'm baking.

Some "Floppy Flowers" to make your day
Sidekick Scott calls these *Yellow floppy flowers*

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday March 18th

This is the Day that the Lord Hath Made
My you have a Blessed Day
Gmama & Sidekick Scott.

Are those not the sweetest little "yellow floppy flowers" as my Sidekick calls them?
He pulled these from the back yard and by the time he made his rounds to the front porch where I was sitting, THIS is what the floppy flowers looked like!  Expressions of love, care, encouragement, concern, and hope are represented in my floppy flowers gift to you, my precious friends.  You are no longer to be called followers, you are my friends.  
This group of friends who meets with each other every Sunday has become one of the highlights of my week.  

I have received comments and emails through-out the week from readers of my blog who stop by yet seldom comment saying how much this list of prayer requests, praises, and words of encouragement mean to them.  One friend shared how her husband asks about our little group each week.  One family (one that we will never know personally) feels as though our prayers lifted them up during one of their darkest times.  One of the best comments was from a friend who said she had begun to have a prayer time prompted by our prayer requests and empathy for one another.  
Do our prayers matter to the Creator of the Universe?  You bet They Do!!
Prayer Requests Week of March 18th

Marlene B.
Her Brother-in-law has suddenly and inexplicably lost sight in his right eye.  He is going through some training to become adapted to his "new normal".  I can't even imagine how terrifying that would be!

Julie F.
Julie's grandson Ben, 10 yrs. old, is having unexplained seizures.  Tests are being scheduled.  Julie says Ben has endured lots of challenges in his short life.  Those of us with Grandchildren know the deep love we have for them.  Our hearts go out to you Julie and for Ben.  Let's pray for doctors to diagnose and find a cure for Ben.

Josie M
She reports her Aunt Rita and Uncle Ben are continuing to do well.  However, the news is not so good for her friend, Jennifer.  Jennifer's brain tumor IS cancer and will begin Chemo soon.  Two small children are victims in that they have to watch and worry about a sick mother.  We all know what a difficult road this young mother has to face.  She needs our prayers!
NOW...I'm going to tattle a little bit here.  It seems that Josie herself is in need of some prayers.  I went snooping on her blog and found out our Josie has not been feeling well along with some very disturbing symptoms that needs the immediate attention of a Doctor.  SO..after some well intentioned Nagging... Josie has scheduled a Dr.'s appt.  Good for you Josie!!

Jannette's mother is doing well despite having lung cancer.  She sounds like a fighter to me!!
However, her mother is burdened for a niece who lost her husband to lung cancer.
     Jannette's Dad just lost his Baby Sister to a surprise Heart Attack!  With NO WARNING!!
We Women don't have the same warnings as men, ladies!!  Did you know that most ALL medical and medicine research has been done with Men and not Women???  This is slowly changing but it will be some years down the road before significant data is available.
     This very same Baby Sister, Jannette's Aunt, was helping her daughter deal with the 12 yr. old daughter recently diagnosed with leukemia.  Can it get any worse???  Pray Hard my Friends!
Dawn T.
Requests prayer for her friend Jenny who had SUCCESSFUL surgery at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston Texas!  The cancer tumor had not spread and reconstruction went well and quick.  Pray for emotional and physical healing!!

Baby Max
He has had blood in his stool and Dr.'s are working hard to figure out the cause.  The most likely cause has something to do with milk protein.  Forgive me if I didn't explain correctly.  The family is hoping to have him home in North Carolina in TWO WEEKS!!

My Jeremiah 29:11 NIV Quilt
A work in progress
I'm still adding borders.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


                NATIONAL QUILTING DAY 
Scott's Quilt..."SIDEKICK"
I have to add a few borders
It's also National Rubberband Day, Campfire Girl's Founder's Day, and Submarine day?  Who Knew?

Did you know that National Quilting Day started in 1991?  Check out their website  for a FREE Quilt Pattern Download.

I thought I would show you what's been going on 
the Farmhouse Project Table this week
 Tablerunner from my Sew We Quilt Tutorial, almost completed (I still need the Grandpeeps hand prints in the center block).
Back of "SIDEKICK"  Vintage pictures I love
Look at all the "WONKY BLOCKS" I received in the mail from the "WONKY HOUSE BLOCK SWAP).  The craftsmanship on these blocks was incredible.  My blocks a truly from ALL around the world.  Check this next  signature block that came along with each Wonky House Block!
Ivona from SLOVAKIA!!!!
My blocks were from Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Nova Scotia Canada, Utah, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, ...
I'm naming my Wonky House Quilt...

Maree Hand- Embroidered all 12 signature blocks!!
More Wonky Houses!!
I need to decide a sashing color

 Tomorrow is
Prayer Request Sunday
Please send your Prayer Requests, Updates, and Praise
We have a nice little active Prayer Warrior Group that will pray for your need
Celebrate Your Good News


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