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Saturday, March 24, 2012



Here on the farm, the circle of Life is Alive and Well!  Is there anything cuter than baby chicks?  Sidekick Scott doesn't think so. He gets so excited when I catch one and let him pet her little head.   Every day their little chick fuzz recedes making way for real feathers.  In 4-6 months, these little girls will be producing enough eggs to feed my big family.  But for now, they're babies needing food, water and warmth.  

My oldest two grandsons caught me a little off guard this evening when they asked if people came from eggs??  I took a moment to collect my thoughts but fortunately, PaPaw was near by, heard the question and gave a perfect answer.  I was so relieved and I honestly can't tell you what he said.  All I know is we escaped...barely...an in depth session on the *Birds and the Bees*.  Whew!  The girls prefer the red feeder over the silver one.. little fashionistas.
I'm actually surprised these trees are blooming after the SEVERE pruning #1 husband gave them in the fall.  I guess he knew what he was doing after all...shhh don't tell him I said that.  I'll never hear the end of that one!

Here is my 8 yr. old grandson playing with our Beagle Copper.  Doesn't Copper look like you feel when getting a massage...like Oh this feels so good...keep it up...don't ever leave me...Over to the right...now, down the back....ooooooohhhhh!
Playing with the dog in a clover patch outside the Barn on a warm sunny Spring afternoon at Grandmama's and PaPaw's house.  Does life get any better than this???
Clay and Copper

Dogwood Tree in my front yard.  I sit on my front porch swing or in the rocking chair and enjoy the 3 dogwood trees in the very front of the house.  Regardless of when Easter arrives, late March or late April, these dogwood trees ALWAYS bloom before Easter Sunday!

My Gazebo Bird Feeder
I filled this feeder up TWO days ago and look how much has been eaten?!  I have hundreds of birds feeding from my birdfeeders.  One of my favorite Spring spots to sew or quilt is on the front porch while watching my birds and solving all the world's problems.

Two Year Old White Grape Vines
 My Oak Leaf Hydrangea budding out.  I'm not happy with the placement of these 2 Hydrangea bushes due to their size and unruliness right at my back bay window.  I want a more groomed look here but the bushes are too heavily rooted to move them safely.  I've just got to go with it.
Do you see him?  Choco?  That's our new horse peeping around the tree to see what I'm doing AND to find out if I'm going to feed him. Ha!!  Choco, my man, I don't do horses.  You'll have to wait on Mr. Gmama if you want food.  
Meet BUCK..37 yrs. old..I had no idea horses lived so long!
Buck is an ideal saddle horse for the Grandpeeps.  Buck is so gentle and sweet. 
 My daughter used to get on him bareback.

Meet BILL...as in Feed Bill...
that name came from the Mister during one of his,"I'm tired of buying feed for these horses I'm going to sell every last one." phase!
This is what he does EVERY evening beginning around 4:30 until someone comes to feed him.

Sweet Babies playing outside on a Friday after school at Gmama's
Right after I took this shot, Scott gets stuck in the seat because the seat-belt wouldn't unlatch.  I almost had to cut it but we convinced Scott to somehow back up and crawl out of the seat while we held the swing very still.  Trama Trama Trama!  and you thought it was all calm around here! Ha!
BTW, I do know how to spell Trauma correctly, but back when #1 daughter was in college, she would call home with a seemingly earth shattering problem or situation and I would make fun of her by saying Trama Trama Trama (short /a/ sound)  I'm so sympathetic to Drama Queen
and...Last but not least
The most hysterical picture of them all
EG sliding *gracefully* down the slide.  That girl is one in a million!

This is how the evening ended.....
Tummies full, baths taken, nests made for movie night, "The Adventures of Tin Tin", 
and Popcorn!
I am a very Blessed Grandmama

Sad Note:  In the circle of life, death is inevitable but when it happens too soon and so tragically your heart grieves so deeply for those left behind.  Wed. night, a friend, former student of mine, and mother to my granddaughter's best friend, lost her 16 yr. old son in a tragic truck accident.  He was coming home after golf practice and had just called to tell his grandmother about his first "eagle" during practice, when he hung up the phone, took a curve at too high a speed, hit an embankment and died instantly.  Please pray for the Pinder family!

May I remind you about Prayer Request Sunday Tomorrow.  If you have a need , praise, or update, please get it to me by this evening.  I will write my post late Sat. night.  Please tell any of your blogging friends that you think may enjoy our prayer group to be sure to stop by anytime Sunday.  MY email is jehillis@gmail.com


  1. The baby chicks are so cute. I don't live near a farm but that pic reminds me to take the kidlets to Tractor Supply so they can pet them there. All the other pictures are really nice. I love spring, mostly because it isn't winter.

    My thoughts and prayers will go to that family. It instantaly brings back the year we lost my barely 16 year old nephew in an accident too, the week before Christmas. Thankfully too he dies instantly. The thought that he didn't and suffered was more than my sister could take. It was the hardest thing my family has ever gone through and the wound is still raw. It probably will be for a very long time.

  2. We have some dogwoods in our backyard Jane and they are just almost open now - that early stage where you have to kind of look hard but you think they're going to open right in front of your eyes. They are my favorite tree and always mean spring is really here to me. Of course it's pretty cool here this morning - 50 when I got up - but later in the day I'll sit out on the deck to do my Bible study if the wind isn't blowing. The wind has been awful here for several days and makes sitting outside impossible. My sister has new baby chicks too - I wish I was close enough to see them and more than that I wish we could have some! We're away from home too much for that these days. Have a great weekend! blessings, marlene

  3. Your post was just beautiful. My thoughts and prayers to the Pinders and to your blog follower, Michele for their loss.

  4. Beautiful pictures! This former farm girl always gets a little homesick in the Spring. Enjoy your weekend with the grandkids!

  5. What a beautiful day you have had with your blessings!!
    My heart goes out to your friends. My Brother-in-law (Who was my Baby Brother BEST friend long before he was my BIL) Was killed in a car accident at 17 shortly after Honeyman and I were married.

  6. What a wonderful life you have with your precious grandchildren. It has been really too hot here and the Magnolias which don't bloom till end of May are blooming and it is going to get cold again tonight so we are worried they won't survive.
    Sometimes I just hate that we have these cell phones in our cars they have been the cause of so many accidents.So sad I will pray the family. Blessings Sandra

  7. oh those sweet grandkids i so love that last pic of them together on the reclyner.xx


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