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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This post is mainly for those of us old and lucky enough to have Grandchildren.  You think you love your children...wait til you have Grandchildren!
If you ever get down on yourself, just listen to what your grandchildren think or say about you.

Clay  7 yrs.
Clay to Grandmama while eating supper:  "Grandmama, I think you should have a show on the Cooking Channel.  I believe you would win!"
Grandmama:  "Sweetheart, Grandmama just cooks plain food, not fancy food like on TV."
Clay:  "Oh no Grandmama, those shows don't have YOUR food.  It's the best.!"
***Sound of my Heart melting***

Ryan  10 yr.
Ryan has sleep issues and often has trouble falling asleep.  Last Sat. morning after a sleepover at my house Ryan stands beside me and eyes me eyeball to eyeball with a big grin because he loves being almost as tall as his short little Grandmama.  
Ryan to Grandmama:  "I don't know why, but I get the best sleep I've ever had when I sleep here."
Grandmama:  "I think you just feel safe."
Ryan:  "I wish I could sleep here every night!"
***I HEART that boy!***

Emma Grace  7yr.
Emma Grace is my only Granddaughter!  She LOVES to sew and we often sew together on Saturday afternoons.  She BEGS to stay with me 24/7 and wants to copy everything I do in my sewing room.  Santa brought her a small sewing machine (Santa Grandmama) with sewing carry-all and fabric.  You can see how I have it set up with her machine back to back with mine.  I'm teaching her to thread her machine (which just happens to be on the kaputs right now) and sew a straight line.  She can chain stitch blocks usinf leaders and enders!!  Emma Grace and I made her American Doll two dresses last Saturday.  We both got so tickled when I got my thread all tangled up and cut out the pattern wrong TWICE!! 

EMMA GRACE to Grandmama:  "Grandmama, you are such a silly Grandmama!  You showed me it's OK to make mistakes."
Grandmama thinking to herself:  "Sure, that's what I was doing!  I MEANT to make those mistakes to teach you a lesson." LOL

SCOTT's Sweet 3 yr. old picture
Scott after having his hair buzzed because he decided to "cut" his own hair.  He butchered his hair to the point buzzing it off was the only option.  I'm asking him to make a funny face for the camera!
Scott beats to his own drum, has a very dry deadpan wit, has no filter from what he thinks to what comes out his mouth, doesn't warm up to strangers, yet very loving to small circle of adult family members and a few outsiders.  He will come up to me at some point every day and say, "I need some Pettin' "  At that point, I stop whatever I'm doing, put him in my lap, rock, sing, kiss and pat his back!  Well, wouldn't you???
SCOTT to a Substitute Sunday School Teacher he has never met:  "I like my Mama and my Grandmama, but I don't like you." 
Scott to Grandmama:  "You're the bestest Grandmama in the whole world!"  BIG HUG
Tell us what you really think, Scott!

James  4 1/2 yr.
James is the only Grandchild to call me Grandmommy
During the 3 week intensive Physical Therapy Camp at UAB Children's Hospital in February, He refused to eat any of the cakes provided by the volunteers who brought meals each day to the Ronald McDonald House.  Cake is one of his FAVORITE desserts! One day someone offered James a piece of cake and James replied,
"My Grandmommy makes MY cakes!"

Thank you for indulging me my blogging friends
 but these 5 human beings are who rock my world, give me my mojo, make me want to get up each morning, give me my purpose, and make me feel loved unconditionally.  


  1. Just a lovely post for you to share with us.

  2. OH Grandmama...I WISH I'D HAD A GMAMA LIKE YOU!!! That is the SWEETEST Post!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful grandchildren and their wonderful thoughts!!! ♥♥♥

  3. I haven't got children, and therefore no grandchildren, but when I read this I can feel the love you have for them and it makes my heart want to burst too!! You are very lucky....and so are they to have you. Hugs xx

  4. oh it made my heart melt each and every one of them,you are truly blessed.xx

  5. Loved your stories... I regularly find myself wondering what we did/what made us laugh/what was the center and sunlight in our lives before the grandbabies came along?

  6. Loved this post, Jane! Grandkids just melt your heart.

  7. Wow, you would be a tough act to follow! You've set the bar very high. Cheers to your fans, they've got it right!

  8. You are a super GMama and you have the wonderful Grandchildren to prove it!

  9. Sure hope you are writing all this down to pass on, especially when they are teenagers - LoL Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Judy C

  10. Oh so good for you! I feel the same about my 6 going on 7 in May. Love them beyond the moon and back. You are a blessed Grandmommy.

  11. Grandchildren are the best.... all the fun and none of the responsibility!


  12. Oh you are so right. I love my three too!! I let the two older ones my 7 year old girl and 5 year old boy sew a little blanket the other day. Oh they had a ball touching grandma's machine. They did okay, the project was small and they have been caring those blankets around like a lost puppy.


  13. Oh Jane don't they just make your heart open so big. I am so happy my kids had babies because they both said they wouldn't. One of the best things in my life has been looking after Jonah 3 days a week. He wants to move in with me because I always have time to listen to his stories and give him snacks which MAMA doesn't believe in. The last five years have been my happiest. Blessings Sandra

  14. They are 5 very special children. I am thrilled beyond measure that you share them with me and that they call me Gran. They really are the BEST! I love them so very much and miss them all like crazy.

    1. You are their Extra Grandmama, Gran Sarah! They think you are very special...even Scott who doesn't like anyone who doesn't take care of him!! Little Stinker.
      Love you
      Big Sister Jane Ellen

  15. How beautiful Jane - the children and the sentiments. blessings, marlene


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