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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayer Request Sunday, Breakfast Recipe, Give-Away Winners Announced

This is The Day That The Lord Has Made
2-Min French Toast via Prudent Baby.com

A Great Day to Pray, Be Thankful, Break Bread Together, 
Announce the TWO Winners of my Give-Away

Today I have some *Praise Reports* as well as *Prayer Requests* from a few followers. 
 Patricia says:
 Good news on the Baby Max front.  Prayers are the best medicine.  Baby Max is getting the feeding tube removed from his nose and getting an NG tube (stomach feeding tube) on Tuesday.  This way when he goes home....yes, they are talking about when he can go home... it will be easier for Gina to subsidize his nutrition with the feeding tube and to administer his Gleevac.  Gleevac is the chemo cocktail that will prevent any scar tissue from forming where his heart and pulmonary veins were reconstructed during the open heart surgery. 

The procedure for putting the NG tube in Baby Max' stomach is scheduled for Tuesday.  It is an hour long procedure.  Baby Max will spend Tuesday evening in ICU jut for observation.  Please let your followers know how appreciative the Berrios family is for their prayers.

Dawn T. Requests:
  Keep my daughter's good friend Jenny in your prayers. Jenny was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 28 years old, a wife and mother of 2 little ones (9 months and 2years), and a dear sister in Christ.  She is scheduled for surgery on March 13th. Please pray for peace, comfort and strength for her and her family, for healing, and wisdom for the doctors. 

 Gmama Jane:
Please pray for my neighbors and community who have once again been touched by tornadoes, lost homes, possessions, places of work devastated, church buildings damaged, and children left with crippling fear of storms.

 Now I have to share something a recipe so delicious for you to try this very morning or even for a Sunday Night Supper.  I saw this  *yumminess* on Pinterest, looked up the website, and then put my own spin on the recipe.  
 Two-Minute French Toast in a Cup
Cube your bread...any kind, any type
rub a pat of butter all inside of cup or melt and swish
in 2nd cup/ramekin, mix 1 egg, 3 T. milk, cinnamon to taste, vanilla (I use about 1/8th t.)
this is what it looks like all mixed up
Here's where you can add some raisins for a little twist.  YUM

 place cubed bread (1 -2 slices) in cup
I like Sour-Dough Bread by Sara Lee

Pour egg mixture over bread and smoosh it down a little so it can absorb egg/milk mixture
Place in Microwave for 1 min....then in 10 sec. increments until it's cooked to your liking.  You don't want runny eggs...ugh!
Now...add Syrup, and/or Powdered sugar, whipped cream.
This smells and Tastes so Wonderful!
Thank You Prudent Baby.Com

Names were pulled out of my little sewing basket...
all on the up and up...PROMISE!!
Beverely or "b" (as she prefers to be called)
You really should go read her story and WHY she quilts
Hint: Have a Tissue handy
She has a LOT going on so hop on over and check out her fun blog.
Sharon was one of my first followers so I'm glad her name got pulled out of the basket.

I've contacted each nice lady to send me their mailing address and I will be winging some nice fabric their way ASAP!!  No Sponsors..out of my Stash in the Sewing Cave!

Stay Tuned for TUESDAY...Storm Stories
I sound like the Weather Channel.
Yep, we haD an F-3 Tornado on Friday...3 miles from my house. 
Here We Go Again..Spring 2012
I will share some STORM "PIT" PICTURES with you!



  1. Oh, sweetie, totally forgot about your give away - love to pop in on your prayer requests for some quiet time. I am so rejoiced when someone pops up after all the storms, you dears are all on my mind. Having been thru our loss with Irene, I can certainly feel the pain.

  2. Yay for Sharon!! That French toast in a cup sounds fun, too. Will have to give that a try. :)

  3. The tornadoes were too close for comfort. Glad they missed you and you are okay. I know what we're having for breakfast this morning!! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Thanks for the french toast recipe - it certainly sounds interesting. And congratulations to your winners! Jane I've already e-mailed you but I'm thanking God today for the safety of you and your family. blessings, marlene

  5. Congrats to the winners.
    OH my goodness! I didn't know you lived in that area, I would have been frantic to hear from you. I spent the day storm watching (actually part of my job!) and staying in touch with family, friends and co-workers - giving advice on safety measures.

  6. Prayers this week specifically for the tornado impacted areas and Jenny. Glad to hear you were spared, Gmama. My family is going to love that french toast recipe. I will have to try it tomorrow morning. COngratulations to the winners!

  7. I saw there were bad tornados! I do hope you stay safe this twister season! I remember one year (my Mother was doing my paper route) there were horrid twisters here and Mom watched them bounce over the Mississippi!! The are scarry!!

  8. Continued pryers for baby Max. Also adding Jenny. My prayers for all of you in the tornados' path. Watching , and listening on the news from up here in Canada, it is heartbreaking.

  9. I just saw that I am a winner. I haven't even checked my emails yet. Thank you so much. I said a Happy birthday in my prayers this morning to your Mom, Also wonderful news for Baby Max. I will also say a prayer for your daughters friend and all the people touched by the tornadoes. Thank you for the special mention of my Blog. Now I am going to make this wonderful little breakfast for my Hubby. He has a sweet tooth and will love it. Then I will check my emails and send you my address. Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway, This has made my day. Thank you

  10. I'll be praying for baby Max, for Jenny, and all those impacted by these horrid storms. We've had such an incredibly unusual winter in our part of Canada - it's hard seeing all the devastation in other parts of the world.

  11. My prayers for those in need...Baby Max, Jenny and all who are suffering from extreme weather and tornadoes. Sending healing hugs. I love French Toast and this looks just perfect. Thank you for sharing. Serene Sunday...

  12. Yes my dear friend I will send up lots of prayers for all these people. Having been through breast cancer myself I certainly know you can use a lot of prayers. I was praying the other night when I heard that Alabama was being hit once again by Tornadoes. I wasn't sure how close they were to you. Love and blessings Sandra

  13. Thank you for the Sunday update Jane. Adding my praises and prayers to the ones being offered by this wonderful group.

    I will have to try this recipe...thank you!

  14. Hi Jane looks good,,you are on sew we quilt tomorrow have you forgotten,.,sent many reminders????? Please let me know ASAP if you cannot post


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