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Friday, February 24, 2012



I could REALLY use your input!
I've been retired for almost 3 1/2 yrs. and I can't seem to find a cleaning schedule that works efficiently.  I have to admit, I was spoiled because when I was working, I had a housekeeper that began with monthly cleaning, then every 2 weeks, and toward the end she was coming weekly.  Therefore, I only did the laundry, cooking, and straightening up.  The more labor intensive chores were thankfully done by two of the sweetest friends on the planet.  They became friends over the years and I never had to feel afraid to give them a key to my house.
Now that I'm retired, I can't really justify paying someone to clean my house since I'm home every day and the biggest reason of all ... my retirement pay is significantly less than what I was paid on my teaching salary.
I need to put my Big Grandmama Panties on and Relearn how to "keep house" as my mother used to say.

I want a weekly chore schedule that will work for me as well as blend in with my babysitting responsibilities.
I like to do all my wash plus change sheets on Monday.  I clean my downstairs bathroom on Mon. as well but am flexible on everything but Mon. wash.  From there, it gets all "Wonky"...my new favorite word!
I have 3 bathrooms, upstairs has 4 bedrooms, downstairs has a half bath with large kitchen, den, and dining room.  I need to work in sweeping porches since I'm a little OCD about my front porch looking good.
I want to do most of my chores in the morning to leave time for sewing while Sidekick naps from 1-3:30.

 I don't set aside time to iron...my method is to iron as needed.

Help, me PLEASE


  1. I've come across a number of blogs that talk about organizing one's cleaning routine... of course, I can't find 'em now!

    Here's one I found with a quick search: http://www.home-ec101.com/clean-it/weekly-chore-schedule/

  2. Ha, ha!! Since retiring, I just do what needs to be done when it calls out to me!! Cleaning schedule? It might interfere with my sewing. I'll sew for a few minutes, finishing up one step, then jump up and do something domestic, sit down and sew, jump up and clean, sew, clean, sew, clean.....when I'm home on the island, I very begrudgingly have to squeeze preparing the evening meal into that 'routine', too. :) Sorry I'm no help. ~karen

  3. Martha Stewart has some really good tips on her site. I printed out her daily, weekly and monthly chore charts....and they are on the fridge....just waiting for me to follow them some day...LOL http://www.marthastewart.com/274764/cleaning-checklists/@center/276998/organizing-checklists

  4. good luck i have been retired for 4 years and i am still looking for some sort of shedule ,lol.xx

  5. I'm sure you will come up with something..One of my acquaintances would start at one side of a room and clear off, clean, dust, whatever going around the room, working each surface as she got to it. By the time she got back to the original spot, the task was done...then she would mop, sweep, etc the same way....or was it the other way around? Another way is to set the timer for 5/10/15 minutes and work on a task, then stop and do something else...me, I'm retired and do as little as possible.....

  6. This post really made me smile, I have the same problem LOL.
    I found a site about cleaning schedules, but didn't have a realy goodlook at it, but on first glance it looks OK and not too complicated (or serious LOL).
    And I've been collecting links to sites and blogs with great adviceon how o use cheaper or homemade products for washing , cleaning etc, but also for facial masks , creams and so on. I never knew there were so many tips on those subjects. If it 's all true, we can save a lot of money :-))
    I collected all links on a Pinterest board
    The first link is to the cleaning schedule. And at the bottom, the link to homemade handcream: it's the first and only one (so far) I used and it is fantastic!

  7. Unfortunately with me returning to work part time last fall and trying to get some sewing time in every once in a while, my house cleaning has taken the back burner too much lately. I was actually working on it today. The upstairs is done and tomorrow the first floor will get finished. Then I won't feel bad for taking the rest of the afternoon and all day Sunday sewing while the rest of the gang watches the race.

  8. Sorry can't help you , I just clean when I am up to it. I use to have someone once a month to do heavy stuff. I try to keep everything done and tidy daily, then my husband does vacuuming and floors once a week and other heavy jobs and I dust and keep kitchen clean. I will tell you I am not as fussy as I use to be. I would rather quilt then have a spotless house I am retired too. Blessings

  9. it doesn't matter where you begin and where you end because when you get to the end, it seems the beginning has never been done in a year! I can't even change the tablecloth because my husband has so much stuff piled on the table. Of course you can't see the dirt either for the same reason. The only thing in this house that doesn't get un-done is quilting. I vote for that.

  10. Oh, it is so good to hear I'm not the only one! I've been repeatedly telling the world that I live in a health hazard hole :-)
    Seriously, I try to put in one hour every day. Either directly when I get home from work, or during the commercials. But my greatest problem is the junk laying on every surface.
    Since most of it isn't mine I'm thinking of depositing postits with "Is this art,or can it away?"

  11. Having spent so much time in our RV, I've learned that everything has a place, and if you take it out, you have to take the time to put it back.

    Now that we're in a sticks & bricks again (thanks to a bad back), I find the clutter is beginning to come back. You have to fight it or it'll just take over. I try to do the sheets & towels on Saturdays, then I'll do a load of wash as soon as it's ready (usually a weeknight). Being only the two of us & a dog, and I got me those HUGE new high efficiency appliances, I can get by with only one other load - I just use warm/cold cycle & throw everything in together! SOMEtimes, I'll do a load of whites with bleach by themselves, just to keep everything bright white.

    All the rest, I try to manage daily. I NEVER go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink (who wants to wake up to THAT??? Certainly not I!), and I keep the kitchen counters clear & clean. Vacuuming, bathrooms and dusting are done weekly, and blinds are dusted about once a month. What else is there? The lawn is cut once a week & poop is scooped about every other day. Garden weeds are pulled as soon as spotted.

    Good luck!

  12. Met with the same problem when I retired ten years ago... so I organized a sewing group of five ladies (we call ourselves the Golden Girls) and we meet at my house every other Monday. We always sew all day and have a wonderful pot luck lunch, or "eat out in" when husband will pick it up. Because of having a schedule it means every other week the house gets super cleaned just like the house maid did every two weeks, except husband and I now do it. Fixed incomes are very restrictive so we must be creative. In between the group sewing days, we keep up with laundry, bathrooms and very light dust mopping when necessity requires or the weather keeps us inside. I cook and DWH cleans the kitchen with just us to keep things in their place. I cook larger meals now just to have the leftovers or freeze portions, so we only fix vegetables daily. Judy C in NC

  13. Forgot to add - crock pots are definitely our new best friends and some days both are going. Judy C in NC

  14. I had a spotless house when I was home with my babies. I had a clean house when I went back to work. Hubby is now retired, home alone. He does dinner and dishes and likes my company for a while in the evening. So, apart from laundry, if it does not bother him, it does not bother me! If you get a system that works, let me know. Until then, I work and quilt. The only visitors I have ar family and friends. They come to visit, and do not wear white gloves.

  15. I've got my system down in a spreadsheet that I edit and print each week. I put it on a clipboard and mark items off as I do them. Monday is my heaviest day with laundry . The rest of the week I can do with 30 minutes to an hour a day and I get lighter on my workload later in the week cuz I hate to "work" on fridays. I can email it to you if you'd like and you can modify it for your house. My list has all the things I do at least monthly, so some weeks I'll look at an item and skip it cuz it doesn't need doing yet.

  16. Cleaning.... what's that?? LOL I have to do laundry all in one big day!! My MIL says you should do one load a day so it is not so daunting, but hello! I would rather have a marathon laundry day and get it all over with! To be honest I did clean all day Friday! My house is never really clean! With my three kids, Honeyman, two dogs, and the three kids I watch (which will be four at the end of the summer) there is so much traffic in my house it is like trying to keep the street clean! You know as long as there is nothing that is going to hurt my family or the kiddos that come into my house, if someone wants to complain about my house are they really my friend?? NOPE! LOL!! I do hope they come here to see me and not my house! I used to be much more anal about it! No More!!


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