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Friday, October 28, 2011

T.G.I.G.F...Thank Goodness It's Ghastlie Friday Day 4/Surgery Saga

Mr. Ghastlie 
Wing Clipping!!
Boo Hoo

Well, My Ghastlie Sistah's, nothing is simple when it comes to Gmama and #1 Husband.  Yesterday's wing clipping was no different.  Would you believe that we SLEPT THROUGH TWO ALARMS!!!!  WE're supposed to be at the hospital at 6:00 and we wake up at 6:00!
Oh Yes, indeedy we did!  The mister wanted to Blame me but didn't have a *wing* to fly on so all he could do was mumble ugly words under his breath while we both got dressed.
Do any of you remember the cartoon, HillBilly Bear?  The Father HillBilly Bear grumbled under his breath ALL the time and although you had no idea what the words actually were, you knew exactly what he was saying!!!
HillBilly Bear Meet #1 Husband!
I frantically call 3rd Floor Orthopedic Surgery
and FINALLY get hold of an actual person only to find out THEY have the old bat scheduled for 10:00 wing clipping!  
What happened to 8:00 actual surgery 6:00 Pre-Surgery??? 
Does ANYONE know what the other one is doing???  

Boo Mobile 2009
 AS we FLY through the air in our Boo Mobile, lights flashing, lane changing, hearts pounding, we arrive safely...I think!
WE get to 3rd floor and no one but the two of us seem concerned that we're past Late!!
Pre-Surgery team sets into motion, #1 puts on his fashionable new attire that doesn't close in the back...Know what I'm talking about?  Yes, you do!!

Things go well with the tiny exception the Dr. found much more damage than first thought which meant Plan A of Laproscopic surgery was changed to Plan B with Incision  needed to complete the shoulder repair.

FAST FORWARD.................
Recuperation and Recovery is going to be much longer than anticipated.
and so the Saga continues.....

I'd like to sic Mathilda Ghastlie on two little 17 yr. old thugs that thought it would be a good idea to continue their gang squabble (he disrespected my girl) onto school grounds...
No...actually I think Precious Little Prudence would Have just the right 
don't you think???
#1 Mr. Ghastlie has been given strict orders NOT to Break up anymore fights

I'm so tired I didn't get the Ghastlies Schdeule printed up for you today but you can go to Sew I Quilt and get it.  Please forgive me sweet friends.  I did well to get this written.  I have everyone fed, watered, and asleep.  I'm retreating to my Sewing Cave and will not come out till next medication time.

I really am taking very good care of #1 Husband!!  I tease, but he's the Love of my Life

Enjoy the Ghastlie Blog Hop today.  I'm anxious to view them before I retreat to my sewing cave.  I've looked forward to this each day and in fact, I couldn't wait to get home to go Blog Hopping.  I don't own and electronic device that allows me to surf the web away from home. Perhaps Santa will be good to me!


  1. Jane, bless you -- you've got a great sense of humor even under the most stressful of circumstances. I'm glad surgery went well -- even though it was worse than the doc expected. Boo on that. I think Pru is the perfect person to send after those stinkin' thugs! Enjoy your sewing cave and know hugs and prayers are still coming your way from down the road! Love ya! :)

  2. Typical hospital procedure! Sorry it was so hectic. Prayers and hugs-

  3. oh no sorry to hear that there was more damage than they 1st thought. At least you made it and it is all over now. Wishing BOTH of you a speedy recovery!

  4. I am so sorry things got complicated. You will need Prudence to go with your hubby to work from now on.

  5. Would be too cute if you could find some cute heart shaped candies to put in a pill bottle for him.

  6. Wishing #1 Mr. a speedy recovery, and smooth sailing for both of you. I know you're teasing and I admire your strength as you cope with all that has happened.

  7. Ditto on the wishes for #1 to be a good patient and not drive you batty. I think retreating to your sewing cave is the perfect thing to do in all times of stress. I just may have to find a way to do that myself today.

  8. It's always something isn't it. Sounds like ya'll handled it with grace. Praying for a quicker than expected recovery and for your sanity(LOL)!

  9. Oh my, don't you dislike medical procedure timing. Been there, done it. Rush, rush just to sit and wait, wait. Glad you got your Ghastlie time in. I have been enjoying it myself. Just stick to the cave and only come out when mister Ghastlie groans. Hubs badly broken collar bone two years ago kept him out of work for a month. I feel for you totally.

  10. Oh geez, your day sure sounded just Ghastlie. I am so sorry they had to do the incision route instead. :( That's too bad. I assume hubby didn't get to find that out until after it was all done since they found that out once they got inside? Poor guy. I hope he will obey doctor's orders and let the fights get broken up by others next time.

    Isn't that frustrating to be out of the house and not have one of those fancy electronic things which you can surf online while out? My phone has the capability and I have used it but I get extremely frustrated by the tiny screen and the need to scroll back and forth and up and down and ugh...those tiny buttons you must use to type things into seach boxes frustrate me to no end. And I have the full keyboard on my phone but even with that those keys are too tiny. So yes, I rarely do much online when away from home unless it's a necessity. We do take our laptops if we'll be out for a long day like you had at the hospital though since most now have free wifi you can use. We did that a few times now and hubby was nice enough to bring mine to the hospital last earlier this year when I was admitted for a few days. I did not want to keep it for fear of it being stolen.

    So you go hide out and hve fun sewing. Can I assume that medication time will be for hubby and not for you to take something to help cope with Mr. HoneyINeedThisNow? LOL

  11. hope that #1 remembers that YOUR his love,for LIFE Maybe you've trained him better than I did my son. Hope everything else goes WELL!

  12. I continue to be amused by your saga of woes with the husband. It's not funny but if we can't laugh we can't go on. :) This too sall pass honey. blessings, marlene


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