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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alabama Snow, Grandsons, Fall Bucket List, and MRI Results at LAST


You are looking at a Fall cotton field ready for harvest!  Before I moved to Alabama 34 yrs. ago the only way I had seen cotton was on the end of a Q-Tip, stuffed in a medicine bottle, or that little white ball Dr. Pace's nurse rubbed on me when she gave me a shot.  
My move to Alabama changed all that and I became quite the connoisseur of the Cotton plant.  In fact, some of mine and #1 Husband's best friends are Major Cotton farmers.  I'm talking 1,000 acres of cotton, 10 Cotton Picking Machines, own their own Cotton Gin kind of farmers,. Watching the huge Cotton pickers crawl through the long rows of cotton is a sight that I never get tired of seeing.  Along the side of most every rural road are little piles of cotton that have blown off a Cotton wagon hauling a HUGE Cotton Bale the size of a Tractor trailer.  Southern signs of Fall...cotton debris around my mailbox.

In fact, I took Sidekick for a Fall Walk last week and we walked into a cotton field.  I showed him  the cotton plants and tried to explain as much about cotton as a 3 yr. old mind can comprehend.  As most kids will do, Sidekick , wanted to know 
#1  How do the farmers get the seeds?
#2 Where do the seeds come from?
#3 How do they grow?
and then...
From that point on regardless of what I said, all he said was
So much for the fall walk....let's go get lunch!

Here are current pictures of two Handsome Little boys who are the apple of their Grandmommie's

Sweet Baby James
Born 0ct. 7, 2007
Born premature...diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy
The most courageous, determined, and funny little 4 yr. old I know!
#1 Daughter is his mother and she is pretty amazing in the way she has dedicated her life to making sure SBJ has a normal and successful life.  My heart melts when SBJ says "I Wub You, Grandmommie"

Sidekick Scott
June, 20, 2009
I retired early and began keeping him at age 7 months.
I call him my sidekick because we keep the roads hot, the playgrounds busy, and I'm always engaged in stimulating conversation about various topics from "Bubble Guppies" to "Come look at my Poop, Grandmama!"  Aah, Sidekick is a proud little man of his "poop".  I hope you're not offended by that word because it is a most important word in my daily conversations.  Once Sidekick got the hang of the whole process, he has taken great pride in his "creations"...size, shape, smell, etc... I hear it all...everyday....and so goes my day!

I found this next chart on Pinterest and had to share.  BTW, if you haven't gotten hooked/addicted to Pinterest, just let me WARN you...it is soooooooo cool but it can suck you in if you don't put a time limit on yourself.  I've never seen as much cool stuff of every genre, topic, etc... I Love Lists and here is a New Favorite for Fall.
Disclaimer:  #1: Cook a gumbo...I leave this one to my #1 Son-in-law, the Chef.  His Seafood Gumbo is a thing of beauty!

Do you like Apple Butter? 

I'll be making Crock Pot Apple Butter this week so stop back by for the recipe and some more great apple recipes. 

I bought some new thread for my Scripture Quilt ( I know, I broke down and went over my budget)
Your advice was spot on and sooo appreciated!


DRUMROLL PLEASE.............

#1 Husband is scheduled for Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Repair SURGERY, OCT. 27th
Yep, MRI results indicate major tear, 4 weeks, no driving, 3-4 months Rehab!!  
Yikes, 3-4 MONTHS???
I just bet I may have a few stories to share with you...What do you think???


  1. 3-4 months???? Oh Jane.....poor #1 Husband! and poor you too, because it will shake you up a bit too.

  2. Ah,Torn rotator cuff is a terrible sentence. If the surgery will fix it in only four months, that is much better than over a year of pain. I am the only driver in the family so no break there.
    Love those little guys.

  3. Hope God blesses you with a good patient: And his surgery goes WELL!

  4. Yikes, I hope #1 Hubby's surgery goes well... the rehab will take him right through Christmas, humbug!

    I'm loving the Alabama snow! I was born on a small farm, and cotton was one of our crops. Have you noticed "raw" cotton feels and smells different from the Q-tip kind?

  5. I would have asked the dr for my own "special medication" for those times when I needed to knock either him or I out. LOL Of course you probably wouldn't get it but the idea is there. Hehehe I will be praying for your hubster!

  6. Oh my! That's not good. I have a friend whose dad had rotator cuff surgery. It seemed to take quite a while for him to recover. Not what you want to hear, I know. Sorry.
    I am a GA girl myself and my parents live in the 'country' where there are fields all around. It's been fun being able to take my kids back and teach them about plants. The field next to them used to have cotton many years ago but now they plant peanuts.

  7. Ah yes, I saw Alabama snow on Friday. I have to say I love looking at those cotton fields.

    Best wishes to DH on his surgery and recovery.

    The boys are darling!

  8. Love your stories of your little one - too funny! I'll definitely be praying for you during husband's surgery time - oh and him too. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Oh grandma, you make such cute grandbabes!
    Hope hubbys surgery goes well. Do you think folding laundry and wrapping Christmas gifts would count as physio-therapy?
    Too bad that the culprits that were the cause of this couldn't be sentenced to do all his yard work unitl he is mended! Ok, yeah, who would want them around to cause more trouble.

  10. Jane, as we were driving home Saturday afternoon, I told Todd I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful cotton fields before they harvested it. When we left for church the *next* morning, it was too late -- they'd already made two passes and the field was cropped to the ground! On the one hand I was so disappointed, and on the other, amazed at how fast they'd worked that entire HIGE field! Good luck to Roger; and maybe more importantly, good luck to you! Love you! :)

  11. oh no sorry to hear that he is going to have to have surgery. At least it is happening relatively soon!

  12. First off, I saw cotton fields for the first time a week ago. While in vacation in N.C. we drove past some. My friend had to tell me what it was. I made apple butter in the crock pot yesterday. Cannot wait to compare our recipes. I want to make another batch and would like to see if I want to use a different recipe. I love the one I use but yours may sound better. I posted the recipe I used last year here:
    Sorry to here about your husbands surgery. My dad had that surgery a couple of years ago. Before he had it, he had been sleeping sitting in a recliner he was in so much pain. He is a mechanic still at the age of 75.

  13. Hope Hubby's surgery goes well. That's a long recovery time. Maybe you could stock up on DVD's of things he's interested in or take him to a local library to book browse as stories of the multiple types of 'poop' from Sidekick Scott is a bit limited. I recommend you take Phenergan when your 'allergy' to him being under your feet builds up. As making one drowsy is a side effect it may save denting your frypan or breaking your chopping board on hubby as you'll be too tired to bother!
    Love the photos of the cotton fields and am thinking of all the lovely fabric that will make :).

  14. Will keep DH and you in prayers that the surgery is successful, the recovery quick, and he is a good patient over the long haul.
    Love your grandson stories. Too cute!

  15. Oh gosh that is a long time....I sure hope your hubby is like mine and not one of those 'Honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hellllllllllpppppppppppppp me I can't do this. I'm sick..........will you bring me a drink of water????? I'm sick and can't get it myself type of guys. LOL

    Of course, my hubby is the opposite. I feel bad when he is sick and for the life of me, I can NOT baby him at all. He refuses to allow me to do it and gets and does everything himself. ugh.


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