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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sewing Mends the Soul

Where have I been???  
Sewing & Quilting in my "GMama Cave"!
Here are some projects I'm working on..you may recognize the hand quilt.  This will belong to my Grandson's teacher from LAST YEAR!!  Ryan and I laughed this afternoon when I told him it was looking like he would have grandchildren before I got this quilt to his 2nd grade teacher!  

It's a little moment, but I love when Ryan and I have those times we laugh at something together... especially if it's one of my many *mistakes* that turns into a *STORY*.  Heaven only knows that is the reason behind this blog! 
I love it even more when I learn from a teacher or friend that Ryan talks about his Grandmama at school... even if it is at the expense of my dignity!!! I remember back when I was teaching and how I loved to hear the stories children would tell about their Grandparents.  I couldn't wait to be one of those Grandparents who made memories in the lives of their Grandchildren.

My next project is the BOM I'm stitching for my local quilt shop, Patches & Stitches.  Remember how I was not cool with my color choices?  Well, I rearranged my "theme" fabric and bought some black & gold documentary fabric and I'm liking it much better.  The pictures don't do the colors justice especially the rich black & gold.
I wish I took better pictures but alas it is what it is!  I will not be getting a new camera anytime soon since my next purchase will be a new sewing machine.

HOWEVER...I was so excited!  Talk about COINCIDENCE...which by the way I DON"T believe in because I think it's God just being ANONYMOUS! 
I was invited to be a Guest Reader by a former colleague to read to her class.  Not just anything mind you...but "Pink and SAY" one of my favorite books by author Patricia Pollaco. 
The book is a true story from the CIVIL WAR about an injured White boy being rescued by an African American boy after a major Battle. A REAL tear -jerker so be warned! I HIGHLY recommend this book from age 4th grade and up if you want to leave an impression on your children or Grandchildren about the scourge of prejudice.  
How appropriate is it that I be piecing together a Civil War quilt??... wanted to stop, but the Quilt wouldn't let me...or should I say, Pink & Say, wouldn't let me!  I'll be reading in a 4th Grade Class on Thursday Morning as part of Black History Month AND their study of the Civil War.
One other small sewing project is a Mug Rug made from a UFO Block I found in the bottom of a drawer filled with bits and pieces of old quilting projects.  Do you have any of those??  Well, now I can make a lot of those solitary blocks into Mug Rugs and have an instant gift!  Voila!

Check out my little yo-yo's in the corner!  Their real purpose??? To hide a badly mitered corner!

Mug Rug given to daughter for a BFF Valentine gift! 

MY Valentine gift to a special friend, Marlene, from Stitching at the Lake.  Check her out, she is such a Jewel, lovely quilter/seamstress, and all around wise lady!  If I knew how, I would make a link up to her blog but I haven't learned that little trick as of yet?  Any quick tutorial advice out there?

OR...Did I send this Mug Rug to Marlene??  Someone PLEASE help me...I'm certifiable! Good Grief, I can't remember SQUAT.  All you young chickies out there, don't laugh, because old age happens to the Best of us when we least expect it!

that's what I've been up to for the past week.  What have you been up to??

I'm thinking I will have  Give-Away the first week of March since March 6th is my Birthday!   I like to reverse the Birthday tradition this year and give gifts!  I'm thinking it will be a pretty apron for Spring!  Don't you just love a pretty apron?  I'm participating in an apron swap so I'll just make TWO and give one away HERE at Grandmamas Stories!
Gmama Jane


  1. Hi Jane, I just love the joy of grandchildren and how much they love their Grammies. When I go to get Jonah at nursery school sometimes,as soon as her here's my voice he shouts out "Grammie" and comes running and throws his arms around me. That is the greatest moment. I love your idea about orphan blocks I have a bunch from people all over the states from a swap. There were not enough for a quilt so they have been sitting in a drawer. I really like the colors in your BMO Quilt. I have been sick with pneumonia but will answer you soon. Blessings Sandra

  2. I agree. Sewing mends the soul. It warms the hands of the maker while making. And the warms the heart of the those who might receive the "creation"


  3. Jane you are hilarious! And I'm not telling which you sent me. :) I will, however, tell you how to make a link to someone's blog. When you're writing your post highlight the person's name, then at the top of your post click on the word link. A place will come up where you can type their "address" (http://stitchin...etc.) An easier way is to click on their blog, highlight their address, hit control C which will copy the address, then when you get to your link space you can click on control V and it will paste the address. Did that make any sense at all? If not, send me your phone number and I'll talk you through it. :) blessings, marlene


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