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Saturday, April 23, 2011

all my friends and family!

For those of us who profess to be Christians, the Easter Weekend is the HOLIEST of all Holidays in the Christian Calendar.  The sacrifice that Christ made on that Old Rugged Cross is the source of our 
I January I chose the word HOPE as my word of the year.  At no other time is this word more significant to me than during Easter.  I love when Easter comes late because most all the spring blooms have bloomed and it truly harbors the sense of NEW LIFE.  

This Easter is a little different for my family in that we will not all be together for various reasons...no Easter Egg Hunt, no Big Family Dinner, no sitting together in the same church, no Easter finery, just the idea that Christ IS ALIVE and sits at the right hand of the Father!  A little child in Scott's pre-school asked the teacher "Who sits on the left Hand?"   Aren't children wonderful???

On Thursday night, I took a nasty little fall in my bathroom and ended up with a fractured left ankle, broken left ring finger, and several nasty little bruises.  I'm Ok and getting around on an air boot & crutches.  My husband had to go out of town as have all my children so I'm fending for myself and doing quite well I might add.  Yeah, it's more difficult but I'm figuring things out.  I have an even more empathetic heart for my two friends who just recently lost their husbands.  I can look forward to #1 hubby coming home and for that I'm grateful!

Last week, I took some Spring pictures in my back yard..nothing exotic..just the simplicity of a dandelion, or branch of a budding dogwood makes me mindful of New Life and the New Life I have in Christ.  I thought I would share these pictures with you and MY TESTIMONY.

My future vegetable garden 2011

You see, I grew up going to church and did all the things good little church girls do.  I got baptized at the age of 10 and based my salvation on that one act.  I began to have doubts about my salvation in my teen years but some well meaning adults reminded me of my baptism and all the good things I had done.  It became an ever mounting thorn in my side until at age 42 I finally surrenedered my life to Christ!  I was a Deacons' wife and youth Sunday School teacher.  Satan kept telling me if I did this thing, it would ruin my husband, my place in the community and I would be disgraced. 

However, I decided to listen to the Holy Spirit's call instead and during a community revival I gave repented of my sins (mostly the sin of Pride), came forward to make a public profession of faith and was baptized the following Sunday night!  Guess what??  All the things I feared never happened but rather 3 girls in my SS class gave their lives to Christ and I was wrapped up in love and support.  That very week, 2 of my best friends made a public profession of Faith because like me they had been relying on an act of baptism as a child for their salvation experience. 

I believe baptism is an act of Obedience which symbolizes my death and resurrection in Christ!  The fact that my first baptism was not done as an act of Obedience and Symbolism of repentance, I felt it imperative that I be publicly baptized again.

This may be different than your belief but I believe we can all agree that salvation is an act of Faith and a gift from God depicting His mercy and Grace.  It was important for me to share my brief testimony during this Easter Holiday. " I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ" is a line in one of my favorite songs, "Not Ashamed",  I want that to be a line on my headstone...She was not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

One of my two apple trees
New growth of variegated monkey grass peeping up out of the winter ground
My Hostas sprang up over night it seems!

May you know the Love of Christ as your Personal Lord & Saviour


  1. Hope you are taking good care of yourself! Sounds like a nasty fall. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and testimony...God Bless and have a lovely Easter.

  2. Good heavens Jane...how in the world did you do that? I once visited a man in the hospital when I was a chaplain and he had done the same thing. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and somehow ended up in the bathtub! I'm so sorry....but I guess you're darn lucky it wasn't a hip! Take it easy. Let someone else do the cooking. :) It's a great excuse to just sit and stitch! blessings, marlene

  3. Beautiful testimony! I am so sorry about your fall...:( I will pray for you to have a quick recovery.

    Blessings to you for a good week!


  4. I love your testimony and am uplifted by it. Thank you for sharing it with us.



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