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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures of Sewing Kit and Gmama...Baby Max Update

Featuring "Cmiling Celina"
plus a Baby Max Update

Sewing Kit learns to use the Serger

How many of you learned to sew at the foot of a Mother or Grandmother?  I loved to watch my mother use the peddle Singer but I never was allowed to actually USE the sewing machine.  My sweet Mama was too afraid of my getting hurt.  Bless her heart...in her attempt to shield me from all pain and/or injury I often wasn't allowed to learn skills such as cooking and sewing.  

I did not do a very good job of passing along any domestic skills to my own children unfortunately.  I have therefore vowed to do a much better job as a Grandmother in teaching my Grandchildren the skills of sewing and cooking.  Sewing Kit (aka...Emma Grace) is obsessed with anything sewing related.  You would have thought I had taken her to DisneyWorld when I took her to my friend Cmiling Celina who had just purchased a BERNINA 830 Limited...........AHHHH that machine does everything but cook the supper and wash the dishes!  It's embroidery and quilting capabilities are Incredible!!!!
Look at those two!!!  
SK learned to serge AND thread/program the Bernina 830 for an embroidery project!!!

Here is our stash of Fabric for Project Linus Blankets and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) blankets.  If you are not familiar with either of these two organizations, PLEASE google them and check out the important work/service they provide FREE OF CHARGE.
Look through to the back room and see the nice portable cutting table CC has in one of the TWO bedrooms she has hijacked for sewing!!!  Doesn't that sound a little too familiar to some of us???
I have now hijacked TWO bedrooms myself!
Cutting Table with Gmama's prerequisite Diet Pepsi
(I can't function without Diet Pepsi...  Just FYI)
monogramming a NICU blanket....programmed and hooped by Sewing KIT with minimum assistance, thank you very much!  That girl may have her own sewing business one day!
I had never used a serger before...I know, it's sad but I told you I was a sewing newbie
NONA...She kept guard while we sewed.  She decided she liked Gmama!
We enjoyed a wonderful day sewing together and there will be approx. 14-17 new blankets ready to be delivered as soon as bindings are completed.  I'll tell a little more about NILMDTS in a future post.  Some of you may not be aware of the service and how you can help in your own community.
Now for a quick Baby Max Update:

There hasn't been many changes since my last update. Max is still intubated but definitely showing all the signs that he is ready to get up and go. They have weaned some of his ventilator settings and are hoping for extubation tomorrow. They are trying to find the balance for all the meds as he is already showing withdrawal symptoms. This is gonna be rough but like always we will get through. Max is going to have a cardiac cath on Thursday to get a good read on his numbers of lung pressures since this traumatic event. He is getting fed continuously one ounce per hour with 27 calories formula so he is definitely plumping up. After his cath they will set a plan for the next few weeks as far as testing and treatment. He is making small baby steps in the right direction. I just hope he cooperates for extubation. 

Thank you so much for your prayerful efforts.

patricia (Gina's Friend)



  1. looks like you and SK had a great time! I am sure she will cherish those memories for a lifetime.

    Also glad to hear that baby Max is still fighting!

    1. We do have some fun times together!! I was also glad to hear that Baby Max is making some improvement and that the Dr.s are beginning to get to the bottom of his problem. We need to pray for the Dr.s to make wise decisions and a good diagnosis. Have a good day and try to get some sewing in!
      Gmama Jane

  2. I seriously need some grandkids so I can have some good times like that! LOL I would love to hear more about the NILMDTS organization....I'd better google that and see if they are active in my area.
    Such good news - any progress is good - for Baby Max. Yes, everyone please pray for the doctors to see clearly the path to recovery for Max.

  3. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with Sewing Kit. No grand kids here, but maybe some day I can also teach a child to sew! Wonderful to hear that Baby Max is holding his own.

  4. There are certain windows of opportunity when it comes to teaching kids anything. When they ask, I drop everything. (At Scout camp last week, my Jr. staff wanted to learn to sew his badges on his shirt. While I was teaching him, another boy came to learn too ... and then an adult who asked me to sew something for him on his shirt... perfect for the demonstration model.)
    If I had a treddle machine, I might still be sewing by machine. I learned because the mending was one of my jobs as a kid.
    Thanks for the Max update. Prayers continue.

  5. Pour wee Max I pray for him all the time, so much to go through for all of them.
    I have never used a serger either, I didn't ever think it was something I needed but I sure love the Bernina 830 it would be wonderful to have that. These days not sewing much although I have a baby quilt to finish Machine Quilting and I cut out a bag today. Love that your Emma Jane is taking to the sewing what fun. Blessings Sandra

  6. Sure looks like you, Sewing Kit and Cmiling Celina had a great time. What a great opportunity for a young one to share her passion with, and learn from an older generation (make you feel old, eh-just kidding)
    Prayers still for baby Max. Lets hope that the tests lead to a diagnosis and treatment for this little fighter.

  7. What a fun post! It's great passing on the love of sewing (and fabric) to younger generations. (We skipped a generation at my house. My daughter hasn't caught the "bug," although she improvised an adorable 9-patch drawstring pouch as a tween.) I've had fun times sewing with the grandkids, though.

    In my sewing room (Girl Cave), you'd find a can of Diet Coke. America may run on Dunkin', but I run on Diet Coke.

    Thanks for the Baby Max update -- some encouraging signs. I'll keep praying for little Max and his family at this stressful time.

  8. I've thought about getting Joc and/or Kim a serger so I could have access to one! Looks like y'all had a great day! Did you make it to the Fayetteville guild meeting? I'd love to know what you thought! :)

  9. Hi Jane,
    What a sweet post! My mom DID teach me how to sew. Bless her heart! She tore out the stitches when I made errors for quite awhile too. So I didn't get too discouraged and give up. Thank God she was such a patient mom...:) My step dad bought my mom a new Serger years ago. She never used it. She sent it home with my sister...(she put in in a suitcase as a carry-on on her return trip home). My sister sews ice skating dresses for a living. My mom knew it would be put to good use!

    I will continue to pray for baby Max, and his family.

    Please continue prayers for my mom, dad, and brother. My mom did come through her breast lump surgery well yesterday. We are praying they got all the cancer. My dad and brother are not doing well. Prayers for God's guidance, wisdom, and for peace through their illness would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

    Blessings for a beautiful week, dear friend.


  10. Some of my happiest memories were of me standing at my mom's side while she sewed. I love the picture of the two with their heads together. So, so sweet...

  11. I have posted your prayer Update on my blog~! Let us continue to pray for a complete healing of Baby Max!!! ♥♥♥

  12. Jane~ I popped over from Cathy's blog to say that I will be praying for baby Max. God's spend in his recovery! May you find strength in each other!

    Many Blessings...


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