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Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I had the best of intentions to blog at least weekly but LIFE happens. One daughter came down with acute colitis which meant 4 days at my house and then 4 days in the hospital. Since I'm still the Mama, I stayed with her round the clock. She was tested for everything from appendicitis to Chrones Disease, ovarian cyst, etc.. due to the severe pain. Thankfully, it was determined the colitis was due to either a viral or bacterial bug perhaps from food or source unknown. The healing process has been long and 15 lbs has been lost...by my daughter, not me! She has returned to her own house whom she shares with a roommate and life is returning back to normal.

All this trauma occurred after a relaxing week spent at "Spa Christie" ....translated my sister's house in NC. I'm not usually the recipient of nurturing rather I'm the dispenser. So a week of pampering was quite rejuvenating to say the least. I ate all my favorite foods, had an hour massage, visited with an elderly uncle, took naps, slept late, drank gourmet coffee, sonic ice (I love it), and in the evening Sister, BIL, & me all played Farmville on our 3 laptops. It was Fabulous! Everyone should have sisters!

One aspect of the trip has not been noted...I finally overcame my fear of flying!!! In order to visit my sister and avoid an 11 hr. car trip, I decided it was time to face my fears and fly the friendly skies. Other than being "wanded" by Big Mama, the flight was smooth sailing. I only had one layover in Charlotte which wasn't difficult to navigate at all. I found out I like the aisle seat best because of the extra elbow room...either the seating has shrunk or my booty has gotten bigger??!!

The Heat Wave here in the south has been BRUTAL!! the first 2 weeks in Aug. were triple digits with heat indexes between 102-116. School has started back around here which meant I started back keeping my youngest grandson. The heat has forced us indoors for most of the day...a few days we could get out very early till about 9:30 before the heat & humidity drove us back inside. Autumn can not come too soon. I love cool weather anyway and winter doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, I miss snow very much having grown up in West "By God" Virginia! Everyone tells me I'd get tired of it but I remind them I grew up and lived in snow country till I was about 25 yrs. old. I even drove to my first teaching/speech therapy position in 22 inches of snow!! One day I ran off in a short ditch and had to walk to the nearest house to call my principal to tell him I would be late. I was informed I needed to get there ASAP...NO SYMPATHY for snow...teachers were expected to have studded snow tires and be at their post. In rural WV back in the mid 70's, bad weather often meant the only heat or meal a child may have would be at school. Therefore, schools opened even if classes were suspended. Schools were the heart of a small Appalachian community and teachers were highly regarded which meant much was expected. I learned a lot and have many stories from those teaching days that I need to write down so they won't get lost over time.

SO.....it's the DOG DAYS of SUMMER...and life is suspended until we get into a fall weather pattern ...maybe two more weeks according to the local weather gurus. We finally got some rain the last 2 days. We've had no rain since July! I have lost TWO HYdrangeas and many of my summer flowers bit the dust long ago. It was too hot to get outside to water and for the first time ever, I allowed my flowers to die a slow death in front of my eyes. SAD!!

Grandson James is in B town for intensive physical therapy after having spinal surgery back in June. Daughter and James are staying in the local Ronald McDonald House for two weeks. She says it is unbelievably clean and comfortable. Corporate sponsers make sure they have a hot meal every evening, Starbucks in the a.m plus a continental breakfast, snacks available at all times, free wash facilities, etc... This is the first time experiencing the gratitude for R McD House ministering to my own family. I look at those little donation boxes at McD's in a whole new way!

Hopefully, I'll add pictures of James in PT camp!



  1. Feel free to grab one of James therapy pictures from my blog mom :-) www.jumpinforjames.blogspot.com

  2. Welcome back to blogland! Sounds like Mom was needed to hold the fort down this Summer!! :) Glad to hear everybody is on the mend now! I am also happy to hear you got to spend some much needed pampering time at your sister's place. Sisters (and daughters) can be so great at seeing a need and wanting to nurture those who need some TLC!!
    Blessings to you,
    p.s. we experienced feeling some of that heatwave when we visited my sis in N.C. this Summer!! Ughhh...:)


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