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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Love Story

Happy 38th Anniversary

January 27th 1973 
I married my college sweetheart, best friend, the person who makes me laugh, father of my 3 children, PaPaw to our 5 Grandchildren and all around Great Guy!
Future Weather Forecaster
I know, it's a little belated but last week was one of those weeks where I had to "Get the Ox out of the Ditch".  That is an old Biblical reference for those not familiar, which means there are times when you "just gotta do what you gotta do".

The Love Story
We were sophomores in college who planned to get married in May of 1973 once school was out for the summer.  But as young love goes, we went apartment hunting with our best friends to be, found an adjacent VACANT apartment and thought, "Wouldn't it be great to live here and not have to wait till May to get married?"  To the heart palpitations of our parents, we made the rash and immature decision to get married at our Campus Christian Center with ONE WEEK to prepare and a $300 budget!!  That was 38 years ago and as CRAZY a decision as it was, God in His infinite wisdom AND sense of humor has kept us together through thick and thin, better and for worse, Richer and for Poorer(mostly poorer) sickness and in health, and till Death Do Us Part!!
Birthday Dinner Party 2009
How did we meet, you ask???  
WE can thank the old fashioned PAY PHONE!!  Both of us were on campus of MARSHALL UNIVERSITY (the University featured in the Football Movie, WE ARE MARSHALL) for freshman orientation.  Mr. H. aka...#1 Husband, Mr. Football, Mr. Haney from Green Acres, walked over to a group of us girls one evening asking to borrow a DIME to call his girlfriend back in Alabama!  A DIME???  PAY PHONE???  Boy, does that date us or what???

Let me tell you, Mr. Football was one Cutie Patootie!  In todays' vernacular, he would have been described as a "hottie", " "hunk", etc...I started digging furiously in my purse for a dime so I could be the one to give him the coveted DIME!!  All the time, thinking to myself, "That Alabama Girlfriend is going to be long gone if I have anything to do with it".  I WON!  I gave him the dime, found out he was on the football team and right then and there set my sights on Mr. Football and never looked back.

WELL...THAT was 39 1/2 yrs., 3 children, 5 Grandchildren, a 600 mile move back to Alabama, and lots of laughter, tears, and Love later!!

Have any of you seen or heard of the 2006 Movie, WE ARE MARSHALL???

Believe it or not, the movie is about MY HUSBAND and his 1971 Young Thundering Herd football team!  IN Nov. 1970, a plane crash into the side of a West Virginia Mountain on a rainy foggy night, killed all 75 passengers...all 75 members of the Marshall University Football team, boosters, Coaches, Pilot, & Flight attendants.  The decision to continue the football program and the recruiting all over the nation to replenish and ENTIRE football team with 17/18 yr. old young men is the heart of the story.  The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, & January Jones.  It is a GREAT and TRUE story that makes a Great Family Movie Night!! 
#1 Husband and I are in many of the crowd scenes although you can't see us.  Only the two of us can see where we are but it was sooooo much fun being part of the movie production, filming, and subsequent Premier Night!!

Well...That is our Love Story, for better or for worse but mostly BETTER!!
We're still in love in 2011 and hope we have many more years together!

Gmama Jane


  1. First of all, Happy Anniversary to you both! What a nice family you have!

    My hubby and I have seen "We Are Marshall" and absolutely loved it. How neat that your hubby was THE guy in that movie! He must have gone through a lot when the team was lost! How sad. I like that you both were in crowd scenes! How neat for you!

    My story is not as exciting as yours, but I'll share a bit. We both lived in the same small town (still live there). When I was a senior, his brother who was in my class said his brother had just come home from the Army. He showed him our "Class of 62" yearbook. My now hubby saw my picture and said he'd like to meet me. Brother told me that and supplied my phone #. We went to a movie and the rest is history. We've now been married 48 years, have two grown children and 4 grandchildren. Hubby was a football player in highschool as well as our son (same school).

    Best wishes to you!

  2. What a wonderful love story - and what a lovely family! You're very blessed!

  3. Loved the movie, and Happy Anniversary to you! Thanks for sharing your love story...made me smile.
    My first husband and I would have been celebrating 40 years this summer, we were high school sweethearts and got married in 1971. He died in 2000 from cancer and I really thought that I would never have another love or soul mate. But God had different plans, and 3 years ago, I met a wonderful man and married him! One never knows for sure what life has in store, and I learned it is just better to put it in His hands.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. My husband and I celebrated 45 years this year and I feel very blessed to have the same man in my life. I wish you both many more years of happiness. Sandra

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! Now go smooch that man. :)

  6. What a wonderful story Jane - I loved reading it. And yes I've seen and loved the story. More than once. :) blessings, marlene

  7. I married a man who drives me nuts but I got the world's best mother in the bargin and six fantastic kids.(and I am probably driving him nuts as well but he puts up with my Scouting, quilting, and Church stuff and I put up with his,)
    I loved your story.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Our story isn't as romantic as yours.....we used to work together, went (separately!) to a party one night and 37 years later are still together.

  9. Ahhh we have that movie in our collection...Sew your hubby is Marshall coach..wow!...That is my Dh's fav movie of all time actually...
    And your story certainly a love story to behold...
    I too live with the man of my dreams, I loved him before I even met him...
    Happy Day to both of you..

  10. Congratulations to you all - amazing story about your grand baby - life is always throwing us curve ball.
    Amazing story about you an hubby too. Me and my dh have been married 10 years this year...love meeting people like you and your dh because it is out there - long lasting love!
    Chestermere, Alberta, Canada

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary!! My husband and I have that movie in our collection and we love it! That is an amazing story! What a small world we live in!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet love story with all of us...:)

    p.s. I have known my dear hubby since I was in the 5th grade. Grew up in the same neighborhood. I actually have been his girlfriend since I was in the 8th grade! Crazy, I know...especially when I see kids at that age! Kind of scary actually..lol. We had our 32nd wedding anniversary last October. He truly is still my best friend, and the love of my life! God has been SOOOOOOO good to us!


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