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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Indulge me today while I tell you about my Sweet Baby James
and the Blessing he has been to our entire family
Meet James Patrick  age 3
Born 2 months premature
Cerebral Palsy
MY WORD for 2011 had to find me...I couldn't settle on a word and in the meantime I pondered for days about the WORD I would choose that best represented my sentiments for 2011.  I  began to ponder on my favorite verse from Jeremiah 29:11 NIV which says:
"For I know the Plans I have for you",
declares the Lord.
"Plans to prosper you, and Not to Harm YOU,
Plans to Give YOU a HOPE and a FUTURE."

Having gone through spinal surgery, spinal rhizotomy, with James back in June at St. Louis Children's Hospital
combined with the HOPES & Dreams I have for all FIVE of my Grandchildren...
18 months First time sitting upright independently!!  He's hanging on to that bucket for dear life!
Perhaps some or even just ONE fo you have or know of a young child with Cerebral Palsy.  I encourage you to GOOGLE this surgery and St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. Parks. (if I knew how to make a link, I would do it right here, but I don't, so bear with me).  It offers life changing HOPE for children with CP.  MY daughter was not told of this surgery by any of the many medical doctors treating James.  She happened upon a story on NBC about SDR surgery and Dr. Parks at SLCH.  Well, immediately she began almost a year long process of research, decisions, Dr. visits, and a consultation in St. Louis to determine IF James was even a candidate for SDR surgery.  In March of 2010, Dr. Parks, gave his medical opinion that James was an excellent candidate and surgery was scheduled for June 10, 2010.  
Children from all over the world come to St. Louis to have SDR surgery and we met so many wonderful parents of children with all different medical diagnosis and prognosis.  The Ronald McDonald ROOM INSIDE the hospital was like a home away from home with computers, large eat in kitchen, living room with huge couches, recliners, Big screen TV, free laundry room and fully stocked bathrooms.  I now make sure I put my change in those little collection boxes in every McDonald's restaurant because not only did we use the RMcDRoom but my daughter & James also stayed 3 weeks in a RMcD House in Birmingham for a Post Surgery Physical Therapy Camp back in August. I can't say enough WONDERFUL things about them!!

The Journey to Independent Walking will be Long.  But with surgery and intensive therapy, Dr. Parks believes that James will either walk independently at best or with canes at the worst.  Our HOPE for James is a VERTICAL LIFE!!

Here are some pictures of James and why he INSPIRES HOPE...HOPE not only will he walk but HOPE James will be a successful adult with Faith, Empathy, Courage, Determination, Perseverance, and Sense of Humor.  You will see these characteristics displayed in the following pictures:

 Water Therapy has made a HUGE Improvement
Learning to Feed Himself is messy business just like for any child
James is a PUPPY for Halloween!  He insisted it was PUPPY not DOG
Cousin Scott is trying to "help" James with his new walker

Auntie LaLa (aka.Anna Laura, my youngest daughter) ADORES James and likes to have him spend the night with her whenever his Mommie will let him!

James all dressed up for his first day of Pre-School, T-Th
School has brought a HUGE helping of HOPE in social skills!
Doesn't he just look like the cutest little man you've ever seen?!

A Special Bike made exclusively for James.  He was on a Year long waiting list and it came at just the right time.  God is So Good!!  Look at that smile!!

James was so excited to meet another person in a wheelchair like him!  This was one of the ParaOlympic Athletes and he was so sweet to James

 James is "propped"  up by Frosty on Christmas Day
Gran Sarah reading to Scott & James.  My sister is like another Grandmother!
Christmas 2007-James' 1st Christmas BEFORE we knew about the CP diagnosis.
Great Grandmother, "MaMaw" and all her "Greats"  I LOVE this picture and we are lucky to still be making this picture every year

Christmas 2010-James 3 yrs. old
The Vintage ABC Quilt I made before James was born.  I've got to make him a Big Boy Quilt ASAP.
I need to have made all 5 Grandchildren a quilt before I make a second.  I have 2 more to go.


Gmama Jane


  1. Go, James.....there will be no stopping that boy!

  2. I applaud your word and your sweet little MAN who evokes the spirit of HOPE

  3. What a wonderful post - and what a cute little guy. I know he fills your hearts with much more than hope - joy and love and laughter all come to mind. Because I worked in public schools I've worked with CP kids many times and I'm constantly amazed and inspired by all that they do. One of my husbands friends in high school was a CP kid - he is now a forest ranger in charge of a state park in our state. He loved sports so much that he was a manager for the football team in high school because he couldn't play himself. He was and is beloved by all who know him. blessings, marlene

  4. What a handsome young man to be so proud of Gran. Hope is an excellent word for you and may I add Dreams - as I see in you postings, that the two have been hand in hand. Blessings,Sharon

  5. Hope is the perfect word! Little James is a handsome little laddie and I just know he's going to be an inspiration to many! You are a proud grandmother and you have every right to be!


  6. What a lovely post and sweet photos of your adorable grandchildren. With several grandkids and other dear wee ones in our family, including three preemies with special needs, I know just how you feel. We have several wonderful doctors and hospitals we greatly appreciate as well!

    In case you'd still like to add clickable links, you can email me at SandwichINK@SandwichINK.com and I can send you a link you can use along with directions on how to do it. I tried to add it to this comment, but blogspot doesn't allow html in these comments. :)

    Have a blessed week.

  7. Oh what a lovely post Jane. And a perfect word choice. Such inspiration! Grandbabies sure are a blessing, aren't they.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I purchase my linen tea towels at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's. Try and use discount coupons whenever possible.
    Love your new look.
    Hugs, Karen

  8. I am in tears reading about your beautiful grandson James! I pray that the surgery will be only the beginning to the new opportunities that await him in a very hopeful future.

    I've always supported Ronald McDonald "ministries," but I'm going to step it up now that I've been reminded of all the wonderful work they do on the behalf of the families of children going thru difficult hospital stays.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  9. Hi Jane,
    Sooooooo nice of you to come and visit me and introduce yourself. It is a pleasure to meet you! I just love getting to meet new ladies! I will follow you and check in on you! :0)
    Your little James is such a little blessing from God. He is precious. Thank you for sharing about him. I will pray for him as well as your family that all goes well. You are such a devoted Gma and it shows. I hope to be a Gma some day! :0)
    I love getting to visit with teachers about the trials and joys of this profession. I have 15 in my class this year (smallest I've ever had!) and almost half are on IEP's. I have a lot of support and help and I'm so grateful for that. As you well know...some days are diamonds and some days are stone! HA!
    Will talk to you soon!

  10. What a blessing to read your beautiful post here about the reason why you chose the word, "HOPE". Your adorable grandson James is such a sweet reminder of the HOPE God has in store for your family. You are a wonderful grandma (& mom)!!! I pray God will continue to bless your family with His love & strength.

    XOXO Gloria

  11. I just came across your blog from another one. Skimming thru, I just had to read this post. What a beautiful story. Good luck to James and the future, bless you all.


Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to leave your thoughtful comments. I read each one and hope you will come back often!

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