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Friday, September 2, 2011

FAREWELL TO SUMMER and GiveAway #2 Wantobe Quilter's Campaign

Farewell Summer 2011
Labor Day Weekend is the Unofficial End of Summer
here in the USA.
The Fashion Police used to say we couldn't wear WHITE after Labor Day.
I still put away my white sandals, white capris, purse.  Old Habits are hard to break!

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How is YOUR Family spending this THREE Day Holiday?  I hope you don't have plans to go to the Gulf Coast.  Looks like Tropical Storm Lee is going to rain on Beach Goers' Parade.  As bad as I hate to see vacation plans spoiled, we are in such need of rain and Lee just might be our answer to prayer.  Some forecasts have us receiving 10 inches.  Along the Coast, 10-20 inches will be the norm.  Poor New Orleans, will the Levies hold?  
The Hillis clan is staying close to home relaxing, and spending time with family.  I'm hoping to get the binding on my Grandson Ryan's quilt and start on some seasonal sewing such as aprons, table runners, mug rug's, pot holders, placemats, etc. My camera cord got chewed by my beagle so I'm unable to upload/download (whatever) any new pictures of current projects.  I'll remedy that problem over the weekend and be back next week with some Quilting MOJO

In saying farewell to summer, I thought I would show you some of the sand castles our family has built in the past.  We are going to the Beach in October and will have a whole new crop of Sand Castle Art to share. People actually stop to have their pictures made beside our sand castles/sculptures.  I have always played with my now grown children in their sandbox since they were children which was simply an extension of my childhood love of my sandbox.  The Beach was the Ultimate Sandbox and I took full advantage of instructing the kiddos in the fine art of Sand Art.  Truth be known, they were the ones with the talent and it was a great excuse to play together on summer beach vacations.
Hope you enjoy the 
World of Hillis Sand Art
The Construction Phase

Sand Castle at Sunset
Look at the sea gulls lined up on the beach in the background!
The Littlest Whale
Every year sees some type of gargoyle created
Sand Pumpkin
Would you believe the beach is even better in the FALL ?
The T-Shirt D#2 has on is one she had made at age 8-9 and has worn it every year to the beach.  She just keeps stretching it out.  The airbrush picture on the front is of  a big SunFlower, her favorite flower and reminds the whole family of Anna Laura (don't you just love her name...  She is the funniest and sweetest person you could ever know)
So, there you have it!  My salute to Labor Day Week-end, the End of Summer, and the Beginning of Fall...regardless of what the weatherman says!
Ma and Pa Hillis say:
Good-Bye Summer
Good Riddance

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  1. Hi Jane I just love, love your sandcastles....I use to live in fl. on the east coast and now I am in the middle of TN and do miss the ocean. I too will be with family and stitching, it will be a nice relaxing weekend for a change. And we too will be getting stormy weather but we need it really bad. I think our weatherman said it has been over 9 weeks since we have had rain and you sure can tell because everything is just burned up. Well I guess I have went on long enough. I have been a follower of yours and left comments and Madame Samms also. Enjoy your family and have fun...

  2. Hi Gmama Jane, love the sand castles too. My dau and 2 g-dau's just went home to S.C. and they are goin to the beach this wkend. Wish I could have gone with them.
    I am your follower and Madame Samms, too. You are my sponser over there.


  3. Hi. I think I may ask #1 daughter if I can hide in her bags when you guys head to the beach:) ya'lls sand art is wonderful. I'm a follower here and at stash. Have a great long weekend and stay dry.

  4. Wow. Those are some impressive sand art sculptures! Very very cool. I say good riddance to summer too. I live in Miami so it is hot nearly year around but the humidity is the worst in the summer.

    I am a follower here and at Stash Manicure. :)

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. Jane the sand castles are so wonderful but the memories you made are even better. :) blessings, marlene

  6. HI Jane, we are back from our mini vacation. Really tired from shopping but will tell you more once I get caught up. Loved the sand castles etc..
    Blessings Sandra

  7. Hi there! Our family has made similar additions to the real estate of the beach! LOL We love doing gators and people and huge castles, etc. It's so fun to see people stop their jogging or walking and admire them! I hope to go to the beach for a day or two in October, too! We used to go for ten days at a time, but the ole budget won't stretch for that now! I follow (and comment) at both blogs! Thanks for the chance to win!


Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to leave your thoughtful comments. I read each one and hope you will come back often!

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