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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Oh my word, dear friends, what a last few days this has been.  Your thoughts and prayers from my last post were an encouragement to read while sitting at the hospital. 

Mother-in-law is in Rehab..Progressing slowly but better.  MIL is the one who taught me about all things Quilty.  Her Embroidery is a thing of beauty even with poor eyesight.  She and I have plans to stitch together through the winter...good medicine for anyone don't you think?? Plus it gives her purpose and a goal.

My Uncle was removed from ventilator and still critical but asking all his nurses if they know the Lord.  He has been more of a Father to me than my real Dad (they were brothers).  Prognosis at this point is not good but not hopeless. 
MRI UPDATE on #1 Husband...Take 3

Friends, this man I'm married to has multiple personalities to say the least!  When I last left you, #1 Husband was scheduled for MRI ROUND 2 because the FIRST appt. was not only on the WRONG day but not an OPEN MRI.  #1 Husband said, and I quote, "I'm Not gitten' in one of those tubes! You know how claustrophobic I am!"
So we reschedule for a new day , new facility...everything is A-OK...Right??? HA!  You should know by now it can't be THAT easy..............

MRI Appt. #3. 

 When scheduling for the OPEN MRI, the nurse calls the new facility and she barely gets #1's name out of her mouth when the nurse on the other end says, "Oh yes, we know him, he has trouble.  Better prescribe 2mg. of Ativan instead of 1 mg."

#1 Husband 7 PaPaw
helping Grandson James 
in Therapeutic Horseback Riding

#1 Husband and I arrive for appointment, fill out necessary paperwork, go back to MRI room and there sits the Largest MRI TUBE you have ever seen!  #1's eyes are about to bug out of his head and I can hear his heart racing from where I stand..not really but you know how us wives/mothers have ESP and supersonic hearing.  I immediately speak up and say, "This isn't an Open MRI!"  ...Duh... all the while the MRI technician is scurrying around like a banty rooster pushing buttons, lifting levers, moving cushions in place and talking a mile a minute, saying things like, "Oh this is much bigger than a regular MRI" or "We can get much better pictures with this machine" or "We can be done in half the time as the OTHER machine".
Yeah, right, THAT OTHER OPEN MRI that we came here for!? OH yeah, THAT ONE
The entire reason we came HERE because we wanted the OPEN MRI!!!
All the while #1 is standing in the middle of a cold sterile room in this pitiful faded robe, 3 sizes too big and looking every bit the scared little 10 yr. old boy having his first shot.    Ok, here is where I need to remind you that #1 has taken 2 mg. of Ativan and it's kicked in rather well by this point so I basically have a 6'4" 240 lb. DRUNK man on my hands.  That tech could have placed #1 in a meat grinder and he wouldn't have complained...so it was up to me to speak up!  HA, What was I thinking??!! NOPE...Not even GMAMA JANE could not stop the "MRI Nazi" as I called him (not meant to offend) from putting #1 Husband in the MRI TUBE!

Before I know what's happening #1 Husband is rolling back in a TUBE the size of my Chapstick and all I can do is PRAY.  Bless his Heart, is all I can say at this point.  I do believe ATIVAN is anointed by God in these situations because NO WAY Jose' would I be watching the big guy lying in a sausage tube without pharmaceuticals...modern medicine is a blessing!

30 min. later #1 rolls out of "The Tube" , I get him dressed all the while mumbling about how we were 'tricked", roll him to the car  and hope we can make it home without incident.  
Oh no, 
On the way home we drive by THE Lawnmower shop and #1 insists he is fine and able to "just look".  I knew better but I stopped anyway.  We're inside for about 10-15 min and I'm looking in the bird/garden section when I see #1 at the counter with a huge case of machine oil and other strange items.  Not only has he purchased a CASE of those little bottles of lawnmower oil, #1 is in the process of PURCHASING a O-Turn LawnMower to the tune of several THOUSAND Dollars!! Fortunately, I pull the salesman over to the side, explain the situation, tell him how #1 Husband has just had a little "procedure' and is high on Ativan and definitely NOT competent to make a major purchase of this size. 

BY now, I have lost my Ho-Ho-Ho and ready to get this man home, in the bed, and OVER WITH!!  In my best Take Charge voice, I get #1 husband out of the Lawnmower store with his case of oil ( I thought the salesman deserved something for his time) in the car, and Homeward Bound!
Stay Tuned for The Results

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I'll be back in my sewing room by this week-end and have a few things to share with you, my friends!


  1. I can't believe the MRI place did that to your husband after you had requested an open MRI multiple times... Boo hiss!

    I hope you complain to someone...

  2. I totally empathize with #1 husband. I demanded an open MRI, was hopped up on Valium, and would have still refused to climb into anything but an open MRI machine. Bless his heart. I hope everything turns out alright. Keeping MIL, uncle, #1 husband, and you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I am glad to hear your MIL is doing well in rehab. Very sorry to hear about your uncle. I have to go for an MRI next month. my 1st one and I am like #1 husband...except the ativan does the opposite for me...lol

  4. How fortunate for your husband that you were there for him!

  5. I'm glad things ended up reasonably well with regards to the MRI, but I would definitely send a STRONGLY worded letter to both his doctor and the MRI facility. I'm and RN and the way you were treated in unacceptable. OPEN MEANS OPEN!!!! Your dear hubby should not have been treated this way.

  6. Another funny one Jane. Does lawnmower oil get bad over time? :) blessings, marlene

  7. Who has more fun in life than you Jane. I was laughing so hard at the lawn mower story. Typical thing to happen at hospital,they do it their own way no matter what is requested.
    Happy MIL is somewhat better and keeping them both in my prayers. Love and blessings Sandra

  8. Isn't it strange that the things we anguish over become funny stories after it is all behind us? You get the gold star.

  9. That is too funny. I know I shouldn't be laughing about your husband's attempt to purchase a lawn mower but I thought it was kinda funny. I can't wait to hear the results. In the meantime, I will continue to pray.

  10. Oh dear....poor you! and poor Husband #1! I trust you have both recovered from his experience. Much better news about your MIL and uncle too.

  11. Glad the worst is behind hubby. Wonder what he would have said the next day if a new lawn tractor had been sitting there?
    Continued prayers for MIL and uncle.
    And a great big hug for YOU !

  12. Bless his heart. I'm glad he made it through the procedure. I recently had an MRI done and I was scared to death! Unfortunately, my husband was not able to take me to my appointment so no Ativan for me. I laid there in the tube for over an hour with my eyes tightly shut. I felt like the world was being invaded by aliens with all the noises! I made it through okay but never again will I go alone for an MRI!

  13. What an adventure! Praying for good results.

  14. I seriously NEED some of what they gave him!!! I had my first MRI earlier this year and it was in an open MRI. When I left there I was in tears and in more pain than when I went in because of the tension I encountered the entire time. I NEVER knew I was even the slightest bit claustrophobic but, yea, evidentially I must be. I honestly could not breath once they snapped that head cage onto me. That's all it took. I said I will never EVER have another one of those in my entire life. I give your husband (and YOU after this last trip) a lot of credit. If he is even the slightest bit like me and can get through those and still be smiling then all I can say is those drugs must be WONDERFUL!!!!!!! LOL

    Seriously though, I really hope you get some good news from the results. I do know how scary it is when waiting for things like this especially when they are about the love of your life.


Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to leave your thoughtful comments. I read each one and hope you will come back often!

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