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Monday, September 19, 2011

Gotta Take Care of #1 Husband Today

Gmama and #1 Husband
I won't be posting much on this Monday only to let you know I'll be taking #1 Husband for an MRI around mid-morning.  No big deal until you hear the rest of the story........(as Paul Harvey used to say on his radio show for those old enough to remember him)

#1 Husband is a High School Guidance Counselor in a very large High School (over 2,000 grades 10-12).  He has been an educator for 33 yrs. and will retire in May 2012!  Last Wed. as #1 exited the cafeteria before classes had begun, coffee cup in one hand, half a sausage biscuit on the other, #1 came upon a *Fight* in the hall.  Two female Asst. Principals had been thrown up against the wall and a large crowd of several hundred had gathered to WATCH the show!  In an adrenaline rush, #1 jumps into action taking the TWO 16/17 yr. old *Thugs* down on the floor waiting for the school police officer to arrive.  Another principal came upon the fight and seeing #1 on the ground with these TWO boys still swinging and trying to get out of the "whatever" my #1 had them in, and proceeded to pull out the thug on the bottom of the pile.  This principal thought #1 was being hit but to his chagrin, realized too late that things were actually under control rather than out of control.  Fortunately by now, the school officer had arrived and took the boys to the office for transport to the local juvenile facility.

FYI:..the boys made it to the D-Home and Back before #1 got back to his office!!
Plus, by this last Friday, both boys were BACK IN SCHOOL with only punishment of time spent in Detention.  Where is the Justice?  Where is the discipline?  Who is Parenting kids today???
It's getting Worse folks, Not Better....  I Digress...

MY sweetheart begins to realize that he may actually be hurt once the adreneline begins to subside.  To make a long story short, The TWO FEMALE TEACHERS were hurt in their back and hips while #1 had scrapes, bruises, and damage to his right shoulder....the very same shoulder that HAD Rotator Cuff surgery in 2004!  The Dr.s think the shoulder is leaking and the anchor that was placed in there is damaged.  If surgery is indicated, a 3-4 week rehab will be necessary.

Do you think #1 and I can try to not kill each other  for 3-4 weeks?  We get along famously as long as #1 has a project, he can go fishing, or he can work on a tractor in his barn. If one of those ingredients aren't in the mix...Oh No........... it ain't gonna be pretty if you get my drift!

At age 58, everyone has been asking #1 Husband if he still "had the goods" to break up a Teenage fight.  #1 has told everyone "I was *Bad* for about one minute and that's all I could hang but I was Really Bad for that one minute!!  
Sounds like that country song by Trace Atkins...I'm not as good as I once was But  ????????
help me with the words, folks!!!

So...off to the Big MRI in the Big City
Wish us Luck...
no surgery, no surgery, no surgery...Please!



  1. I am sooooo sorry that this happened to your husband - I have 4 children (14-21 years) - all on honor roll & doing very well - Because they have been disciplined & they know that that is what is expected - Courteous behavior is taught in the home -

    I appreciate all educators do !!!!! A big thank you to your hubby for stepping in and helping with this situation - Blessings to you both & prayers for his comfort & well being !!!!!

  2. Hope all goes well for you both. These situations in the schools are mind boggling. We have it a lot here in South Africa. I'm utterly grateful my own children are long out of school. All the best. ...Margaret

  3. I'm not as good as I once was But "I'm as good once as I ever was!" (But I think it was Toby Keith)

    Will any of the teachers take legal action against the students and parents? A big settlement might help make parents realize that they are responsible.

  4. I will be praying for Hubby today. I understand the getting along part all too well. My hubby is facing hernia surgery and I am questioning a few days. LOL

  5. Oh my! Blessings to both of you and the other injured teachers as well.

  6. Ouch to #1 Husband....hope all goes well for him. No surgery, no surgery, no surgery......

  7. Wishing you safe travels and a good MRI outcome.
    Glad he is counting down the days to retirement.

  8. Hope everything goes well today with the MRI appointment and no surgery will be the outcome!

  9. Bless your sweet husband! I've got one kiddo in HS and one in MS now and it scares me to death. I'm thankful there are folks still willing to get involved and trying to better some of the hoodlums that are around these days. Hope all goes well with the MRI.

  10. Hope all goes well today for you and your hubby. I'll say a little prayer for you.

  11. A great big THANK YOU to hubby. I have grandbabes in highschool. It is not like it was many years ago, then, kids had more respect for adults. Hope all goes well.
    I think the kids should be charged with assault, by the police. They need to take responsibility for their actions. I hope all 3 adults will press charges.

  12. I agree.. who is parenting these little thugs? This is why my son goes to school at home currently. He will be returning to the school system to get a diploma, however the middle school that he went to the little rich preppy kids didn't have any home parenting, and the children were out of control. The principal there did nothing to control them because of WHO their parents were. I would rather he went to the high school where the upper management is much better.

  13. Poor Roger! I'm glad he's retiring this year. Jane, you'll just have to send him out to his big ol' workshop -- or better yet, up here to fish -- so you can get your cooking/sewing/quilting done!! I hope he's okay and surgery isn't necessary. Keep me posted, okay? Praying for y'all! :)

  14. That's the problem these days. Parents want to be their kid's friends and not their parents. They give their kids what they want, kids no longer are learning the value of hard work brings rewards. They've been taught instant gratification and if I don't get what I want, I'll cry or complain. Then, in order for the parents to remain friends, will give in and get. It's so sad. Teacher's and principal's hands are tied because, if they discipline, the parents blame them, say their kids are good kids and wouldn't do anything bad. They are their own kid's scapegoats. Sorry, I'm ranting. I know many teachers who are frustrated with the parents of their students.

  15. So sorry #1 got hurt, but so glad he helped out. I was a lunch lady, and lost my job because I grabbed a "wonderful" childs arm as he tried to make off with the money from the till. (No touching was allowed) Yep 5 years ago and still bitter. Hope all goes well for y'all.

  16. Would love to have your DH in my corner...hoping for the best...

  17. Wishing you both all the best!!! ARGH - thugs make me sooooo mad! Thank you to #1 for trying to protect the ladies - what a gent!! SHAME on those kids AND their parents!!!!

  18. I am so sorry to hear that that happened to your husband. Wishing you happy no surgery news!

  19. Oh I do not like hearing this. My grand daughters are in a city school that I am hoping they can move away from before middle school. It is a tough school. Grands sons go to a small rural school which I am glad of. My hubs was in a snow mobile accident a couple of winters ago and broke his collar bone in such a bad way he had to have surgery and a plate put in place. He has an office at home but since he spends most the day answering e-mails he was having a hard time doing it one handed so was told to take off the time. I only work part time and lets just say I do not like it when he does not stay in his office through the afternoon hours. Wishing many blessings upon you.

  20. I must confess my anger is boiling over at the injustice of this! I hope your husband and the women involved file assault charges against those two thugs! As long as they are still in school, no one is safe - not the teachers and not the students! Haven't the authorities learned anything from Colombine and the other high school tragedies? Makes this grandma want to stay home and homeschool my grandkids! I pray that your husband will heal up without surgery. What a courageous thing he did.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about that. You are right, the lack of parenting is very evident with children these days. I couldn't believe what I was reading when you said these teenagers were pushing around two assistant principals?! Talk about no respect for authority.

    My son is 7 now, but I dread the day when he goes to Middle School or High School. I'm hoping the schools improve more by then.

    I hope all goes well for your hubby and that he doesn't need surgery.


  22. I got in a similar situation when I was an asst. principal - I was holding one girl and the principal was holding another but my girl tried to swing around me to hit the other girl and hit me "by mistake." She was expelled for the year and prosecuted. Your husband's school is setting a terrible precedent by not expelling those two boys! blessings, marlene


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