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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Best Friend My Sister


This picture shows my sister Sarah standing strong and tall.
Since Jan. 7th...Not so much!  
She took a tumble outside her back porch, broke her ankle and the two leg bones attaching the foot to the leg...
Hey, but she did it all with her usual grace in that she did not spill a drip of her coffee!
Not the "exact" mug but one similar.  
My nephew then takes it upon himself to "recreate" the scene of the crime by placing the coffee cup on the sidewalk at the spot where his mother landed and THEN draw a CHALK OUTLINE around the cup like you might see in an episode of CSI or NCIS. 
Imagine a coffee mug in the middle of this outline!
 The picture was  inserted on her birth date for the annual family Birthday calendar!

After a 3 hr. surgery, metal plates, screws and enough metal to set off every metal detector from here to California, Sister is convalescing at home unable to do much of anything but go back and forth on her walker to the bathroom.
I flew up last week to lend a hand at playing nursemaid...However, she has one of these RARE Breeds of a husband who already waits on her hand and foot and NOW he's trying to wait on me!?  I have to catch him gone to work to make myself useful.  This man does all the laundry so I have to make sure I fold the towels to his specifications!!  Ladies, this man is One of a Kind, I tell ya!! If we could bottle him up and sell him we'd all be Rich!!
Anyhoo, I'm not getting much sewing done other than some handwork.  I did sneak off to Wal-Mart and buy some cute fabric to make Grandbaby items.  This Wal-Mart still sells fabric on the bolt. while mine at home stopped selling fabric off the bolt 2 yrs. ago.  

I'll be flying home next Wed. and I will HAVE to tell you in my next post the story about taking Xanax before I flew out, getting lost in the Charlotte airport, asking for help and almost missing my connecting flight.  Oh yes, who knew that Xanax and some of my new meds. wouldn't jive?  I might as well been three sheets to the wind. I'm a white knuckle flyer that took Xanax last time I flew 2 yrs. ago with No Problem.  
This time..as I like to say..A Whole 'Nuther Story!


  1. oh noo ,but glad your sister is on the mend,love the NCIS drawings,lol.xx

  2. Sisters are the best! I hope she heals quickly. Congratulations to her for finding THE only man known to be able to take care of his wife!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. Wow, My husband can't even take care of himself! Lucky sister... and even luckier to have you in the family.

  4. I'm glad she is on the mend. You are a great sister to try to help take care of her.

  5. Ouch! My foot hurts just reading about it! What a great hubby.( or are there really aliens among us?) What a great sis you are to brave the skies. Can't wait to hear ALL about that story!

  6. Hmm..did your sister move into an area with a reverse "Stepford Wives?" Glad she is convalescing nicely.

  7. Horrible fall, Wonderful story! Its great you are able to be there to help...even if you are only there to talk to her :) Sounds like she has lots of wonderful loved ones to help her:) I have a similar story about vivrian and driving from Reno to Bellingham..haha :)

  8. Hilarious Jane. Not about your sister - no that part's awful. But I can picture you wandering around the airport. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I bet MONEY she had the same injury I had back in 1991; a tri-mallelar fracture. I have 7 screws and a plate in my left foot. Tell her it gets better. I don't think about it anymore; well, unless I'm barefooted and accidentally pop my ankle on the chair (I always seem to hit the screw and it sort of sucks the air out of me for a second). But really, I don't even notice it and for a a while there a few years ago I was running (before I got lazy!). Hope she gets better soon!

  10. Hope Sister is doing better! We have two Wal-marts here and the big one has started to sell fabric again, but the one closer to me does not! My Mother-in-law used to be incharge of teh sewing center in her walmart YEARS ago! But they stopped selling it about four years ago. I mean really if they can sell coffins don't you think they can sell fabric!

  11. Oh that sounds painful. The chalk drawing is hillarious. I'm sure she got a chuckle out of that or hope she did.

    I am one of those women who are very lucky to have a husband just like hers although I'm unlucky in that I don't have a wonderful sister at all so she's still very lucky. It's great that you flew to help her out even if you don't have the chance to do it. Happy to hear you made it out of the airport and didn't end up in China or somewhere else. LOL

  12. Bless your sister's heart! Hope her recovery is speedy and complete. I haven't checked lately, but I understand that there was such an outcry that Walmarts are starting selling fabrics again. The one in Fayetteville is the one I'd think most likely to first get their sewing section back. :)

  13. That sounds terrible.I hope she is better!

  14. Hi Jane tell your sister that Nicole had the same break with same surgery and she is now walking with a cane after a month. Physiotherapy was surprise that she is doing that well. One friend of mine told me to tell her to write the alphabet with her foot and it will strengthen her ankle and she has found it worked. Lucky her to have such a wonderful husband, my husband will do anything for me but cook so I can't complain. I hope you have a better trip home. Blessings to you and your sister.

  15. Thank heavens your sister is healing and getting along well with her DWH (dear wonderful husband) and DWS (dear wonderful sister)helping out. Yep, he is a jewel - I think I am married to his brother !!! Looking forward to your adventure post. Sending you warm wishes. Judy C

  16. Sounds like her husband broke the mold!! Enjoy your visit, and the attention! Hope your sister makes a speedy recovery.


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