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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can You Guess What This Little Container Was Originally?

Thread Holder
Some Very Nice Thread thanks to Madame Samm's Give Away
after the Wannabe Quilter's Campaign.
Oooh, remember that?  I Know SHE does?  Almost Killed her but she did it!
but I Digress....
Look See....

 A Gum/Mint Dispenser!!!!
My Grandson used one of these to hold odds and ends from that mystery toy box  behind my couch.  You know which one I'm talking about.  We ALL have one or HAVE had one at some point if children ever cohabitated (MY spelling)with you...THAT toy box with the infinite number of legos, lego people, puzzle pieces, doll parts, cars, car wheels, lips from Mrs. Potato Head, Barbie shoes so tiny I need a magnifying glass to see them, random sizes of blocks, game pieces, plastic dinosaurs the dog chewed last fall, one magic marker with cap off (of course), a Nerf Gun Bullet, an M&M or two, a stash of REAL Bubble Gum *hidden* from Grandmama's DeSugar Bug Radar, and the elusive train track part that allows Thomas The Train to switch rails...THAT TOY BOX!!!
I thought, "What a Great Thread Holder!"
I tried it and have been asking anyone I know to PLEASE save their gum/mint containersand give them to Me Me Me!  Look how perfect the thread comes out of the little spout.  Great for portable stitching projects like to the Dr.'s office! The plastic cover peels right off and 'Voila!"
Now my next hint isn't very glamorous but probably THE most used item in my sewing room.  I'm a messy sewer.  If a trash can is beside me, by the time those tee-tiny little threads or fabric bits *float* down to the floor they usually don't hit the actual trashcan.  Now I know some of you have those beautiful weighted thread catchers all quilted and ready to sit nicely beside you as you stitch.  I plan to either make one or Buy one...whichever comes first or when I have the extra cash.  Until then, My empty Tissue boxes work extremely well.
Check out my cute little Fabric Arrow!  I made that for my tutorial on Sew We Quilt next week!  Come see me March 5th or 6th...can't remember which day for certain.
 Here I've TAPED the box to my cutting table.  Not very pretty but extremely FUNCTIONAL! I may have missed the lesson on *cutting a square EVENLY out of a cardboard tissue box*
This thread catcher tissue box 
is taped 
to another work table in my sewing cave.  Don't you love the Duct Tape?  I could rule the world with Duct Tape...I keep a roll in most every room of the house especially the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and sewing room. When full I simply empty into large bag for my weekly Trash Can removal Every Monday.  
My New and Improved House Cleaning Schedule is working quite nicely!
Many thanks to DawnMarie in Georgia for sending me her Chore Chart on Excel Spreadsheet.
I tweaked it to fit me and I'm "cookin' with gas"
Hope you enjoyed my sewing room tips! 
Do you have some tips to share?
Let's Hear from you!
Leave your Sewing Tips in your Comment
TWO WINNERS will be chosen from MY FOLLOWERS
I GREATLY Love and Appreciate all my Followers 
I'm destashing and have doubles of some NEW Fabric so You are the winner
I like to put a few tuck-ins to make a nice gift! I haven't had a Give-Away since last Fall so I think it's time. 
*** Psst...Gene B., You're getting some new fabric because those Ghastlie coasters didn't turn out as well as I would have liked and I would NOT pass those on to anyone. 

Ok, send me your Sewing Tips and I'll Pick a winner Saturday, March 3rd in honor of my sweet Mama's Birthday who passed away in 2003.  Ms. Mary would have been 96 yrs. old.
 I will Post the Two Winners on my Prayer Request Sunday post.



  1. I always like to use my old thread spools to wrap leftover binding pieces on - or bindings which are ready to sew on before the quilt is ready.

  2. Double sided tape is my best friend! Used it on my rulers and templates to prevent sliding while cutting out two recent projects.

  3. I didn't want to purchse the extra piece to attach to my machine when using the cone thread holder - so the taped paper clip on the side of the machine - run the thread thru the eye of the clip and then to my machine threading system - no problems with tension while feeding off a cone now.

  4. I have a couple of those containers that I also saved! I thought thread too, but I also saved them for my niece to use with her twin one year olds and their snacks.
    Tips.....well, my favorite is to look at BOTH sides of your fabric. There is no reason you can't use the wrong side if you need a softer shade of a color. When making scrap quilts, this gives you an "extra" color to use.

  5. I, too, use empty tissue boxes for thread or scrap catchers! If I have to leave a machine embroidery project or want to use the same threads again for another stitching session, I use a flower bowl (as for floating a flower) to hold my project threads. The bowl has high sides so the spools stay in, even if the bowl gets moved around a bit, as opposed to an open bowl. It also is colorful to see the thread.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I use empty little (and cute) glass youghourt jars to keep my basting safety pins and all the mixed buttons. They look nice on a shelf and because they're glass I can see through and I don't have to be opening or labeling to know what I'm keeping in them...

  8. hmm I don't know if I have any tips...measure twice cut once is always a good one though...sometimes measuring 3 times is good too....lol

  9. Love the idea of using a tissue box for your scraps! Thanks for that tip, have to make sure I buy a pretty one next time. I use small bull dog clips to hold my binding down, I find them easier than using pins.

  10. i have a small sticky closet light i keep under my steady betty for a quickie tracer light and i use the double sided tape as a bumper for sewing longer quarter-inch seams ... the short piece can be easily removed and then reused several times.

  11. OK after I told you I don't clean..hehe that does not mean I am all unorganized!! I have a calendar in my 'sewing room (nook)' and it is ONLY for my sewing obligations! I have several BOM's I follow and they come out on certain days and I am in swaps that are due a certain time of the month. I hae each written on there (who it is for if applicable) and when it is done, adn mailed, I cross it off! I LOVE to be able to cross things off it makes me feel so accomplished!! Oh, plus the on-line BOM's I print the directions put them in a recylced kids folder and on the from write what sized block it makes!! Oh, I really do like organization, just not cleaning!!!LOL

  12. I save all my Plactic jars, like the ones you get at costco with nuts or candy in them. they are great to save those left over pieces of binding. I use these for smaller projects. I can see what is in the jar at a glance. Thank you for a great giveaway

  13. Please don't add me in your generous wonderful drawing...I merely wanted to say how I have enjoyed your handy tips. I really got a good chuckle out of the square cutting comment you said. Blissful blogging...

  14. Cute post. You have a way of making me chuckle.

    The one great thing I have in my studio is a big scrapbooking tote I got as a gift, filled with wonderful scrapbooking goodies. the scrapbooking stuff went elsewhere and I use the tote for all my scissors, rotary cutter, rulers, etc. It has a ton of pockets and a perfect large space in the center for whatever. I love it.

  15. My quilting pins are in an old jelly jar, my selvages are in a Mason jar, I keep bouillon cube jars for little bits and pieces! My daughter is a girl scout and we saved the containers that the nuts and chocolates come in (similar to small Similac cans) and I have buttons, etc. in those. Hubby actually keeps screws, nuts, bolts, etc. in baby formula cans our kids used!

  16. I use those tissue boxes too but leave the top with the plastic on as it catches the threads inside better. I use pencil holders that go in binders to put small projects into.

  17. I use blue painter's tape for everything. It is sticky and reusable and will not cause any damage or residue. When I purchase yardage I use a piece of blue painter's tape and write on it with a pen any info I need to remember, ie how much, what the specific color name is, etc. This has been particularly helpful with fat solids. I use it to label blocks and rows when I am constructing a quilt. I use it to label my rotary cutter, scissors and rulers so I can spot them easily when I am at a class or sewing get together. I also use it to quilt straight lines. I put the edge of the tape down on the quilt and I can use it as a guide when I stitch my straight lines. Often I wrap some sticky side out around my hand and use it to pick up little strings and fuzzies off of my ironing board cover and cutting mat. This is particularly handy when using minky fabrics or velveteen.

  18. what great tip,i love your ideas,i have a little container by the sewing machine with all my different machine feet in it so it it is easy to grab which one i want,as i need it..xx

  19. I was always searching -- where did I put the seam ripper? The purple thang? The (fill in the blank). But NOW I keep a mug rug someone gave me next to my machine. Every time I finish with the snips or whatever, I place it on the mug rug. Now I can find everything instantly! I also use a lovely, large piece of pottery as a thread catcher. A potter friend of mine gave it to me as it had a crack in the bottom after firing and she couldn't sell it. Not only am I more organized, I have two beautiful works of art on hand for inspiration!

  20. I have two different methods for thread cones. One is a large mug behind the machine...then thread thru the "hook" before tensioner for the bobbin winder and thread as usual...works great for embroidery..I can have spools in cups lined up.
    the other is a simple piece of wood with a length of wire coat hanger attached with a hook bent at the top to raise the thread. At the wood level there is a piece of the hanger that sticks up as a spool pin. Let me see....it cost me fifiteen minutes to make -but I could have bought a "pretty one" for around $20-30.

  21. My hints wouldn't help much for modern quilters (rotary cutters and sewing machines) In my little sewing box I have a piece of sandpaper with double-stick tape on the back. I cut pieces to put om the back side of rulers and templates so they won't slip when used for marking. I also use one of those round brass cutting tools made by Clover. I have it on a cord around my neck and can use it to snip thread even on an airplane or riding on the train. It is handy and I don't have to hunt it, it won't get taken away by the airport guys, and my husband won't use it to cut stuff because he has no idea what it is. They make a larger size that can be used for knitters too.

  22. You know those really large coffee cans? (I mean the huge ones!LOL) Yeah, I have it bad for the Java. They are perfect for stacking jelly rolls in....three at a time, and then pop the lid on to keep them dust free!
    Love all of your tips....I'm off to the bedrooms to see if anyone has almost finished a box of tissues! Heehee! Your thread holder for portable projects is awesome --- I have not seen that here. Am I missing it in the store? What brand is it?

  23. My sewing tip - use hemostats (from Harbor Freight) for turning - they come in differnt sizes and are much less expenisve then those at medical supply stores. There are lots of cool things at this store you can use for sewing and quilting and your DH won't mind going with you!

  24. The little black boxes from frozen food are great for thread spools and small
    notions that get lost on sewing tables.

  25. If you have a paperweight just sitting around, place it by your cutting table to help hold the excess fabric from sliding off.

  26. I use the plastic containers from cherry tomatoes and strawberries for my scraps once I cut them into squares. Organized by size makes for easy work for scrappy quilts

  27. I use the little flat containers from Listerine breath strips for pins and needles in my hand sewing kit. They work well for straight pins up to 11/2 inches. I put a small piece of wool batting in one to hold my hand sewing needles. I use a small zippered pouch that has a 2-ring notebook style binder in it. It has a clear vinyl zipper pouch and a couple of fine mesh zipper pouches. I think it was for makeup. I have another larger one with a 3-ring notebook thing in it. It was sold with a Miss Manners Manicure Kit.

  28. We do the tissue box for threads as well (no tape). Other things that work well for quilter's "trash" are the chlorox wipes canisters. I'm into hexies and the dry swiffer boxes (also look OK) are perfect for storing the basted hexies so are organized. When I pick out sets of basted hexies to use for a flower, I store them in the very small zip locks used for individual alcohol wipes. I put these in a larger zip lock. Once a flower is complete, I store it in a banner box. My papers for hexies are in a small baby wipe container with a lid. So, my lifetime hexie project for a GFG is organized, nothing is loose, and the project takes up very little space.
    My all time favorite was made by my late father. He turned a very smooth shallow rounded bottom wooden container similar to the small plastic ones used in offices for loose paper clips. It sits perfectly on the bed of the sewing machine. Pins easily drop into it and can be removed from it. It's faster to use than any pincushion when piecing. The tip: ask someone to make one for you or buy one from the office supply store. Make sure it has enough weight that will not slide around on your sewing machine bed.

    1. I forgot to mention that I am a new follower of your blog through e-mail.

  29. Hi Jane, Thoutht I would try to connect with you this way. I did receive your blocks. by any chance did you send 12?

  30. Jane just heard about,the storms coming your way..pray you are ok


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