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Friday, June 18, 2010

Miscellaneous Musings

Since I haven't posted in over a week, my brain is overloaded with random thoughts and musings about a little bit of everything. Coming home from St. Louis and the aftermath of James's surgery has left me mentally and physically exhausted. My fibromyalgia can rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times. I have to listen to my body and know when I've had enough. However, when I'm needed as support, I can't give in to my shortcomings...I just have to keep on keeping on.

I'm absolutely amazed at the progress James has made only 7 days out from major spinal surgery! He can take a few steps on his own power, wiggle each toe individually, and even his upper body is "loosey goosey" just like those precious legs. I love to squeeze his little legs and kiss them when I get the chance. Would you believe his speech is even clearer??

Thank you Dr. T.S.Parks and St. Louis Children's Hospital for allowing God to work through you in performing such a miraculous surgery on my grandson. I don't want to raise unattainable expectations but based on progress so far, I truly believe James will walk independently. In my heart of hearts, I wish for James to "WALK" into Kindergarten on his own two legs. Daily therapy is grueling, not only for James, but for my sweet Mary Ellen. She is such a wonderful mother but she has her limits as we all do. I need to pray daily for her to have strength both physically & mentally. She and James have a long road ahead and although we are all there to help & support, the reality is that the brunt of the work is on Mary Ellen's shoulders.

I'm so appreciative of all those who have pitched in to help with dinners, grass cutting, and the many other words of encouragement. Mary Ellen's circle of friends is the best she has ever had in her entire life. She has always wanted good friends and sometimes friends disappointed her in the past but I truly believe this group of friends are mature and genuine.

While we were in St. Louis, over that weekend,Ryan (8) thought it would be a good idea to see if he could "hear" the ocean by holding a small seashell up to his ear. Somehow??? the seashell became lodged in his ear and serious attempts by Matthew, Dr. Laura Lee, and 4 Grown men in the ER, could not dislodge the seashell. A trip on Monday to the ENT finally achieved success. During the ER process, Ryan became extremely frightened and had what I call a "come apart". He fought off 4 grown men and in the process his ear drum was punctured (or that is our belief). The ENT must have made an impression on Ryan in their heart to heart conversation because Ryan quietly laid down and allowed him to successfully remove the shell without incident. The Dr. told Ryan that other patients couldn't be helped until Ryan allowed the Dr. to do his job and remove the shell from Ryan's ear. This logic made perfect sense to Ryan and appealed to his compassionate heart. Ryan has and will always be someone whom needs to be dealt with as a compassionate, deep thinking little boy who wants things to be explained to him before anything happens to him. Ryan needed his Grandmama for moral support! Ryan's sense of humor rose to the occasion when on Sunday after living with the seashell in his ear for over 24 hrs., Ryan told his daddy "The sea shell called and says he can hear the ocean and wants out" I really laughed at that dry remark which sounded more like something Clay would have said!

Speaking of Clay, here is a sneaky little story that describes Clay's personality. His mother, jenda, was folding clothes and heard the two boys wrestling. Not one to intervene too quickly she listened from afar to shouts from Clay of "Ryan let me go!! Please let me go!! Mama, Ryan won't let me go!!" After several minutes went by, Jenda, slipped down the hall and peeped into the room to see Clay on his back with Ryan on top and Clay has a grip on Ryan's hands and feet not allowing RYAN to get up yet it was CLAY yelling for help!! When Jenda walked into the room and said Clay's name, Clay immediately let go of Ryan and looked at his Mama with a sneaky grin and said "hee Hee Hee" Oh, that is SOOO Typical of sneaky little Clay...the pot stirrer. Poor Ryan said he knew everyone would think Clay was the victim and yelling for help would have been useless. The dynamics of those two brothers is funny to watch and listen to..

My sweet Emma Grace is feeling left out being the only girl in the family. She wants to play but the boys are unmerciful to her! I'm letting her spend the night Sunday night and taking her for an Emma Day on Monday. She needs some individual attention and getting to spend the night before the boys will be a real
treat. She loves to help me bake and plant.

Scott seemed to be so happy to be here last night when he came down with his family. He went straight for his little basket of cars/trains, and then to his riding toys. it was as though he was home and doing his own thing in HIS world. Jenda laughs at how comfortable Scott seems to be at Grandmama's house. I think Scott is missing his daily "spa time' when I would bathe and massage his legs after lunch and before his nap. The family is going camping next weekend and I think Scott will end up staying here with Gmama & PaPaw. Camping in a pop-up camper without the comforts of home and AC is not his idea of a good time which makes for a miserable time for everyone else. I want the other Grandpeeps to have fun camping so I think Scott needs to come back to Gmama's spa hotel. I miss him so I will enjoy having my Scottie What back home with me.

PaPaw is off fishing in the Big TOC fishing tournament in Scottsboro. He looks so forward to this tournament and believes every year he is going to win one of the prizes. I would give anything to see him actually win for catching a big fish!!! That smile would be seen from coast to coast!!! Watching him get ready for two days of tournament fishing is like watching a 9 yr. old getting ready for sleepover camp. I love to see him excited and I love the time to myself. I'll be ready to have him home but for now let me enjoy the house all to myself. The kids are close so if I need anything I can almost yell out my window for help.

The weather is truly Alabama HOT & HUMID. I hate HOT like this but I like the sunshine so I won't complain. My AC is cranked up high and I now sleep in a bedroom at 67 degrees. Delightful!

I'm enjoying reading some of the blogs I've discovered. I need to learn some more tricks of the blogging trade to make my sight more user friendly plus get more pictures up. Your suggestions are welcomed. I write most of this as a way to journal our family's journey for posterity regardless if anyone reads it or not. If you do visit, let me know. I'm new at this and it would be interesting to know if anyone is reading what I write.

I'm planning to write each Grandchild a story about them and give to them on their respective birthdays. Scott will receive the first one. It won't be anything fancy but it will be something they can keep from me. I want to bind it as a book complete with illustrations made by them.

Welcome and come back for a visit:

Would you like pictures of my veggie garden and its bounty??? Let me know!


  1. Your grandchildren will love those stories you are writing...what a wonderful idea!

  2. Thank you for lalying Friday Pretties with us!
    I will keep you all in my prayers too!


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