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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've Gone WONKY

 There she is!!!  Prudence is Baaaack!!! 
Many of you will remember back in October when it was the 
Invasion of the Ghastlies...that Wonky fabric we all loved to hate!!
I couldn't resist putting her in my 1st Wonky House.
I love my little *peeping* Owl

I've always thought of myself as a bit *Wonky* however, I had never heard of 
being Wonky ON PURPOSE!!  Now that's my kind of swap!
Jane from Jane's fabrics got a great idea to do a Wonky House swap.  I had NEVER EVER heard of Wonky Houses much less making a Quilt with them?? Geez Lueez!!  

Jane has made these blocks for our swap but you can go visit some more Flick  sites to see more.
Oh My Stars, they are so cute, fun, wacky, crazy, colorful, BUT.................
Here is another attempt...not my favorite but I was thinking outside the square so to speak
I haven't appliqued the edges yet... not my best 

I sorta like this one..made strictly from scraps!

This next picture shows a set of Signature Blocks made as a part of the Wonky House Swap.
I made these in less than an hour.  I'm thinking this pattern would be perfect for James' memory quilt I mentioned in my last post.  My intention is to make YOUR contribution as SIMPLE with little time taken from your schedule.  What do you think?
4 in. Signature Blocks
I used 2 1/2 in. strips and the middle strip is larger than the two ends but that's OK.  My math skills wouldn't allow me to figure out how to get them even.  I could divide but I couldn't transfer that number to my measuring board...I know it's embarrassing.  I actually Taught this stuff but my brain wasn't having anything to do with helping me get those strips even.  So..that means YOU can't make yours even either!! Ha!!
I'm dedicating an entire post to James's quilt this weekend.  I have to choose MY fabric before I can let those of you who want to make a signature block go ahead and make one. I was quite pleased at how many of you interested in making a block.  I made it simple and quick for you!


 I'm off to Traffic Court, TONITE...yep, the Gmama got HERSELF a little ticket a few weeks ago driving 55 in a 45 mph. zone early one morning going to a doctor's appointment. I'm cruizin along WITH the traffic and don't notice the BlUE FLASHING LIGHTS behind me until I go thru the traffic light  The policeman has to trun on his siren before I realize I'm in trouble!  I pull onto a side street and when the officer comes up to my window I ask him what I've done??  I honestly had NO IDEA I was speeding....and to top it all off...guess who had let her license expire???  Yep...Yours Truly! I can explain why, but it would take a whole 'nuther post to tell THAT story.
ANYHOO...I figure I'll have a Great story after going to Traffic Court with all the DUI's and other miscreants ...I'm hoping the judge will waive the license fee since I have a current one now.  That is the usual practice but then it IS the GMAMA we're talking about and USUAL PRACTICE can mean a WHOLE 'NUTHER STORY................
Life with the Gmama is much like watching an episode of the old show from the 50's "I Love Lucy"
BTW, #1 Hubby just rolled his eyes when I told him ...gotta love that man!


  1. For the first time I experienced the 'pull over by an officer' excitment. We had just gone to drop off a charitable donation check at the S.Army office and then go and gas up the car. We were in the left turn lane and made another quick left turn into a convenience store parking lot. We just wanted to turn around and go the gas station on the right as gas was...like $0.20 cents cheaper. I told my DH to park and get out of the way of the police officer...little did we know he was pinning us in the parking spot...as the officer approched the car I said to DH...what did you do? I don't know...I did take the corner a little wide...I don't know. The officer asked us if we knew what he did wrong and did we see the NO Turn sign...we both said no...he said you made an unauthorized left turn...we were dumbfounded. He says to my husband 'what is you driving record like'...DH says I think it is pretty good...I said...it is good. He went with all the paper work back to his car...it seemed like 10 minutes. He comes back to the window and hands him his paper work and says yes you have a good driving record...I'm just going to give you a warning. THANK YOU SIR, I said. He proceeded to explain why it was an unauthorized left turn. There was a NO TURN sign...which both of us did not see and it was about 2 car lengths away from the 1st corner we turned. We understand why they don't want you to turn as it could tie traffic up at the 1st intersection on a busy day...there were no other cars around...traffic was light as it was December 29th...any ways that is my first time pulled being pulled over by a police officer....

    I thought about the wonky houses swap but I have had some not so good blocks sent to me...in the 2 swap experiences...a halloween swap and a red and aqua 9 patch swap...the blocks were to finish at 12.5 inches and some are barely 12 inches. I've alway said I was going to unstitch and try and make them work...and the Halloween one has about 3 blocks that I am going to try to recreate. The fabrics were to be 100% cotton but some of the blocks there made with canvas, tulling, metalic fabrics that really frayed al lot...not good for a quilt when you have to wash it...and there were some pretty cheap fabric. I'm working on some UFO's and they are on my list to try to complete. Some of the swap blocks were awesome...I know I spent a lot of time on the ones I sent. It was an experience and some day I may try one again. I just have way too many UFO's already...have a wonderful weekend..(o:

    1. This is my first swap ever so I suppose I'll learn a few things as well. I'm taking lots of pains with my blocks and I almost hate to give them up now that I've gotten into the creative process. But a deal is a deal.
      Well, I survived traffic court, but as always there was a bit of a story...go figure??! Being pulled over is somewhat intimidating...I've had 4 experiences unfortunately and they have all been in a 45 mph zone.
      Gmama Jane

  2. Ah, little Prudence looks so cute next to the VW!

    1. I love our Prudence too Gene!! BTW, I've not forgotten your Ghastlie coasters. I had one to go "wonky" and I started over. I wouldn't send you something that wasn't up to par. Then the Holidays hit and well...you know how that goes. I'm getting caught up so please be patient. I'm sending an extra bit of nice fabric to make up for the delay. I think you'll be pleased.
      Gmama Jane

    2. Oh, okay. I was afraid the mail ate them!

  3. Jane I love your blocks...but the frog's house is my favorite. How cute! I'm only going to be home one more week and am returning to south Louisiana to the mission for a month. Please let me know as soon as you decide about colors, etc. for the signature block so I can get it made. I'm not taking fabric with me - just specific projects. And I love the idea of making it with 2 1/2" strips and then trimming to make it the correct size - you could trim it with the two outside colors the same width or make it "wonky" with one side wider than the other. :) blessings, marlene

  4. I like my frogs too, Marlene. They were fun to cut out and find homes for on the block. They were from some left-over fabric out of my oldest grandson's quilt. Safe travels to you and hubby on your trek to LA. It's a good time to go south. Roger and I hope to spend Jan. in Gulf Shores next winter. My DIL's sister owns a condo and has offered it to us!!
    There's no rush on the signature blocks. I'll post the details and then give Plenty of time to sew and receive the blocks.
    I'm flying to NC for 2 weeks to care for my sister who broke her foot and leg in a fall out her back door.
    God Speed my friend.

  5. hahahahaha oops! I have to say, my license had expired once and I found out three months later when I went to buy beer! The lady (even though I was like 28) would not sell it to me!! I don't know if I was more upset that I had been driving on an expired license or that she would not sell to me when it was apparent I was old enough! LOL

  6. Hope it went well, Jane -- you missed a GREAT night at guild. The movie was terrific and they had fun snacks and popcorn and the door prizes were great last night, too!! Hugs! :)

  7. I the monster house! I could see a quilt of wonky monsters for a boy like my grandson. I love the idea of the wonky house. I posted a button to a fugly fabric, you might like it. I am excited about the blocks for James..


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