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Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Outside my window...the sun has gone behind approaching storm clouds.  As much as I don't like rainy days, my garden is very thirsty.

What I'm Thinking...I'm planning my Easter Dinner menu in my head and after reading another Grandmother's blog post, making a list of goodies to buy at Dollar General for the Grandpeeps Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon. She had bought Hula hoops, Bubbles, and feed sacks for a sack race.  I will need to adjust items to fit ages of the 5 peeps.  I'm thinking a Badminton set might go over with the 3 oldest.  I might have to see if I can still knock ye old shuttlecock over the net.

Easter Menu Rough Draft...Spiral Sliced Ham, Mashed potatoes, Killer Mac n Cheese (combination of my recipe and my sister's recipe), Fresh Green Beans, Deviled Eggs, Josh's Salad (SIL makes the best salads!), Sister Schubert's Rolls, Marie Calender's RazzleDazzleBerry Pie, Sweet Tea

Favorite Easter Outfit...  7th grade was the first year I could wear panty hose.  My outfit was a Lime Green Shift dress with matching lime green gloves!  I thought I was Fabulous...ahh the ignorance of youth

Secret Admission...the only candy I really liked in my Easter Basket was the marshmallow peeps.  I never really liked jelly beans and my basket was usually 75% jelly beans!  No toys, nothing but candy!  I felt ripped off by the Easter Bunny!

Biggest Easter Surprise...the year we had 11 inches of SNOW the week before Easter.  I wore my new spring outfit with my snow boots!  This was in West Virginia in the 60's

Made the Biggest Impression..Easter Sunrise Services..were held in a local cemetery of all places but there was a hill that was used to depict Golgatha. The three wooden crosses were permanently placed on that hill throughout the year.  Most years a short Easter drama 

Best Easter Accessory...Easter HATS!!!  My mother loved loved loved Hats and she ALWAYS wore a hat on Easter Sunday.  I remember being little, sitting in the pew and not being able to see the preacher because of all the ladies wearing hats!  My daughters now try to always wear a hat in memory of their Grandmother. 

Fun Memory...going to G.C.Murphy Store, walking down those big wide creaky wooden steps and as I got halfway down I could see and hear the Colored Easter Chicks of all the green, yellow, purple, blue, pink, orange baby chicks.  Of course, some animal rights people deemed the coloring unsafe so we can't have Colored Easter chicks anymore...Boo Hoo  Side Note...we have 6 little Easter chicks bought for my daughter's photography business and are now living here on the farm.

My Easter Wish...that more families would worship together in the House of God especially at Easter Time.  Nothing can compare with my memories of church Easter egg hunts, Easter Passion Plays, Choir Specials, Easter finery, HATS, and pictures of the Stone rolled away on that old borrowed tomb so long ago that gives me the promise of Eternal Life!

Scripture: the scene is after the Crucifixion of Christ, Jesus has died, total darkness has descended at 3:00 in the afternoon, an earthquake has occurred, graves opened and bodies of the Saints were raised to life...
 When the centurion and those with him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and all that had happened, they were terrified, and exclaimed, "Surely he was the Son of God"
Matthew 27: 54



  1. I remember the 5&10, I always had a hotdog with chocalate milk, I also remember the peeps too! My dad would buy the cachews in a paperbag and we'd eat them, just me and him! Days long gone but remembered so well!

  2. I don't think I could relate to or even answer these topics but I remember when I went off to college, my Mom wrote that the Easter bunny had a heck of a time without me. (I always did the egg hiding and left a trail of clues in little rhymes).
    I love the music we sing each year, and families together.
    Four years ago, my second granddaughter was born on Easter. She was given the second kanji from my name and a second kanji in the shape of a cross meaning continuing. Now, how great is that!

  3. I remember always having a fancy dress for Easter Sunday. My father was a choco-holic. He loved chocolate. My fondest Easter memory is when he took me to a chocolate store in the Bronx on Good Friday and got a three foot tall Chocolate Easter Bunny. It was as big as I was. I also remember that I would not let him eat the ears first.


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