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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Baby Girl and Gmama

It was just one of those days!  A day that goes down in the family history books as a 
Bonafide MEMORY!

My original reason for starting a blog was to chronicle my family's stories, special moments, milestones, and "Days of Our Lives"... (that used to be my favorite soap opera back when Bo & Hope were chasing each other all over Europe to get married.  Remember that?)  But I digress...I guess today is as good a day as any to *chase rabbits*  LOL!  I couldn't resist... my sister, Queen of Puns, will be proud of me on that one. 
 Ok, now back to my original thought...  
Today was simply a day when everything went right.  The entire crew, ALL 12, made it to the early Worship service ON TIME.  I have to admit I did come home after worship and skipped Sunday School so I could get all the food ready for the onslaught of hungry mouths ready to descend at 12:00. 
My 5 Little Grandpeeps!

 Baby Girl had spent the night so as to not have a long drive to the early service which meant I had use of her Martha Stewart Magic Wand.  She can clean, cook, and decorate all in one motion or so it seems.  In reality, I could finish cooking while she put the table together and made sure all the small details were handled. 

 Now, don't judge when you see Chinet plates on my Easter Table.  I have NEVER EVER used paper plates for Holiday dinners until last Thanksgiving and now Easter 2012.  My 3 girls had an "INTERVENTION" of sorts and insisted I go with a simpler plan if I wanted their help in the aftermath called CLEAN UP!  Since I simply don't have the mojo to "do-it-all" anymore, I relented.
Easter Dinner Table 2012

After the last bite of fresh strawberry shortcake, the party moved to the backyard.  Strawberries are in season even earlier this year due to the mild winter!!  Woo Hoo!!

I wish I had more pictures of the festivities outdoor but I was having too much fun watching the Easter egg hunt.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to colorcode the eggs designated for the little peeps.  About 2 dozne eggs had designs which meant they were only eligible to be found by Scott and James.  James could use his walker this year to hunt Easter Eggs!!!  A Huge FIRST!!!
Mary Ellen #2, Anna Laura #3, Matthew #1
The hats are in honor of my mother who wore a hat to church every Sunday!
My mother claimed hats hid her inability to fix her own hair!!
An impulsive purchase at the local Family Dollar, proved to be the Big Hit of the Day!!  Ladder Toss is a popular game seen with campers and tailgaters.  I picked the game up for $20 and we got $100 of fun out of it!  I can't remember how long it has been since I've seen #1 husband letting lose to play a game.  He's always working on a farm project but today #1 relaxed and played along with the kids.  The noise we made laughing and cheering could be heard 1/3 mile away at my MIL's house!!  Those of us waiting our turn listened to Baby Girl tell her "stories" and were laughing so hard our sides hurt.  No one can tell a story quite like Baby Girl.  She is the comic relief in this family.

Plans for this week include a 5 minute trek to Brown's Strawberry Farm for some more fresh picked strawberries.  At $13 per gallon I can't afford to buy too many but they are so hard to resist.

Next on the docket, I have several embroidery projects in the pipeline which make good hand work
while I watch Sidekick Scott play outside.  He has made me promise to buy some fresh sand for the Turtle sandbox so a trip to the local building supply store will provide a fresh load of sand for 2012.

Sidekick will go to Pre-School half day next year and I'm already dreading the separation anxiety...MINE NOT SCOTT's!!!


  1. I believe paper plates are a great way to go with the busy families. How else would you get outside to enjoy them.

  2. I agree you can't beat families together. You can imagine how delighted I was to see my #3 daughter, her husband and daughter (born 4 years ago on Easter) coming down the aisle as the choir was preparing to sing the introit for the third service!
    Afterwards we all had lunch and went cherry blossom viewing. They live far out of the city so getting together is not so easy, making it all the more joyous.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  4. What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

  5. A wonderful day of joy! blessings, marlene

  6. I am glad you had a beautiful day! Our family had a nice day, too!

  7. To lovely blessings even with china plates lol

  8. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Sounds like the perfect day.

  9. You know, I never mind the family clean up on holiday meals! It is just something else we all do as a group! We have huge meals with Honeymans family and there are often 40-50 of us! It is a rotate in and out washing drying and putting away! I love it! And I tell you I DON'T LIKE DISHES! LOL

  10. You have a wonderful family and I love strawberries too! Always have them on my cereal in the morning! I bet the Easter egg hunt was fun!

  11. Haha -- we moved to paper plates this last Thanksgiving...I mean after all, it was a picnic and outside!! Glad you all enjoyed such a wonderful, marvelous Resurrection Day celebration together, Jane! :)


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