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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today, Sunday, March 15, is a Painful day. 
Read to the bottom of this post for a Blog Hope Reminder which will be PAINLESS.
or any other chronic pain illness then you understand when I say I'm having a Fibro Flare-Up or I'm in a Fibro Fog today.  
Actually the last few days, the all over pain has gotten worse....thus, the reason why Prayer Request Sunday Post did NOT make it up in time.
I try not to make having Fibro the central issue of my life.  For the most part, I don't suffer debilitating pain like some sufferers, but when I have a flare-up I KNOW IT!!!!  If I allow myself to go to bed, I'll never get back up, so I try to keep moving, albeit, *hobbling along* would more accurately describe what I look like going about my day.  
The sound track would sound something like this:
Ugh...moan...ouch...groan...oops... where did I put that?...creak...rattle...popping of joints trying to move...ringing in my ears...knuckles popping...knee popping...teeth grinding while sleeping...SNORING...

I've tried most every "pill of the day" since 1987 when I was first diagnosed. 

 Most worked for awhile, didn't work at all, had too many bad side effects, or I needed higher doses to continue the pain relieving properties which made continuing the medication nonfeasible.  Lyrica did NOT work for me contrary to those nice little commercials.  I am however, glad that Lyrica has brought attention to Fibromyalgia and given some legitimacy to the chronic illness so many of us sufferers knew was real all the time long before the pharmaceutical companies got on the bandwagon.  

By divine luck, I have found a doctor who "gets me" and has tried some out of the box thinking when it comes to Fibromyalgia.  For the most part, I am able to fulfill my daily responsibilites without taking me away from too many family activities.  The family knows, Mama, has fibromyalgia, but they still don't truly "get it" when I don't feel like participating or going somewhere, especially if I have just participated in some activity or gone somewhere recently.  In their minds, like most NON-Fibro sufferers, if you went to Sally's party on Sat. why can't you come to Tom's party on Sunday?  Why???  Because when you have Fibro, you never know from day to day how you will feel, or you can feel Ok all day until the bewitching hour of between 3-4.  

They try but don't really understand that I put all my energy into functioning during the day and the thought of going "OUT" after supper is excruciating! I'm often accused of being a recluse or a homebody because running errands one day a week takes me 2-3 days of recovery.  For me, I don't function well much after 4:00 p.m.  One day of yardwork, can make it difficult to do housework for a week.  With my limitations in mind, I have learned to pick and choose my activities and rate the consequences.

For me, Quilting/Stitching and it's rhythmic motion of needle, thread, and fabric has more pain relieving properties than can be bottled by any Pharmaceutical company in the world.  It doesn't take away the pain...it just diverts my mind from dwelling on the pain...at least Most times.  At those times when the pain in my hands is too intense, I get a calming effect from sitting in the comfy chair in my sewing cave/room, with a cup of tea/coffee (or Diet Pepsi!  LOL!), a heating pad, a quilting magazine, new book on my new Kindle, a Bible devotion, or simply a quiet nap. 

Just being in my sewing room brings comfort to me...that little 8x10 room has healing properties I tell ya!!  It has all my "stuff", all the 'things" that bring me comfort.  It can be quiet in there or rocking out with my favorite music. ...... Perhaps, even,a new episode of NCIS or Criminal Minds which sounds so weird when I'm talking about being calm.  I never said it had to make sense.  I just know how I feel!
here's to a better day tomorrow and something that will surely make me and YOU feel better: 
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  1. i know exactly of which you speak (write), please take care, it sounds to me that you have a lot to teach all of uss but finding that comfort spot (like your sewing creating cave) is what we need to get to, a spot where its OK for us to just look after us, to rest and ride out the flare, I will keepm youin my prayers

  2. After you have been told,"it's all in your head", for over half your life, it almost makes it better to find a reason and a name, even if it means it is not going away. In Japan they just say "Gambaro" which roughly translates to carry on and persevere.

  3. Gmama Jane...I really appreciate this post for several reasons. I've not been officially diagnoised because I didn't have health insurance for 3 years, but I'm like you. If I do too much for a day, I have to recover for a couple days. I'll also forward your post to my cousin. You two have very much in common!~ God's blessings on you today and this coming week~ ♥♥♥

  4. Oops! Sorry Jane...posted before I was ready! I hope you feel better soon. Blessings, Marlene

  5. Hi Grandmaw Jane,
    A friend sent me your blog because she said you were posting about fibromyalgia and she knew I would be interested.

    I was amazed as I read along -because you have just written about my life too. Word for word - I was amazed. It is nice to find someone else who knows what it feels like -and even down to my interests . I am still amazed.

    Thank you for posting about it because you never know how much you will help someone else.
    Hugs of appreciation

  6. Hi
    I love this post, thanks so much for writing it. My dad (a doctor) explained to me that fibro (I was diagnosed at 22) has a burn and crash mentality to it. That is you burn (your energy) and then you crash (or have a flare up). After being an active teenager this lifestyle has been hard to get used to and even now 15 years down the track I sometimes forget about the flare ups and the consequences of "burning".
    My husband has found it very hard to understand, we started dating at 18 so he has been with me through the diagnoses and everything. But he is very good about being as supportive as he can be. Look after yourself, enjoy your sewing/healing room and I hope that the flare up doesn't last too long.
    I am sending your blog to a couple of friends with fibro as this is such a well written post and might help their partners to understand a bit better what is happening.

  7. Hello, My cousin, Cathy, sent me your blog. I felt like I was reading about myself all way thru the TV shows Criminal Minds and NCIS. Made me chuckle. I too have tried every pill, vitamin, supplement, type of therapy recommended to "cure " me .... including the new miracle drugs for fibro..... but nothing helps. The Lord led me to return to quilting and crocheting (especially quilting) for great soothing and comfort. Have figured out how to arrange for hand sewing on my bad days and at the machine on good days. So wonderful to hear your like-story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Fibro flares are the worst, aren't they? Take care, rest and do what you can to get thru it. I hope it doesn't last long.

  9. Oh, the dreaded 'pain'! Just sayin!! I love Maxine (as always) She so has everything right! LOL
    My Day at the hop is Tuesday, my mini is done.... my table topper is in the mail and still not here!! OOPS!! I might have to do some creative photo ops if it does not arrive today!!

  10. I am also a fibro sufferer and it isn't fun at times, you know the best one in that list is the last one" but you look so good",frustrates me to no end. Hope you are feeling a little better and I look forward to your spring is in the air topper.

  11. You are a darling.... an expressive writer... explaining with whining or even getting a little mad (both of which I seem to spew when I try to tell others about my chronic diabetic condition). So I've been encouraged by you. Your value is great and I'll follow along. Love from our Heavenly Father who knows best.


Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to leave your thoughtful comments. I read each one and hope you will come back often!

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